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Lifeafter Global is an action game (Apk) and the mission is to survive in a zombie apocalypse fighting monsters.

Lifeafter Global apk is an action game. This is programmed by NetEase Games. Today, this apk has been distributed in various types of languages such as English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. This game is a special type of survival and action game and also the other specialty is this is a 3D game. Lifeafter global requires 4.0 or higher requirements for Android. At present, it consists of a 4.3 rating. This game also can be recognized as an online horror and multiple zombie game. the whole of the game is involved with good customization. Learning how to play this lifeafter global apk is very simple. Only the players should know how to control their character in this game. there are very few easy tasks to study.

Hence this game is a very addictive game but the problem is it belongs to horror games. Therefore, there exists an age range to play.

lifeafter global apk

Lifeafter Global Apk Download for Android

Lifeafter Global Apk Download

Google Play Download

This Lifeafter Global apk was developed for android. Therefore, you can easily download this to your android device. Requirements for android devices are Android 4.3, Android 8.0, Android 7.0 up to Android 9.0.  The following steps will help you to download this apk.

  1. So first, get the apk file and activate third-party installations.
  2. Then open the downloaded apk file and complete the install wizard.
  3. Finally, open the game and enjoy playing.

What is Lifeafter Global Apk?

Lifeafter global apk has unique characters. If you are willing to play this game, you are free to choose your character as a man or a woman and also you can change their hairstyle, facial structure, and their tools, and so on. 

Lifeafter Global Apk game is about the story of the character who is trying to survive the zombies. Players have to defend themselves from the zombies. You are free to find your shelters and make a connection with the other survivors and also build up the defense walls to survive the millions of zombies. You have to play as one player but there may be a ton of zombies. So, you should have simple strategic knowledge to protect your life. It’s up to you to make combat against your enemies at the right time. This lifeafter global apk requires simple strategic knowledge from you related to simple and easy actions such as jumping, running, and reloading yourself.

lifeafter global

More about the game

This survival game offers you some important and valuable facilities such as a map and building your tools. Your map will be shown on the right side of the gameplay. It is a mini map and it will show you the way of the zombie monsters coming and where have you been in the game. especially it will help you to find the way in the game. And also, it will provide you with shortcuts and a simple description of your inventory weapons and other tools. Lifeafter global apk differs from other survival games in that it gives the task to the players to explore much more complex and detailed worlds.


  • Lifeafter global apk provides the players with the best customization. Hence, they are free to choose their character in the game and change the characteristics of their chosen character as they wish.
  • There exists a simple game-controlling panel. If you can control your character with simple actions such as jumping, and running you can easily play this game as a beginner.
  • Players are provided a good chance of finding their action tools such as axes, knives, booby traps, and so on.
  • Lifeafter global apk can be played on the online platform making collaborations with other survivors.

Lifeafter Global Download for iOS

Same as above, lifeafter apk is also designed for iOS devices. iPhone requires iOS 9.0 or higher than an iPad requirement is iPadOS 9.0 or above to download this apk. Here, there exists simple steps to download this app to your iOS device.

  1. You can get this game from the Appstore.
  2. So open the AppStore, search for the game and then install it.

Lifeafter Global Download for PC

There is an official PC version of this game or you can get an Android emulator for your PC. Then download the game apk file. Install it to the emulator.

How To Play Lifeafter Global Apk?

As the player, first of all, you should choose your character as you wish, and then to begin the Lifeafter Global Apk game you should create your survivalist. 3D graphic customization will help you to do this. Then you can play this game on an online platform. The main task that you are given in Lifeafter Global game is to protect your life from the millions of zombie monsters. You can build your weapons such as knives and axes using rocks, hemp, and also wood. Also can find the reloading and jumping buttons on the right side of your gameplay. You will be provided tasks to complete in some different areas and when you are completing those you can earn skill points.

Safety and Legality

When you are going to download Lifeafter Global Apk, it will require some personal details such as name, age, region, and location. But those will not be shared with third parties. At present, it has a 4.3 rating. This game has no bad issues related to safety and legality.


Q: Is this lifeafter global addictive?

A: Yes. This game is an action and survival game. And also, it offers players to complete different tasks. Hence this game is addictive.

Q: Is there any age range to play this game?

A: Definitely. This belongs to horror games and if the children are going to play this game most probably, they will face some mental problems. Therefore, it requires a maturity of 17+ of age.

Q: Can the game be played offline?

A: Yes, Lifeafter Global Apk game also has made to play offline but if you are willing to make a collaboration with other survivors it requires an online platform.

Final Words

Lifeafter global apk is an excellent survival game. So, if you are a fan of the gaming world, definitely this will be one of the best opportunities to grab a nice experience.