Zombie Catchers APK Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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Zombie Catchers is an action game (Apk) about a world in a zombie apocalypse.

This game is a different kind of 2D game that belongs to action and adventure modes. Although violent scenes are included, this is rated as a game that can be played by everyone because it is a mild and fantasy game. This Zombie Catchers APK game is a game with more than 100 million downloads in the Google play store and is a game in the list of top 10 mobile games in more than 90 countries in the Apple app store. It can also be mentioned as one of the top 5 action games in around 100 countries in the apple app store.

Like other games, you can download this Zombie Catchers APK for free. You also get the opportunity to buy the necessary resources through in-app purchases while playing the game. You don’t need the internet because you can play the game in single-player mode while offline. Since it has been released in many languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish, many countries around the world have started to play this game. Deca Games, a mobile game development company, released this game on October 30, 2014, and you can download Zombie Catchers APK from our website with the latest updates.

zombie catchers apk

Zombie Catchers APK Download for Android

Zombie Catchers APK Download

Google Play Download

Now you can download the Zombie Catchers game for free on your android device from this website. For that, first, do the following steps.

  1. Click the Zombie Catchers Apk download button at the bottom of this web page.
  2. Wait for it to finish downloading.

Now you need to install the downloaded game file correctly on your phone. To do this, first, go to the settings of your smartphone and allow the unknown source files option. After doing that, install the game correctly as follows.

  1. Go to the download folder of your phone and tap the apk file of the game.
  2. Now you can fully install this game on your Android mobile device.

That way, after installing the Zombie Catchers APK game on your mobile device, you can launch the game from the shortcut icon of the game.

What is Zombie Catchers APK?

Zombie Catchers APK is a 2D game in a different style. The planet has to face a big danger due to a zombie invasion. Two intergalactic businessmen come forward to prevent a catastrophe that is about to happen to planet earth. They were A.J. and called Bud. To protect planet earth from zombies, they both catch all the zombies and start a shop together. Here, as the Zombie Catchers APK game player, you have to hunt those zombies.

That business is to catch zombies and make juice from them and sell them to make a profit. You can earn a lot of coins and points by doing it right. You get weapons to catch zombies and you have the ability to unlock new weapons as you progress in the Zombie Catchers APK game.

zombie catchers


Getting to use different weapons.

You can use harpoon guns, jetpacks, nets, and strange traps to catch zombies. When you go to new game levels on Zombie Catchers APK, you will also get new weapons.

Catch zombies and sell them to earn profit.

You can make various delicious juices, candies, and snacks from the zombies you capture and sell them in the shop. Many hungry customers will come to your shop to buy them.

Ability to check the map and go to new places.

Discover your game map, go to new places, catch different unique zombies and prepare their interesting products.

Zombie Catchers Download For PC

Just like Android mobile devices, Zombie Catchers can be installed and played on your Windows computers. Due to the 2D nature of this game, you can get a different gaming experience when playing this game on a computer. But these kinds of android games cannot be directly installed on computers like normal computer games, so you must have special software for that on your computer. Such software is called emulators and you can download free emulators like BlueStacks, LDPlayer 9, GameLoop, Android Studio, ARChon, and Bliss OS from the internet.

Follow the steps below to download the game to the computer through an emulator.

  1. First, install it in an emulator and open it.
  2. Copy and paste the link of this web page into the search bar of the browser window of the emulator.
  3. Now click the download button here and download the apk file.
  4. Wait until the Zombie Catchers APK file is downloaded to the emulator.

Next, the game should be installed on the computer. For that follow the below method.

  1. Go to the folder where the download files are saved in the emulator.
  2. Click the file and install it.
  3. Wait until the installation is complete.

Now you can play the Zombie Catchers game on your computer.

How To Play Zombie Catchers APK?

After successfully installing the Zombie Catchers APK game on your android, ios, windows, or apple macOS device, you can launch it and start playing. Then you will be able to play the game from its initial page. Since this is a 2D game and the game story is not complicated, you can easily play the game. But if you want to know about the gameplay, you can watch the videos on youtube about Zombie Catchers.

Pros and Cons


  • Being a free downloadable game.
  • Being able to play the game without any age limit.
  • There is no need for an internet connection to play offline.
  • Zombie Catchers APK is available in many languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • Ability to upgrade weapons.
  • You can get the resources you need to play the game through in-app purchases.
  • Win daily challenges and chance to get various rewards.


  • Since Zombie Catchers APK is a free game, ads are displayed while playing.
  • With such game apk files, harmful software can also enter your device, so there is a risk. So always use only safe websites to get this kind of game apk.
  • Zombie Catchers APK is addictive to play because an entertaining game.
  • Inability to play with friends online in multiplayer mode.

Safety and Legality

Anyone of any age can play this Zombie Catchers APK game. Since you can get the apk file of this game safely, there is no possibility of getting malware with it. The game developers collect your device id, location details, and other data and do not share them with other third parties. Therefore, there is no risk to the security of your data.


Can I play this game on apple ios devices?

Yes. This can be played on most apple ios devices. This Zombie Catchers APK game works very well on the following ios devices. iPhone 4S or later, iPod 5th Gen and later, or iPad 2 and later devices with iOS 7.0 or later.

What are the system requirements to play this on android devices?

Android 4.1 or higher OS.

Minimum 512 MB RAM

Can I continue the saved game again with another device?

Yes. You should use the same google play account for that.

Do we need an internet connection to play this Zombie Catchers game?

No. This is a single-player game that can play offline.

How much should I pay to buy items through in-app purchases?

You have to pay $0.99 to $49.99 per item to get resources in the game.

Final Words

Zombie Catchers APK is an action and fantasy game where you have to play as a hunter who hunts zombies. There are many weapons required for hunting and various rewards are also available for completing game levels. Then you can sell the captured zombies to earn more coins & points. You can now download this awesome Zombie Catchers APK game, which has a different kind of story, from our website.