How To Live Stream Games On Youtube Using A Mobile Phone

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If you are a person who plays mobile games, there is a good chance to earn a high income through the games you play. YouTube is the right platform for that. We all know YouTube as a platform where we can watch videos. In fact, YouTube is the social network website with the second largest audience in the world.

So, if you can start a gaming channel with a good fan base and easy to earn a good monthly income from YouTube. The current trend in YouTube gaming is to stream games live. Through that, you get the opportunity to actively join a large audience on your game channel. So we decided to explain how you can live stream YouTube gaming using your mobile device through this post.

how to live stream games on youtube using a mobile phone

What is YouTube Gaming?

Here you get the opportunity to share various gameplay videos through your own YouTube channel. Due to the popularity of YouTube Gaming, YouTube has divided Youtube Gaming into 4 main categories.

  • Live games
  • Live streams
  • Trending game videos
  • Latest gaming videos

Due to the trend of YouTube gaming, a separate app was created for YouTube Gaming in 2015, but it was stopped in 2018 and implemented along with the main YouTube app.

Requirements to live streaming games using a mobile phone

What do you need to live stream a game on YouTube? And now you may be wondering what are the requirements to be fulfilled for that. Of course, even if you have a YouTube channel or even if you have a mobile phone, it is not possible to stream games live through YouTube. Now we are going to tell you what you need to fulfill and what you need to have.

  • A good & advanced smartphone – You must have a smartphone with good features for this job. It is better if you have a mobile phone made for gaming. That is to say, your phone must have the ability to work continuously without blocking while playing games and streaming live through YouTube.
  • Fast Internet connection – As this is all happening live over the internet, it is essential to have a good fast internet connection for your viewers to stream continuously. And it cannot be a limited-time connection. So we recommend you use your Wifi connection for this Youtube live streaming.
  • And your smartphone must have an Android version higher than Android 5.0.

These are the three things that we told you technically that you need to complete. In addition, there are some other requirements that should be improved on your YouTube channel. If you can’t complete those things, sorry to say, you won’t be able to stream live games with Youtube.

  • There should be at least 1000 subscribers on the YouTube channel that streams the games live.
  • Also, your channel cannot have any live streaming restrictions in the last 90 days. These restrictions can be Community Guidelines restrictions Copyright restrictions or any other restrictions.
  • Finally, if it is the first time to live stream from your YouTube channel, it may take up to 24 hours. As soon as it is enabled, you will be able to live stream your game. So, if you are new to this you have to be patient.

If all the requirements given to you by YouTube are complete, you can now easily enable live stream option to live stream a game through your mobile device.

How to live stream games on Youtube?

Here we hope to present two main methods by which you can do it.

  • The first way – Live streaming of games using the Youtube app.
  • Second way – Live streaming of games using Streamlabs.

Among these, the first way is through the YouTube app and if you are new to live streaming games, it is best for you.

In a second way, you have to pay for some of the features of this app, and if you are familiar with streaming games live through Youtube, you can use that in advanced mode.

Live stream games using the Youtube app

Live streaming for Android phones and Apple iOS devices are two different ways, so we will explain them separately.

Live to stream games on Android devices.

  • First, open the YouTube app.
  • Click the camcorder icon there.
  • Click the GO LIVE button through that.
  • After that give us ALLOW ACCESS.
  • Give the title and privacy settings as you like.
  • Select More Options and give a description.
  • Through Show More or through Advanced settings, you can enable or disable various options such as age restrictions, live chat, monetization, and promotion disclosures.
  • Then click Next and provide a desired image as the thumbnail.
  • After completing all the settings related to the live stream, click Next.
  • Finally, click GO LIVE and start streaming your game.

Live stream games on iOS devices

If you have an Apple iOS device, you can use the iOS ReplayKit on it to live stream games via YouTube.

  • Follow the below steps for that.
  • First, select the YouTube app as your stream app.
  • Use a suitable title for the live stream and adjust privacy settings.
  • Also, give a video description and activate the chat option if necessary.
  • Finally, click the GO LIVE button and start live streaming.

In this way, you can stream games live using the YouTube App. Next, let’s see how to stream mobile games through YouTube using third-party apps.

Live stream games on YouTube using Streamlabs

You can download this app for free on your device through Google Play Store as well as through Apple App Store. If you are not a newer one to live-streaming games via YouTube then you will not have any difficulty using this Streamlabs.

  • Now install the app and open it.
  • If you don’t have an account, you have to open an account by providing a username and password.
  • Now you are done logging into the app.
  • Now you will be asked what the app is used for.
  • Then you select the Stream your games option in Streamlabs.
  • After entering it, you will be able to log into Editor Mode.
  • It contains the parts you need to customize the stream as you want.
  • Now if you are ready to start broadcasting, click on the Go Live button.
  • Then you will get some options like ‘Where do you want to broadcast to?’.
  • Select YouTube from among them.
  • At last, you can live stream your YouTube game.

By using the Streamlabs app mentioned at the end, you can get the All-in-One facility. That means you have the ability to play games and stream live through platforms like Facebook and Twitch in addition to YouTube through this app. But to get the features of that app, you have to go for subscription plans.

Now it is clear to you how to live stream the games you play on a mobile device via YouTube.


The easiest way to stream games live on YouTube is to use a YouTube app. But if you like to use more advanced features, you can use Streamlabs App. No matter which app you use, you have to pay more attention to the performance of your mobile devices and the internet connection you are using while streaming. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the streaming quality of your online games will decrease and your fan base will also decrease.