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Little Singham Cycle Race is a runner game (Apk) about a policeman who rides on a bicycle.

Little Singham Cycle Race Apk is another version of the Little Singham Apk game. This has also been published by Zapak Digital Entertainment Games Limited since Mar 15 in 2020, and it has been downloaded more than ten million times from the Play Store. This game is also free, but playing the game will display more ads. This is a single-playing action game, that can be played offline without Internet access.

Many of the booster packs and other resources needed to play the game may also be gained via in-app purchases. Therefore, any item can be obtained for between $0.99 and $5.49. This game features leading 3D animations, effects, and creative kinds of music. If you also wish to join the Little Singham game and play endless cycling missions, download the game apk file of the game to your mobile or computer device right now.

little singham cycle race apk

Little Singham Cycle Race Apk Download for Android

Little Singham Cycle Race Apk Download

Google Play Download

To download the Little Singham Cycle Race apk file to your mobile smartphone, visit our web page and click the download button below.

  1. Click this download link button to take the game apk for your smartphone.
  2. Allow your device to download to finalize successfully.

Before installing the game Apk, enable unknown source files on the Android smartphone. To complete this, please skip to your smartphone’s settings and quickly allow unknown sources. When you’ve already enabled that option, follow the installation steps below.

  1. Access to the folder in My Files on your smartphone.
  2. Then, simply proceed to the downloads folder.
  3. Then choose the game APK file.
  4. Tap on the game APK file to install this same game on your Android smartphone.

Once you’ve finished installing the Little Singham Cycle Race apk game, you can play and enjoy it on your Android phone.

What is Little Singham Cycle Race Apk?

Little Singham Cycle Race Apk game is mainly designed around the character of Little Singham, the popular super cop of India. Little Singham’s main mission in this game is to catch Shaitan Shambala, a cunning magician. To do this, our hearo, Little Singham works to defeat Shaitan Shambala, who escapes from prison by riding a BMX bike in an endless race. As the game player, you have to handle Little Singham to fight against the dangers posed to the citizens of Mirchinagar by Shaitan Shambala along with his minions Kallu and Ballu.

Little Singham can be performed while riding a bicycle, avoiding numerous obstacles, jumping, and performing various techniques. To make your missions easier, you can unlock your brave army and collect many avatar tokens. Play the Little Singham Cycle Race Apk game instantly on your smartphone by downloading it.

little singham cycle race


Playing missions while exploring Mirchi Nagar

The main map of the Little Singham Cycle Race Apk game is Mirchi Nagar and you can play the game by cycling with Little Singham hero.

Earn coins and rewards

When you successfully play the levels of the game, you have the ability to get coins and various rewards and get various unlocking opportunities.

Spin Wheels Option

You can earn Free Spins and various Lucky Rewards by using the Spin Wheel in the game.

Little Singham Cycle Race Download For PC

Little Singham Cycle Race, just like most mobile games, can always be enjoyed on Windows PC or Apple Mac personal computers. You should have emulator software installed on the computer to run this. Some of the free emulators that can be found online include ARChon, GameLoop, LDPlayer 9, BlueStacks, Android Studio, and Bliss OS.

To complete that, you can configure any free emulator software you can use on your computer. So please complete the process by completing the instructions highlighted here.

  1. Install an android emulator you wish to use.
  2. Then, select the emulator you just installed.
  3. In your emulator browser, move to the search bar.
  4. Copy this URL into the browser of your emulator.
  5. Click on the Apk download button and now wait for the process to complete downloading and installing.

You’ve already saved the Little Singham Cycle Race Apk game for your computer. Then, in order to make it work perfectly, we should perfectly install it on the PC. To really get started, easily follow the instructions below.

  1. After downloading the game Setup file, check in the downloads folder of the emulator.
  2. Click on the apk file to start the configuration.

Now the Little Singham Cycle Race Apk game should be installed successfully on your Windows or Mac devices. You can easily access the game on your PC now.

How To Play Little Singham Cycle Race Apk?

Click on the game shortcut icon to open the Little Singham Cycle Race Apk game on your mobile device or PC device. The game can be started from the start screen. This action game is a very simple endless running and cycling mobile video game that everyone can enjoy. Watching gaming videos on YouTube leads assists you in understanding how to engage with the game properly.

Pros and Cons


  • The ability to free download the full Little Singham Cycle Race Apk game.
  • The option to buy gaming resources via in-app purchases.
  • Having different types of bonuses and rewards for game progress.
  • There is no need for an internet connection to play the game.
  • Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and Apple OS are all supported.
  • The game is available to play in Single Player option.
  • There aren’t any age restrictions for this game, so even kids can play it.
  • The game’s visuals are simple and attractive.


  • Playing this game might become addictive.
  • Apple iOS devices require around 250MB to install the game.
  • You cannot engage in the online Little Singham Cycle Race Apk game with others.
  • When you download the apk files for such mobile video games from online sites, malware may insert into your device. So, when you download and install game files from the internet, always use well-known and secure websites.
  • Inability to play on devices lower than Apple iOS 11.0.

Safety and Legality

This Little Singham Cycle Race Apk game not containing malware or other potentially dangerous programs which can really impact your mobile or computer easily. Because of that, you may also download this game apk file from our gaming platform without any risk. The game developers mentioned above do not gather data from you. They will, meanwhile, share data with third parties, such as Device or other IDs and location.


Can I download Little Singham Cycle Race mobile game for free?

Yes. You can get the game for free through the Google Play Store.

Is there a paid version to download?

No. This is only a completely free version.

What items are available in-app purchases?

You can buy various items like Extreme, Tactical, Drifter, All Rounder, and Runner Pack by paying ₹ 179.

Final Words

You can engage with this Little Singham Cycle Race Apk game as a single player without the need for internet access. This Little Singham avatar is mainly based on the Little Singham tv cartoon series in India. There are various missions in this endless running and cycling game. If you’d like to play game tasks with little Singham, you can do that right now by downloading the game apk file from our official site.