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Survival of Raft is a game (Apk) that has a different kind of adventure and simulative game. This was developed by Treastone LTD and released in July 2018. Survival on Raft APK is a game for the family. The player or a maximum of five players should fight for survival on a Raft. Your craftsman skill and intelligence will turn your destiny to survive during the hardest time.

Your only objective is to manage to craft and collect stuff floating around you while maintaining the score for health, hunger, and thirst. You should be alert to these three factors to ensure that you will not leave any of these factors to decline critically. The game’s last chapter was launched On June 20, 2022. This has gained a 4.5 rating out of 5.

survival on raft apk

Survival on Raft APK Download for Android

Survival on Raft Apk Download

Google Play Download

The minimum requirement to play is the Android 4.4 version. The original Survival on Raft is available to download from Google play directly free of charge. 

Find the following steps to download Survival on Raft APK

  • Go to google play
  • Search Survival on Raft APK on the search bar
  • Click on the icon 
  • It will be fast downloading

What is the Survival on Raft APK?

The game Survival on Raft APK starts with an act of a passenger airplane. The window of the plane is open suddenly. The plane is filled with dark smoke together with terrible noise and fire. Instantly, the screen will turn blind. The aircraft has collapsed and only you will remain on a wooden pallet in the sea. Numerous tools and items will flow around you. You should be talented enough to collect those items and build a thing that will be used to survive. You must gather water, cultivate food, and catch fish. Create the tools, clothing, weapons, chests, and other required items. It is a fun game to craft things in the ocean. Along the way, the raft. These places are included a boat that has crashed, a town made of scrap metal, and a huge dome-shaped building that was once a sanctuary for civilization floating in the water.

The visuals and graphics of Survival of Raft APK are developed in 3D format. Further, the interface is simple and effective. It requires high-end devices and a system. You can play as a solo player or as a maximum of five members team. New features are often introduced, and the game is frequently updated.

survival on raft


Survival on Raft APK offers attractive features to the player including the following list of features.

  • Indicators for basic survival needs hunger and thirst, 
  • Pictures are high quality and realistic.
  • Catch items floating around you from the hook.
  • A variety of resources for crafting.
  • The capacity to develop and grow
  • It is exclusive and simulative gameplay.
  • It is available with over 20 crafting tools and 4 different types of weapons.
  • Survival on Raft APK is updating its features from time to time.
  • It is an online multiplayer game with a maximum of five players.

Survival on Raft Download for PC

Most of the mobile games including Survival on Raft are available to download from Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Though there is an absence of an official PC platform for downloading the game, IO Company released this game for the PC in 2019. It is simple to download to your PC. Follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, download the Apps Installer of your choice. 
  2. After that, download Survival on Raft APK
  3. Extract Game file
  4. Wrapper system on your computer
  5. Launch it
  6. Create a shortcut on your desktop 
  7. Click on the shortcut of Survival on Raft APK available on the desktop and start playing.

Following are the minimum requirements of the system to play the game Survival on Raft.

Operating System is Windows 7

Single core 2. GHz processor

Minimum of 1 GB memory

Nvidia 9400M or Ati/AMD HD 2400 or Intel HD 4000 graphics

500 Mb storage.

How to Play Survival on Raft APK?

  • After the tragic plane crash, the player will only remain in the ocean.
  • The main goal of the Survival on Raft Apk player is to survive in the sea till reaching land while fulfilling basic requirements.
  • The player has to tolerate strong sunlight, awful thunderstorm, and attacks from sharks.
  • You will be able to stand on a raft made of wood and collect things floating around you.
  • To survive in the endless sea, the only way is to collect materials and tools till finding land before your level of energy drops down. 
  • The right-side button on the interface will support you to create new tools. 
  • You can knock out enemies with one click.
  • Think critically and timely to collect resources, and food and manage the future stay at sea because it is not predictable the condition of the sea.
  • If you be wise and upgrade the raft on time, you can survive external threats and face strong weather conditions.
  • If you overcome the challenges, you will earn coins. That earned coins can be used to upgrade the raft.
  • You can pay US dollars and buy premium tools and items.
  • It is not easy to survive and upgrade life in an endless Ocean. But is so thrilled to play while overcoming the challenges.

Pros and Cons


  • Ability to play as a single player or multiple players.
  • If you are playing as a team, your team can consist of five members.
  • Freely available to download.
  • No ads will pop up if you download the cracked version.
  • It is playable without an internet connection if you download the mod version.
  • It will be costly to buy the original and premium Survival on Raft APK.


  • Required high-end devices to download and play the game.
  • Less protection over data.
  • Vulnerable to malware and other threats when downloading from the web.
  • The game is addictive because of its simplicity and exclusive features.


Is the Survival on Raft APK available for free?

Yes, it is freely available to download from google and iOS stores. If you have minimum system requirements, the Survival on Raft APK will be downloaded so fast. 

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

  • Survival on Raft APK offers unlimited money. 
  • The player can also unlock all the items and tools floating around him. 
  • Collect the food and hunt fish.
  • Start building your own floating house with tools such as a grill, weapons, chests, and items floating around you.
  • Grow seeds and preserve water for consumption
  • Create a sharp boundary to be safe from sharks.
  • Upgrade your raft with available tools and materials.
  • You can also find other survivors of the tragedy.

Can we play Survival on Raft APK using an Adobe flash player?

Not at all. Currently, only PC, Android, and iOS may be used to play this.


The Survival on Raft APK offers a thrilling and simulative experience to survive on a raft. To survive as long as you can in this game, you must use construction and crafting skills. You will only have available materials floating around you. You can upgrade your raft and construct a shelter. Remember to balance energy and hard work. Make sure your survival preparations are not ruined by the shark attack.