How To Play Games On Apple TV?

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Apple software’s operating system works differently from other software’s operating systems. The settings, displays, options, security, and almost everything are unique to its software. For beginners, Apple’s iOS might look complex and difficult. But you will get adapted to its software and find it easier and simple.

Just like any other Apple device, Apple TV has unique settings and options. From SharePlay which allows you to watch shows or movies, in sync with one another, to Siri remote, to access your Apple TV, Apple TV shows its uniqueness. Like all other modern TV, Apple TV too can be used to play video games.

To access video games on Apple TV, you have to subscribe to the Apple Arcade. Then you can access the video games from the curated games by Apple. You can also use the same subscription to sign in to any of the Apple devices where Apple Arcade is available.

how to play games on apple tv

How To Subscribe To Apple Arcade?

By subscribing to the Apple Arcade, you will be able to continue the game, from where you stopped on any of the Apple devices. You just have to sign in to the Apple Arcade on the Apple device and resume playing where you stopped.

After you subscribe, there is no additional fee or in-app purchases on any video games. To subscribe to Apple Arcade on your Apple TV, or any other Apple device, follow the following steps;

  • First, open “Appstore” on the Apple TV or any other Apple device
  • Then select “Arcade” on the options below
  • You will be greeted with the “subscription offer”. You can choose to try it free for one month and then subscribe to it if you like to continue using Apple Arcade. But this offer is valid only once for an Apple ID
  • If you do not see the “subscription offer”, download an Apple Arcade video game. Then you will get the “subscription offer”
  • By using Family Sharing, you can let up to five of your family members play during the trial period, or even after you subscribe, they will be able to share the same account
  • If one of the family members you are sharing Apple Arcade with using Family Sharing, subscribes to the Apple Arcade, you will receive a message informing you of your accessibility to the subscription when you try to subscribe
  • After clicking on “subscription offer”, sign in to your Apple ID
  • Give details on the ‘billing information’, to pay for Apple Arcade’s subscription
  • Click on “Agree”, on ‘terms and conditions’

By following this method, you will be able to subscribe to the Apple Arcade and play games on any of Apple device. Though, you can also purchase or download Apple Arcade games without subscribing to the Apple Arcade.

Can You Download Apple Arcade Games Without Subscribing To The Apple Arcade?

If you wish to play Apple-curated games on your Apple TV, subscribing to the Apple Arcade is not the only option. Download or purchase the Apple Arcade games by following the steps mentioned below;

  • Open “Appstore” on your Apple TV or any other Apple device
  • Choose “Arcade” on the options
  • Scroll down to find the Apple-curated games. They will be classified and categorized under genres, choose the one you wanted to play
  • Click on “Get” to download the video games that are free, or click on the price to purchase the game
  • Follow the steps to give information on ‘billing information’, to purchase
  • You will find the downloaded games on the home screen
  • Click on the app icon on the home screen to stream the video game

Apple Arcade is not the only option to play video games on Apple TV. You can search and download or purchase the games on the Appstore, too, to purchase or download games that are not in the Apple Arcade.

Playing Games On Apple TV

Playing games on Apple TV lets you have more fun as the TV’s big screen will fully view the game. With more accuracy and higher resolutions, gamers will not have to squint their eyes to focus on the little screen of their phone. Rather the magnificent view lets your eyes get less tired, and you can easily check on all the views without having to zoom in and out when you have to focus on a few things.

After you have downloaded the games from Apple Arcade or the Appstore, you are good to play. The following steps will let you know how to access the games on Apple Arcade;

  • On your home screen select “Apple Arcade”, and enter it
  • If you have subscribed to it, all the games are free and you just have to download the games you want to play. As many as you want Then select the game you want to download and click on “Get it”
  • Select the game you want to play and enjoy

If you did not subscribe to the Apple Arcade, but downloaded the games on Appstore, then you can find the video game apps on the home screen. By clicking on the app icon, you can get access to the video game.

What Do You Need To Play Games On Apple TV?

Playing video games on mobiles does not need any controllers as you can use both hands to hold your phone and direct or control the game. Whereas, when playing on Apple TV, touching to control is not an option. You will need a controller to direct or control the video games.

Using Apple TV remote or Siri remote

You can play games on Apple Arcade using the Apple TV remote. Apple TV remote can access Siri, therefore, also known as Siri remote. In regions where Siri is not available, you can access it manually. To pair the Apple TV remote or Siri remote to the Apple TV, follow the following steps;

  • First, hold the Apple TV remote in front of the Apple TV
  • Then press on the “Menu” or “<” button on the remote with the “+” for about five seconds
  • Sometimes you may be asked to keep the Apple TV remote above the Apple TV to finish pairing
  • After pairing the remote, you are good to use

Now that the Apple TV remote is paired with the Apple TV, you can use it to play games on Apple TV. The remote is used like a gamepad on many games.

Using iPhone or iPad

If you lose your Apple TV remote, you can use your iPhone or iPad as an Apple TV remote using the Apple TV Remote in the settings. By following the following steps, you will be able to connect your iPhone or iPad to use as a remote for Apple TV;

  • If you do not have the Apple TV Remote in your Control Center, add it manually. Go to the “Settings” app on the iPhone or iPad
  • Scroll down to “Control Center”, and click on it
  • Go down and click on “+” next to Apple TV Remote

Now that you have added Apple TV Remote to your iPhone or iPad, now you have to pair your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV. By following the steps below, you can add your Apple TV to HomeKit;

  • Go to “Settings” on your Apple TV
  • Click on “Users and Accounts” on the list
  • By ensuring the same Apple ID is used on the Home Kit and the Apple TV, select your name
  • Select “AirPlay and HomeKit” on the list
  • Click on “Finish Home Setup” to finalize pairing the two Apple devices

Now you can access your remote to play games on your iPhone or iPad.

Using Gamepads

Sometimes, some of the games will need a controller to play, it will be written in the description. Read each game’s description before downloading, if you do not have a gamepad. If you have a gamepad, connect it to the Apple TV and you can enjoy the game.

Check for Apple TV compatible gamepads before purchasing and follow the instructions to connect or pair the gamepad to your Apple TV.