Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games 2023

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Trivia games are popular among all ages, as it is entertaining and interesting. It tests your IQ and general knowledge, therefore knowledge too.

Mostly, all kinds of people love to take on quizzes to test their level of knowledge. If you are one of them, you might be wondering what are the best quizzes so far, as there are a multitude of trivia quizzes. Here we have shortlisted the top 10 best trivia games, that are compatible with Android devices;

1. QuizUp

quizup game

QuizUp is the biggest trivia game in the world. To people who love trivia quizzes, it can be a real thrill. You can start your game from where you left off on any device by logging in using your email, Facebook, or Google account.

It is an online game, which you can download for free on any of your Android devices. Ads appear on top as banners or in between games now and then. You can choose to play with your friends, connect with others online, or choose to play solo.

The topics are unique and have around 149 topics to choose from. The winner is the one who gets more points, by answering the questions faster.

2. True or False

true or false game

True or False is an ‘answering the questions’ trivia game on topics like; food, tech, animal, plants, etc. You have to answer the questions in the given time to compete with your opponent. Though you are playing with others online, you do not play at the same time; rather, one person waits till the other finishes his round. Therefore, you can turn on your notification when it’s your chance.

The game has five rounds; you have three multiple-choice questions for the first four rounds, and for the fifth round, you are provided with six true or false questions. The winner will be the one who gets the most correct.

You can easily close the ads when it appears in between games, but to completely turn them off, you have to pay $2.99. This trivia can be played with a relaxed mind.

3. Trivia 360

trivia 360

Trivia 360 is a quizzing app that questions you about a wide range of subjects. And you are supposed to answer 10 questions in sixty seconds, to go to the next stage. As stages pass, questions get tough, and you will most of the time answer randomly. But you will only be given three chances to make mistakes.

As the game has a time limit, it rises your heartbeat and keeps you on your toe. Questions vary from true or false, multiple choice questions, arts, famous people, etc. And also, you can extend the time limit if you feel the time is too finite.

There are ads in between stages now and then, and banner ads at the bottom of the screen. The trivia not only tests you but also helps you learn more about the world.

4. Trivia Crack 2

trivia crack 2

Trivia Crack 2 contains the gameplay of Trivia Crack with additional game modes; Survival and Tower Dual. They can be played in teams or solo, online as well as offline.

Trivia Crack 2 has questions over hundreds and thousands varying from multiple categories, like; pop culture, music, and TV shows to plants, animals, history, arts, etc. With a wide range of topics you not only test your knowledge but also learn more interesting things. It is one of the free trivia games you should give a try.

5. Quizoid


Quizoid is by far, a straightforward game, with no connection, or links to post on social media. The games range from around 17 topics building around 7000 questions in total. Topics are sports, pop culture, history, etc.

You keep answering the questions to earn points through the stages, and you can post your points on the game’s leaderboard; by which you can assess your knowledge with others over the world.

6. Knowledge Trainer

knowledge trainer trivia

If you are in to test your knowledge on a range of topics, Knowledge Trainer is one of the trivia games for you. It includes 20 stages, and each stage consists of 10 questions from 10 categories.

As you pass each stage, the questions become harder and harder. You can choose your region, so the questions will be specifically for your region. It even has regional rankings, therefore, you can input your scores on the regional leaderboard of the trivia.

Ads are hardly a nuisance and close quickly, it appears in between the stages. This trivia is perfect for you if you are onto learning and challenging yourself.

7. Quiz Land

quiz land

Quiz Land is a fascinating quiz game where you answer and get explanations for the answers. You learn more interesting things as you level up and answer more questions. Though can compete with others, you can keep on climbing the ladder without waiting for your opponents to finish.

The game is free to download and play. Ads appear now and then. This trivia is also a learning platform as well as testing your IQ and general knowledge. Anyone from young to old will enjoy the trivia, therefore, make sure you try it, too.

8. Logo Game

logo game

The logo game is a simple yet interesting game where the player has to guess the brand of the logo. There are around 2285 globally recognized trademarks. Starting stages are easier to guess while it gets harder as you go up. There are 73 levels and a free-to-play game.

However, the game includes ads and they may be somewhat of a disturbance. But, this game is really enjoyable and you should try this for sure.

9. Song Pop 2

song pop 2

We always love to quiz our friends about the song and the singer. And Song Pop 2 does it in the mobile version. You will be presented with a brief musical clip to listen to, then within the time limit you have to guess the song and the singer before your opponent.

You have the option to play with your friends or people online, and you can choose from the multitude of genres available.

Songs from famous singers of all time add up to 100, 000 songs. Your scores will be displayed on the leader board and the game keeps you all worked up as you enjoy guessing the songs and their artist.

If you love playing song guessing with your friends, we highly recommend Song Pop 2 for you. Ads appear now and then, and you can become a premium by paying $4.99 per month, otherwise play free.

10. Jeopardy!

jeopardy game

Jeopardy is one of the big shot games, that resembles the popular TV show, but with new gameplay options; the option of selecting multiple choice questions or increasing the time to answer questions.

Some trivia can be boring as the questions will be repeated, but here, all questions are new, and, around 26,000 questions can be estimated.

There are in-app purchases to help you on answering the questions. Even without them, the game is fun and exciting. Ads appear now and then, and we recommend the trivia if you are a fan of the TV show.

Trivia quizzes are always on the list when you into testing yourself on your level of knowledge. The above trivia games are the best that Android users should try and enjoy. There are also many other trivia quizzes on the Play Store for you to try.