How To Play Games On Android TV?

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From the time the first video game was released, video games’ popularity rose up and down. Though in the beginning, not many were attracted to video games. Sometimes later from 1970 to 1980, video games gained more popularity among the younger generation. It was the time home computers included video games, and gaming consoles and arcade games were introduced. As these video games became popular among the general public, soon people accepted video games as entertainment. It also has become a part of modern culture.

As of now, there are so many gadgets and devices where you can simply access video games and entertain yourself. Even mobile phones have video games that are designed and developed to suit the smaller screen of the mobile. Even though you can simply carry the devices with you, and play video games whenever you want, playing on a bigger and larger screen has its perks. The graphical illustrations with higher resolutions, and better views of the details of the video games, are just a few.

Playing video games on a computer or accessing your television lets you have a lesser strain on your eyes and a better view. Therefore, designers and developers in the gadgets manufacturing industries try to give the general public easy access to video games. When you can easily access video games on your television or your PC, there is no need to get consoles, PlayStation, Nintendo, or any other gaming devices.

If you are not into games but want to play a few games now and then, or you are a gamer but cannot afford to purchase any gaming devices; you can easily access the video games on your TV. Here are the ways to play video games on your Android TV.

how to play games on android tv

How To Play Games On Your Android TV

Playing video games on your Android TV is equally entertaining as it is when playing on other gaming devices. A view of your game on a bigger screen lets you enjoy your game more.

Download games;

Nowadays TVs are designed and developed to support playing video games. You will be able to connect hardware controllers to progress on your game. To download and install games on your Android TV, follow the following steps;

  • Select “Apps” on the Android TV Home screen.
  • Click on the “Google Play Store” app on the list.
  • Select “Game Category” from the top row.
  • Scroll through the games until you find what suits you, or if you already know what you want to download, simply search by typing the name on the search bar.
  • Click on “install” if the game you chose is free, or if you should purchase it, select the price and follow the instructions to purchase the game. Some games allow you to try them out before you download or purchase them. So that you can try new games before you download them. If you like the game when you try it out, you can purchase or download it. Click on the “Try Now” option next to the “install” or price option. If you like the game and wish to play, follow the procedures to download the game.
  • On-screen instructions will be on display, follow them to finish installing your game.
  • After the installation of the video game is over, you can click “open” to start your game.

By following the above method, you will be able to download the video games that you wish to try out or find games that might interest you.

Open games that are already downloaded;

To open the video games that are already downloaded or purchased and installed on your Android TV, follow the following steps;

  • Select “Apps” on the Android TV Home screen.
  • Choose the games you wish to play and enjoy.

If you could not find the game that you wanted to play on the “Apps”, but you are pretty sure that you had downloaded it, try the following ways;

  • Scroll the options on the Home screen and click on “Settings”.
  • Click on “Apps” on the options.
  • Select the video game you searched for and play.

Or there is a way to open your downloaded video games from the Google Play Store app. By following the steps below, you can find your downloaded games;

  • Click on “Apps” on the Android TV Home screen.
  • Select the “Google Play Store” app on the list.
  • Choose the “My Apps” option on the top.
  • Go to “Apps Installed” and enter it.
  • Select the video games from the list of video games downloaded and enjoy.

These are the ways you can access and play video games on Android TV. It is not at all complex as you might think. Though at first, using the remote to control and go through the options might be subtle, you will get used to it and use it effortlessly in no time.

Uninstalling The Video Games on Android TV

If you wish to remove any video games that do not interest you anymore, the following steps will help you to uninstall or remove them from the Android TV;

  • Select “Settings” on the Android TV.
  • Go to “Devices” on the list.
  • Click on the “Apps” on the options.
  • Select the “App” you want to delete, and press on “Uninstall”, then “Okay”.

There is another way to delete the app, that is;

  • Select “Apps” on the Android TV Home screen.
  • Click on the “Google Play Store” app from the list.
  • Choose the “My Apps” option on the top.
  • Go to “Apps Installed” and enter it.
  • Select the video game you want to delete, and press “Uninstall”.

These are the ways you can use to remove or delete the games that you find boring. There is also an option to see fewer of the title you wish did not show up every time you open the options to play video games. You can remove it from the list, by not deleting it, follow the following steps;

  • Scroll down to “Settings” and click on it.
  • Select “Apps” from the options.
  • Choose the video game that you want to hide, and click on the “Notifications” option.
  • Click on “Off” to stop the video game from showing on the game titles when selecting games.

You can hide the games you want to hide, by following the above steps. Though you can visit Google Play Store to open it. To get the hidden game on the options, follow the above step and finally click on “On”.

What Do You Need To Play On Android TV?

Playing video games on Android TV can be less expensive, and there will be no need for any consoles, as it is designed to stream video games and other apps. With a bigger screen than mobiles, gamers will find it more entertaining.

Though there is no need for gaming consoles to play video games on the latest Android TVs, you might need to control the characters on your video game. There are plenty of games that you can play using the remote like; Cosmo Run, Jump Drive, Drift Mania, and many more. Most of these games are free to download. But make sure you read the game’s description to find out if you need a gamepad to play the game, or if you can use your Android TV’s remote.

If you have a gamepad, connect it to the Android TV, and you can play any games now, as you will be able to control the game using your gamepad. Mostly, action games need a gamepad, as it had more complex gameplay. Therefore, you will not be able to control the game using your Android TV’s remote, as it has many buttons that you will not need; only the gamepad will be easy to play.

Gamepads come in wired form and wireless forms. And out in the market, there are many types of gamepads, each trying to give gamers a smooth play.