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SkillTwins is a football game (Apk) and you have to control 2 players and win against rivals.

This is a well-known soccer game. Also, this is a free game. Therefore gamers are allowed to play these SkillTwins Apk for free by the users. The skilltwins Apk are composed of over 10,000 gaming levels. By playing this amazing soccer game the players can easily practice to become one of the best football players in the world. The players can practice various skills like the pass, kick, and strike as well as how to beat the goalkeeper too.

The players are allowed to play this amazing soccer game for free in the famous freestyle duo called the “Skilltwins” Josef and Jakob. If your dream is to become the best-skilled soccer player in the whole world, now you have the opportunity. This is for you. You could play with players from the entire world and could develop amazing gaming skills. Now you have a precious chance to reach up to 10 million players from the entire world.

skilltwins apk

SkillTwins Apk Download for Android

SkillTwins Apk Download

Google Play Download

If you use an Android smartphone, you could get this SkillTwins Apk game installed very easily through the play store. If not, you can install the game here too. But before you have installed this game please check whether your device has fulfilled the system resources for the SkillTwins Apk game. Android version 4.0 is the minimum os that is required to play the game effectively. Install the latest version 1.5 of the game.

What is SkillTwins Apk?

The skilltwins Apk is a popular football game where you have to control two characters called Jakob and Josef. Those are two young people. Other than that we can call them talented players too. So the objective of the gamer should be to overcome almost all challenges and obstacles offered for you by this soccer game. In some cases, you are required to do a few things. You can just score by shooting. But in other cases, the gamer has to hit a certain target to win through gaming.

The gaming controls are precise in the SkillTwins Apk game. Simply the gamers can control the gaming moves of the players very simply with the available gaming controls. There is a virtual button control located on the left side of the screen. By using those buttons the gamer can control the moves of every player. On the other side, that means on the right side the gamer can handle dozens of different special side steps. Apart from that, the gamer can check out which are the sidesteps available for every player.


More About The App

When you are beating up with the levels you could increase the number of coins at your disposal. And when you are leveling up, you could unlock more and more new levels. Also, there are many customizing options available in SkillTwins Apk game. There are varieties of new clothes like shirts, hairstyles, and shoes for the players. But actually, there is no use of these accessories to improve the playing abilities or skills of the players. But you can’t say that these accessories won’t bring out any cool look for the players. These will add a unique looking to the players.

The SkillTwins Apk football game can be identified as a unique soccer game. The gaming controls as well as the entertaining plot will make a non-stop entertainment experience. Also, the game is providing you to play the game in different locations just as scenarios such as the beach, training camp, or urban cityscape. Here you will be practicing managing time when you are facing challenges as well as obstacles. You can score unbelievable goals and can aim at clear targets by using your tricks when you visit amazing places such as Malaysia, Egypt, Italy, France, etc.


  • Josef and Jakob are the skilltwins
  • The players have been impressed by famous football legends such as Neymar, Xavi, etc.
  • Perform amazing gaming tactics
  • Various locations are available such as schools, beaches, etc.
  • Can change the accessories, clothes, hairstyles, etc by using the customizable features
  • Can aim at the targets easily
  • Can manage both timing and creativity in one place
  • Score the skill goals
  • Can easily record, edit and share the scores and skills on social media
  • Perform the hard skill combinations
  • The player will be rewarded with valuable rewards such as coins and diamonds
  • You can win prizes in the real life by getting 3 stars on all levels of the SkillTwins Apk game
  • Consist of more than 10,000 gaming levels

SkillTwins Download For iOS

All iOS device users could get the skilltwins game can be downloaded by the official ios apple appstore.

SkillTwins Download for PC

SkillTwins is not available for PC but you can play using an Android emulator by downloading the game into it.

How To Play SkillTwins Apk?

While playing the SkillTwins Apk game the players should have to remember that to grab a high score, they should acquire a combo bonus and then stretch it out for as long as possible.  The players can score many more points by running through the slaloms and juking defenders to score many higher points.

Also when you are running out of energy while gaming, the only thing that the player needs to do is get free energy immediately.  After that, you can go back to the game and start gaming. The coins of the game can be mainly spent on new outfits, new balls, and new looks too. Likewise, you have to continue the SkillTwins Apk gameplay effectively.

Safety And Legality

SkillTwins Apk is just a soccer game. So that you can play this game without any issues. No harmful content is included here either. Therefore anyone can play any game without any issues. Be alert while you are downloading the game. Always download the Apk from a trusted source. Be sure about that because there might be many issues that will arise when you download the game from unsafe sources.  Still, there is no any kind of legal issues recorded over this skilltwins Apk game. So there are no restrictions over the game. Just start the gameplay and have fun.


Q: Is this SkillTwins Apk game free to play?

A: Yes. This skilltwins Apk game is free to download and play. Just install the game and start the gameplay without any issues.

Final Words

If you are a soccer game lover, certainly you must have to try precious SkillTwins Apk gameplay. Now your opportunity has arrived. Start gaming and discover a new era of precious football games.