Football Quiz Apk v6.3 Free Download | Latest Version (131.2MB)

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Football Quiz is a trivia game (Apk) that asks soccer questions.

Almost everyone loves Football as it is a popular sport in the world. Watching your favorite team play a football match is an amazing experience. If you are a fan of football, you might enjoy playing the Football Quiz Apk, which allows you to test your knowledge of football. The quiz is fun to play and provides a challenging experience. The quiz asks you questions mainly using a photo. The photo may be of a club, player, captain, or stadium. Moreover, you should reach the highest ranking. The Apk is the modified version of the original Football Quiz app on the Google PlayStore. It is ad-free which makes it easy to use the app and the Apk provides you with the same features as the original app. There isn’t anything new in the Apk version. Overall, the app has many positive reviews from users.

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Football Quiz Apk Download for Android

Football Quiz Apk v6.3 [131.2MB]

Google Play Download

If you don’t want to download the original app follow the procedure.

  1. Firstly, open the Settings app on your Android device. Enable the option called “Unknown Sources”. 
  2. Next, find a trustable website to download the Football Quiz Apk file. Use our website to download directly to your device.
  3. Open the file and follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the app. 
  4. Finally, once the installation is done, you can start playing.


Football Quiz Apk has many features football lovers enjoy. You can expand your knowledge and develop your football skills through the app. Below are the key features of this app.

  • Many questions: The Football Quiz  Apk has over thousands of questions on every aspect of football. It asks various questions about football teams, players, history, and more.
  • Offline and online mode: Users can select their preferred playing mode.
  • Levels: You can choose the level that matches your football knowledge. Levels range from easy to difficult. 
  • No ads and free tokens: The Football Quiz Apk is ad-free. Therefore, no more interruptions when playing the game. There are tokens in the Football Quiz  Apk that allows you to access content in the game.
  • High-quality graphics: The high-quality graphics make it easier to use the app. 
  • Elimination tournaments: This is a challenging experience where the best player remains in the game. Additionally, your knowledge is tested here and you can only pass by answering all the questions correctly.
  • Leaderboard: You can compete with other players. Furthermore, you can see how you rank through the leaderboard. Other player statistics are also shown so you know who is standing on top. It certainly does a great job of keeping track of all the statistics of the player.
  • Multiplayer: Play online with other players and even play with your friends or family. Because of this, the app gains a lot of users every month.

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Football Quiz Download for PC

  1. Firstly, download a good Android emulator. Android Studio is a good option.
  2. Next, download the Apk file for the Football Quiz through a third-party website. We provide the Apk file underneath.
  3. Open the emulator and select the Profile or Debug Apk option.
  4. Choose the Football Quiz Apk file and click OK.
  5. Finally, follow any instructions to complete the process.

Football Quiz Download for iOS

  1. Search Cydia and go over to their website. Use your Apple account for Cydia Impactor. Install the Cydia Impactor.
  2. Next, download the Football Quiz application file in the IPA format. This can be done through third-party sources. Nonetheless, make sure you choose a safe one. Use the our link.
  3. Next launch the Cydia. It is important that you paste the IPA file downloaded into the application.
  4. To finish the installation process, follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. You can start playing when the Football Quiz is installed.

How to Play Football Quiz Apk

Playing the quiz is easy and fun. It is a challenging experience. After the app is installed, follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, open the app.
  • Select the level you prefer, this should depend on your football knowledge.
  • Start playing the quiz. Put your football knowledge to the test.
  • Remember that there is a time limit to answering the questions. Try and answer as fast as you can.
  • The game ends when you get a lot of answers wrong. Take your time to think. You will have a limited number of lives when playing the game.
  • You win when you get all answers right.
  • Finally there are different modes to select from. You can play multiplayer, offline/online, or survival.

Safety and Legality

Football Quiz Apk can pose security risks. This is a modified ad-free version of the original Football Quiz app. Nonetheless, you should note that downloading the Apk from third-party websites can compromise your device. To ensure your safety, remember to only download the Apk through a trusted third-party source. Our website is a good option. In addition, it is highly recommended to keep the security settings on your device up to date for protection from malware and viruses. Moreover, the app does not gain access to your device’s settings, making it safer than most Apks. To avoid any unnecessary trouble, it is always best to download Football Quiz Apk using a VPN. This will help keep your activity private.


Can I play quizzes offline?

Yes, this is one of the modes the app provides. Additionally, it is beneficial for those without a stable connection to enjoy the app. As a result, it makes it easier to use the app whenever you like. Download and put your knowledge to the test.


Is the Football Quiz Apk free to download?

Indeed, the Apk is free to download on third-party websites. However, you can use a good VPN when downloading to make the process more secure. Ultimately, it is important to note that you should download it at your own risk as third-party websites can be dangerous

Is the Football Quiz Apk available in multiple languages?

The Football Quiz Apk supports multiple languages. This includes English, German, Portuguese, French, and more. Consequently, you can enjoy the app in your preferred language. Therefore this, makes the app more flexible and user-friendly.


Can I compete with my friends on the Football Quiz Apk?

Certainly, you can compete with your friends and family on the Football Quiz Apk. All you have to do is use the multiplayer mode, which allows you to challenge other players around the world. 

Is the app available in all countries and what else can the app do?

Yes, the app is available everywhere. Additionally, the app even supports almost every device. Additionally, player progress can be saved and the game can be continued playing later.

Is the app suitable for all ages?

Absolutely the app can be used by any football lover of any age. The app is easy to use and makes you engaged in its quizzes. Nonetheless, parents should monitor their kids when using the app if they are too young.

Final Words

The Football Quiz Apk is a great app for football lovers. With this app, they can test their knowledge in every aspect of football and enjoy the quizzes. Additionally, the app provides players with a challenging experience with thousands of questions, levels, and high-quality graphics. Therefore, it is worth downloading if you enjoy football. Moreover, the Football Quiz is ad-free and contains unlocked tokens, making it much easier to use than the original. However, it’s important to keep in mind that downloading Football Quiz Apk from a third-party website can harm your device. Our website ensures safety, download links are available underneath. As such, your device’s security systems should be updated before installing the application. Lastly, the app is great for people of all ages who enjoy football content.