5 Ways to Run Android Apps on Your PC for Free

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Sometimes android apps are not compatible or available in the software of the phone you are using. Or sometimes you might wish to download the android apps on the larger screen for a better experience or gameplay. In either of these cases, you will wonder if you can run the android applications on your PC. Of course, the answer is yes, and that, too, for free. With a few fiddles, you will be able to run the android applications on your PC.

By Linking your mobile phone to your PC

link smartphone to pc

Sometimes we may want to view our phone screen and the apps on a bigger screen; for much clarity or to experience their bigger version. You can do it by simply connecting your Android mobile phone to your PC.

You can send messages, change your phone’s settings, access apps on your mobile, view images from your phone, transfer files in between, check your mobile’s notifications, and many more. It is an easy way to use all your Android device’s apps on your PC. You do not have to download those apps on your PC to use those apps; but if you have them on your Android device, then you can easily access those apps.

How to connect Android to PC

To connect your Android device to your PC; install ‘Link Your Phone App’ on your PC; ‘Link to Windows’ on your Android device. Open the installed apps on the respective gadgets and connect your Android device to your PC by scanning the QR code. Now you will be able to easily use the apps on your Android device on the bigger screen and alter anything that you wish to change.

This method of connecting the Android device to the PC is successful on Samsung devices, while other Android devices may be having some difficulties. If you are trying to transfer files or using apps that are not already installed on your PC might lag and take time to work. But if the apps are already installed on your PC you can simply connect your Android device and your PC and get a better experience on a larger screen. However, if you plan on playing Android games that are installed on your Android devices, there might be issues in delaying graphical illustrations or blurred graphical images, and delayed responses; as mobile apps are designed to suit the smaller screen and viewing them and playing them on bigger screen might not be successful.



BlueStacks is an emulator that has got its recognition over the years and has become one of the best Android emulators. Emulator is a software program that imitates the applications or software programs of one computer or other devices to another computer or device.

Thereby, BlueS tacks will enable you to run Android applications that are designed and developed for the mobiles on your PC, in case there is no desktop version of that application.

All you have to do is, download BlueStacks on your PC to get access to all the Android apps that you wish to access on your PC. Open the BlueStacks, and you will view the home screen. Open PlayStore and you will be able to download the Android applications, download them. You will be able to access the application by double-clicking the app icon on the home screen of Blue Stack, or its shortcut on your PC’s desktop. It is applicable for Windows and iOS.

Bluestacks Download

To download BlueStacks, it will take up 5GB of space on your PC’s storage. It does not include the storage space the applications will take when you download through the BlueStacks. This version is better if you want to download applications that do take up more space on your PC. But, if you plan to play Android games on your large-screen PC, this version is not the right one.

BlueStacks X is the best choice if you want to play Android games on your PC, which does not have desktop versions. You will be able to play games without downloading the application first, in this version. Thereby, you lose no more space.  You can customize your keyboard and mouse mappings to suit yourself which needs touching on Android games. You can also adjust your RAM space taken to play the game with better graphical illustrations and speed.

Though you may have intrusive ads that might open up, for the little cost of the application, and to experience a bigger screen experience, it can be worth it.

Through NoxPlayer


NoxPlayer is an Android emulator that enables your PC to get access to Android applications. This emulator is being used by gamers to get access to mobile games that are not available for PCs.

NoxPlayer emulator lets the player customize the mobile applications by; shifting all the gaming controls to the keyboard and mouse, which we normally play by touching the screen on mobile phones or other Android apps; changing the double click to a single click, etc.

The emulator – NoxPlayer is available for Windows and iOS. Though you have to purchase to get access to the Android apps; a trial version is also available with a limited plan that you can use.

The emulator provides customer services, and screen recording that can be handy for gamers on difficult tasks. The storage space the emulator will be using is 1.5GB, without the inclusion of the app’s storage. You can also use joysticks or an external keyboard to play games on your PC, as this emulator allows the user to get access to it.

Though NoxPlayer is easy to use and user-friendly, there is some lag when multiple applications are running in the background.

With the help of Genymotion


Genymotion is an app that will be highly useful for developers and it is expensive. But there is also a free version you can use to get the experience of Android’s operating system. If you are looking forward to using the emulator Genymotion; first you will have to create an account on the website.

Rather than downloading and operating the Android applications, Genymotion allows you to explore the operating system of Android. VirtualBox is used by Genymotion to emulate the Android software. Therefore, download VirtualBox on your PC before you install the emulator. Make sure you click ‘Personal Use’ before proceeding to download.

When you run Genymotion you will have to select the template that decides the home screen. Choose the template you like; then you will be able to access the Android software by double-clicking on it. Now, you simply can use it just like you would use your Android device.

Genymotion’s free version will provide you with the basic Android operating system. Therefore, install the Play-store by clicking on the ‘Open Gapps’ icon on the sidebar.

Using Amazon Appstore for Android Apps

amazon appstore

From Windows 11 and up, you can install Android applications on your PC, if you meet the requirements. Update your PC’s Microsoft version, and then download Amazon Appstore from Microsoft Store.

You can download Android applications simply by opening the Amazon Appstore, and enjoy the larger version of Android applications.

These are the ways you can enjoy Android applications on your bigger and larger screen, with low or no fee. But many other emulators may charge you to use them for running Android applications.