Hago Apk Download v3.24.30 For Android For Free

Hago Apk is the latest way of playing Android games on your Smartphone. This is freeware, so download and install are free.

Playing games on smartphones is a big thing now. But playing on Android smartphones is more popular because this platform has the most number of mobile games. You can download games from lots of Android stores. But Hago Apk is giving you the ability to play lots of games using one app. So you don’t have to download games in several places. In other words, Hago Apk is a home for games. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Because of that, gamers on both platforms can easily connect to this and play the games on the app.

hago apk

What is Hago APK?

In simple words, Hago Apk is a mobile game distribution service for both Android and iOS platforms. The users of the app can play different new games every day. This is an online gaming platform. Therefore, when you are playing, you can connect with other players. You can easily chat with other players from all over the world and make friends with them. Many people downloaded this app and play now. As this is for smartphones, it is very convenient to play games whenever and wherever you are. Hago APK gives games from simpler to advanced. So you can choose the kind of games that you want to play. So if you are interested in playing great mobile games at once place, then this is the app you must download.


  • Cross-platform App – This app is available for the two most famous mobile operating systems Android and iOS.
  • Have a different kind of games – You can play games in all the categories. There is no limit. There are advance big games as well as the simple tiny games. The player can choose their favorite category to play.
  • Discover new people – The app provides an option to connect with other players around the world. So the players can know each other and make a community.
  • The Ability to Play with friends – You can send invitations to your friends to play games with you. But they have to install Hago Apk on their devices.

Hago APK Download and Install

Hago Apk Download

  1. As first, download Hago APK from the button given above. This is a freemium app. So you can download it for free.
  2. Then you must enable Uknown Sources on your Android device. As this not from the Google Play Store, you must allow third-party app installations. So for that, go to settings and find the Unknown Sources option and make it enable.
  3. After that, go to the apk file that you have downloaded. Usually, this is available on your downloads directory. If you have changed the download folder, then find it there.
  4. Open the Hago Apk file and click install. All the permissions that you have to give the consent are presented in the APK installer screen. Clicking install will provide consent to yours.
  5. Finally, after the apk installation, go to the apps on your Android device, and you can find the installed app.

Safety and Legality

Hago Apk is a free games app that can use in any region without boundaries. You can play games legally and free. Also, this is free from malware attacks on your Android device. So it is safe to use the app.

Final Words

Hago Apk is an app that has lots of games play. This is also a mini social media that connect people too. This is an app that every mobile game player should download.

Why Do the Dogs Play and Playing Gestures of Dogs

dogs play

This is the natural behavior of the dogs. They would like to play in more time. There is not any diverse quality by such behavior. We have to expect a playful quality. If your dog is not more playful, actually you have to keep alert about that fact. Because surely there may be a specific reason for that behavior of your pet.

Playing can be identified as a pleasurable activity that many types of dogs love to do. By that activity, they would get many more benefits for their lives. Also, they will play more hacks. That is actually like self-learning. The self-learning is much better if the dog is playing with another dog or dogs. Apart from that, the owner of the dog can be played with the dog too. If it can perform that is the best time to give more training for the pet.

dogs play

Why Do the Dogs Play?

The dogs are desired by this activity. They will play with themselves, owners, and with the toys even. Dogs are a group of social animals. Due to that reason even they would like to play much more.

The playing is required for the development of the body’s health and the gestures of the animal. That is effective, especially for the growing dogs. The owner has to allow the playing method of the dogs. If you can support that behavior of the dogs. By the following, you would get to know some playing gestures of the dogs.

Playing Gestures of Dogs


  • Social dog play
  • Sexual dog play
  • Oral dog play
  • Predatory dog play

There are more diverse features of the above four types of playing gestures. However, you have to allow the dog for playing certainly.

Social Dog Play

two dogs play

This play gesture is arising between two types of pets. By this playing method, the two pets will show interactions with each other. Also especially this has to be followed between the friendly two pets. If they are not familiar advanced destruction may occur with both of the pets.

While playing in this method they will jump over each other’s body. Even they will mouth both of them. They like to bite each other. The owners don’t want to worry about this gesture. Because they are just doing this for playfulness. They don’t have dangerous intentions. And even much more dangerous situations don’t arise while playing.

While this social playing one of the time will run over some area. One of them will run while the other one will chase the running dog. Just sometime later, the roles of both of them will change. That is the nature of their playing style. 

Actually, while this type of dog plays, the dogs will learn more things. They will learn how to be friends with the other animals. And even they will practice the behaviors of the playing tactics.

Sexual Dog Play

dog opposite play

These playing gestures will show the similarity towards the mounting. As well as that it can be the same as humping. The behavior of the playing type is lacking in seriousness. That idea is well depicted by the acting behavior of the dog. Both the male and the female both of them are likely attracted to that playing tactics.

There is a difference between the relationship of the Dominance and as well as the humping. The relationship of the dogs can be made more quickly than the relationship between the two dogs. But most such dogs have to experience the humping. And even they will surely succeed in the mating behavior.

Oral Dog Play

oral dog play

This is a requirement for young dogs.  This is a biological need for growing dogs. They want to chew more playing items for the chewing agents. As a pet owner, you have to bring more malleable objects to chew. This type of playing can be done alone. That means for this oral dog to play the dog doesn’t want another partner. This is especially effective for the dogs that are raising alone. They would get unlimited pleasure by doing this activity.

By healthy nature, this is required. There are some more toys specifically that can be used for the growing dogs. But while buying them you have to pay your attention to the quality of the product. The stated toys will increase the health of the teeth and make the growing procedure of the teeth may be improved.

Predatory Dog Play

predatory dog play

The predatory skills can be improved while playing the dogs. Simply the predatory skills mean the chasing features. This skill can be practiced by the owner too. Use a ball or any other object to do this. Just throw that object to a faraway place. Then tell it to chase the object. By that method, the pet will increase its qualities.

There are more types of chasing. The balls, leaves, and sticks can be used for the chasing. While doing that automatically the dog will practice to accelerate and do more changes while chasing. While chasing them, the pet will practice circling and pacing.

Those are the basic playing methods that the dogs are usually doing. All of those are the best methods. And those are beneficial even. Because each and even playing option has its own unique features beyond the playing method.

Most of the time the young dogs like to play these types of games by following the above steps. The adult dogs haven’t much energy to play as they stayed at their younger age. Especially pet groups like dogs, you have to be allowed to stay outdoors. Because if they always remain indoors, they won’t ever. As stated in the above the playing is the most required action for the health wellbeing of the animals.

Playing is not affecting the present nature of the dogs. Most of the time, those actions will be affected by the future of dogs. If your dog is not showing the usual behavior, you can take advice from the veterinary surgeon. Even there are more community groups are there to help you in this matter.

How to Manage Your Mentality With the Loss of a Pet

loss of a pet

If you are a pet lover or an owner of a pet, surely you are on a bond along with the pet. Definitely that will be a powerful bond. 

The love and the faithfulness of such pets are never changing. Within our worst days even they have a special ability to keep us happier like before. If you haven’t understood the power of the relationship of pets yet, this will be more helpful for understanding it.

loss of a pet

Power of a Relationship of Pet

There are more facts to make the relationship of the pet make it more powerful. Those relationships will be maintained forever.

  • The emotional support is providing
  • Health benefits by mentally
  • Unbreakable companionship
  • Offering love for the family members and other members

Therefore there are a lot of advantages to such powerful bonds.

Grieving the Loss of a Pet

This is a very sad experience. And as well as that it is equivalent to the loss of a beloved child. And when this is an unbearable incident for the small children and for the very sensitive people. The given below are some steps to relieving that pain.

cope with the loss of a pet

  • Explaining the losing of the pet to the children as they can understand

This is a natural incident that has to be faced by anyone. But the small child can’t understand this feeling. So you can make the mind of the child by telling the pet has missed. But making it forever is more difficult. Therefore make your child understand death as they can understand it. Definitely they have to understand it someday. So be honest with the feelings of the child and tell them the truth.

  • Allow the other members to grieve

The sadness can’t be maintained for a long time. So that has to be expressed someday. And the keeping of the sadness is not better for the health of an individual. Therefore allow and give time to others for the grieve for their beloved member as much as they want. By the grieve, they will realize that their beloved member has gone forever.

  • Express your own emotions

There cannot be any member that would not get sadness. So you are even a victim of this emotion. As mentioned above you have to allow others to express their feelings. Plus you have to express your feeling too. 

If you haven’t time for that task surely you would remain feeling sadness and Grieving and feel guilty forever. Therefore you have to face life without a pet.

  • Honor the pet as you can

After the death of your pet, you can offer it a good value. That will relieve your guilt and sadness. You can hold a small ceremony for that. And you can make the arrangements for the ceremony in accordance with the religious group that you are following. 

Those religious customs will be beneficial in the next birth of the pet. Not only you, engage others for the ceremony that is going to be held. Give respect to the pet for its last journey.

  • Maintain the schedules of other pets

If you have other pets, you have to pay attention to this matter thoroughly. If you have missed some specific steps in their day to day life, surely they will notice the missing of their companion.

You haven’t missed any step they won’t notice it and maintain their behavior. If not the other pets even start to grieve and become sad. Not like humans, pets can’t easily cope with such sadness.

  • Obtain support from others

If you find it difficult to balance yourselves in this sadness, you are allowed to seek help from others. You can take help from your own family members and from friends. 

And even there are some people who have experienced losing their beloved pet. They are the best group of people to ask for help. Because they have the idea of what is going through on your mind.

  • Find a supportive group for the pets

There can be many kinds of groups. Those groups will support the pet owners like you. Most of the members of this group have the same experience. Therefore they are able to understand the position of your mind. Definitely, they will give you more suggestions to turn you back into the past lives. The help from the professional people helps you get back on the last status.

  • Exchange your idea with a therapist

This is the best method for relieving pain in children. Take them to the professional veterinary surgeon or a therapist. Those professionals people are here for help. Certainly, they will understand the position of yours and offer solutions to your problem. So you can get rid of emotionally in balance.

The described steps are major steps that someone can follow if they are in uncontrollable grief and sadness. Aside from the given clues, there are more other things to do the pet memorial and keep as an unforgettable pet. The below steps will lead you.

death of a dog

After Losing the Pet

The below steps may help the adult as well as the children. Because age doesn’t appear in the unbalance of emotions.

  • Designing a memory book for the pet

This is a better idea that is suitable for everyone. Surely you will have a collection of photos and other all things of the pets. The photos may be stored on your smartphone or on social media. And the Leashes and the toys can be stored in a separate place. 

You can make a creative book including all the photos of the pet and including all moments of the pet. And create another collection by including the belonging of the pet.

  • Look after other pets

If you have more other pets except the missed one, pay more time to look after them. And allocate more time to spend with them. That’s feeling very good. 

If you haven’t any other pets you can join along with the pet societies. They will provide you with more tasks that you can perform with the pets. Like the walking of the pets. Therefore the time you spend with the pet is longer, then the missing place is filled with the other pets.

  • Practicing self-care

You could practice with self-care just after you have missed your beloved pet. By that, you will be healthier. Allocate your time for the exercise and make your time for many other activities. And you have to avoid all other stressful activities. 

Eat a healthy diet, read books, and meditate. Spend your valuable time on happy activities.

  • Seek help from the professional

You have not to be afraid to take this step. If you can’t relive your sadness by any other method, this is the final option you are left with. There are more counselors for that task. They will surely help you in this situation.

By following here all options you can fill the space of your pet. And as a solution for that, you can bring another pet to the home. It may be another forgetting method of the missed pet. But surely you have to face the same emotional change because of this pet too. If you are ready you are allowed to bring another one.

10 Most Needed Items When You Raise a New Puppy

toys for puppies

If you prefer to raise a puppy, you have to make all the items essential for that puppy. It is better if you arrange all those things before taking it home. If you are a person who is going to take a puppy this stated description is valuable. Or else if you have a puppy already the describing facts may be useful too. 

Actually the experience of bringing a puppy is exciting. If it is a playful puppy your responsibility is increasing. Therefore then you have to be ready with all the puppy essentials that they want. Definitely you will be helped by the stated facts here. I would offer you a list of essential items for your beloved.

  1. Leashes and collars 
  2. Crate
  3. Bedding
  4. Treats 
  5. Toys 
  6. Grooming and the bathing essentials
  7. Water and food bowls. 
  8. Food for puppy
  9. First aid 
  10. Gates for puppies

The stated list is an essential item for your dog. Then after you would be able to see how you can select them to the new puppy. 

Leashes and Collars

dog collars

This is an essential instrument while bathing them and taking them out. This is needed while controlling over them. Only one collar is not enough. The puppies will grow faster. Therefore you will change their collar while they are still growing. But don’t forget one thing while using a collar. Attach the tag including the name of the owner and the place. If the pup has missed anyone will inform. 

While you are selecting a leash, please select a nylon or leather leash. Other than attaching the tag to the collar, the owner could use a smart collar. By the smart collar, the owner can track the location of the pup by a smart device. 


dog crate

The owner has to decide that. If he likes, he creates the puppy. Sometimes the crates are too large to sit the dogs. At that time the laying down is much more comfortable for them. Also, the Crate size would grow along with the growth of the puppy. While that, the puppy can use it as a toilet along with the extra size. 

If you are training your puppy, the perfect size Crate is required. The anxiety is even prevented by a perfect Crate. 


bedding for dogs

There are more than thousands of options available for the perfect beds. Actually the bed has to be suitable for the sleep of a dog. The surface of the bed has to be soft and comfortable. 

For that bed, you could use a towel or else blankets to make the bed more comfortable. Those items are acceptable for the dog. If you are offering it to the puppy, make sure those are clear already or else clean it by yourselves. 


dog treats

If you are training your dog, this is required. The treats make a positive reinforcement for your puppy. If it has done some work well don’t forget to give it a treat. That makes your pup more interested after it’s a session of the training. The treaty can be a favorite food item or a toy. That has to be a substance that can be chewed easily. So you have to determine those are free of any harm and healthy and suitable for feeding. 


toys for puppies

Especially if you have a playful pup, the toys are required. The puppies need toys very much. They love to bite and chew them. The chewing is needed for the growth of the teeth of the puppy. 

The selective toys have to be more durable. You have to buy them from a respective place. That place has to be guaranteed with the puppy’s safe material. But while they play with the toys the owners have to be inspected. Because those toys can be broken into small pieces. 

Grooming and the Bathing Essentials

grooming puppies

Naturally, the puppies love to play very much. If they play outside, they will get dirtier. Therefore you have to wash over the body and the fur of the puppy. For that washing purpose, you need shampoos for washing them. 

Therefore Select a good shampoo and a trimmer for the nails. Plus a brush needed for the brushing of the dog. Select a grooming kit for the pup. 

Water and Food Bowls

dog food bowl

Both the food and water containers are required for the pup. The bowls have to be perfect for their sizes. Select an instrument that is made out of ceramic, stainless steel, or plastic. 

And even a container needed for the storage of dog food. Usually the food is stored in large bags in fresh condition. So select a bin to store out from the direct sunlight. Maintain the food items in the fresh condition. 

Food for Puppy

food for puppy

The puppies need more food. While they are in the growing age of them they need the food with more nutritional items. Therefore while selecting the foods, you have to select the items with proper nutrition needs. 

If you have a doubt along with the needs, you can seek help from a professional veterinary surgeon or any other respective person. 

First Aid

first aid for dogs

You can have help from a professional person. There are more occasions that you need more first aid kits. If your puppy gets any accidents while playing or while in other activities, you could put medicine for him. 

But you have to know the medicines.

Gates for Puppies

gates for puppies

The puppy gates are very essential. Because you can avoid them getting entered into the restricted places. Place those gates in the areas that you want to block. So your pup won’t get any trouble.

All of the above are essential for the raising of the dog. And as well as you have to be aware of them. Getting much more knowledge will help you to balance these objects while raising the pup.  If you are going to raise the dog take the stated information into consideration. If you have further doubts take advice from the professional person. Thanks for reading. See you in part 2.

16 Questions That You Must Ask From The Breeder

dog breeder

If you want to buy a new puppy, it is better to buy a puppy from a Breeder of puppies. The veterinary surgeons even instruct a similar task to do. Because it is very protective. Breeders look after the dogs well, so if you buy a poppy, it is safe. 

Also if you feel curiously related to the puppy and the Breeder, you can resolve it after a few facts. Those solutions will get rid of your curiosity and will find solutions for the upcoming Problems. The following are such facts to ask.

dog breeder

1. Does this puppy have guaranteed parents?

The puppy’s purebred has to be certified certainly. So by a vet or any other respective person the breed necessary to be certified that there are no other diseases. Plus have to be certified. There is no kind of inheritable disorders too.

2. What are the unique body dimensions of parent dogs?

The measurement of the parents is required. Because by that you could get an idea about the size of the puppy. By that you could imagine what is the end that the dog will finish growing.

3. Can I see the parents of the dog?

It is a very necessary thing. Certainly, you have to meet them. By looking at them you can be aware of multiple things. The specific one is a health condition. And try to analyze other conditions like behavior. If they are aggressive or calm. Because the behavior of a parent is inherited from the puppy.

4. Is this puppy socialized?

That means the dog can behave well with the other neighbors and other dog types. This socialization has to be practiced at the age of 6 weeks. After the socialisation the puppy will be able to behave well with various types of people.

puppy socialized

5. Are there any vaccines that are assigned to give the puppy?

You have to be aware of that thing. You have to know how many vaccines have given to the puppy and what are the upcoming doses. While raising the puppy, you have to be observant about that.

6. Is this puppy dewormed?

The puppies born along with worms. Therefore the deforming is necessary. You have to be aware that the puppy has undergone a deworming or not.

7. Has this puppy been sick?

If that puppy got sick ever before, you have to know them. If it has been so, ask the Breeder about the solutions to be done. So if this condition will arise in future, you can apply those solutions.

8. Is this puppy visited by the vet? If so, how many visits?

You have to be aware that this puppy has ever visited the vet. If it has visited, what is the reason for it and how many times. If the problem is resolved or not. You have to clear up all the above facts before taking it to raise.

puppy visists vet

9. What is your guarantee?

You have to ask for the guarantee before taking the puppy to raise. You have to take a guarantee because what can you do if any severe condition arises with the dog like an illness.

10. Are there any references along with you?

This is the best chance to look whether the Breeder is a fair one or not. You can ask for the past sellers of the Breeder. Certainly there have to be contacts of them. So then you can connect with such persons and ask them. After that, you can decide whether to buy the puppy or not.

11. Do you want any contracts for breeders?

The contract is valid in most difficult situations. Assume that if you are unable to look after the puppy, you can return the puppy to the Breeder. In such a situation the contract is much useful.

12. Do you want to get puppies neutered or spayed? If you want, what is that age?

Actually this is not a serious issue. But it is better if you resolve it before taking it to the house. So don’t forget to make it clear. 

puppy spaying neutering

13. Can you tell me the family history of the dog?

Especially you have to collect the details about the health of the specific dog breed. And make sure to ask the most affecting health problem to that specific breed. If you seem those facts are significant don’t forget to mark them down. If there are other such needed details ask from the Breeder.

14. What are the foods that you feed them currently?

On the initial days that the dog brought to the home, there would be unfamiliarity with the surrounding. And the food items. You can’t change the food items instantly. Because that process would take more time to change the past to the future. Therefore it is better to be aware of all the things prior to getting it to the house.

15. Would you like to issue health certificates or sales certificates?

A health certificate is required. It should be taken by a professional vet. So the health condition of the dog has to be mentioned on that certificate. Not only that, but the sales certificate is also required to bring the puppy home. The sales certificate has to be issued regarding the location of yours.

16. Are you a member of any breeders club?

If it is yes you can ask for the name and other respective details of the club. By that you can be certified that he is a real Breeder.

If you are taking a puppy for the raising the stated 16 are the necessary questions to ask from the Breeder. Along with the above answers you will feel more confident and comfortable. 

And there are more facts that you have to keep in mind. If you would like to raise the puppy, necessarily you have to follow the health tips. And you have to pay attention to the behavior of the dog. You have to find out the food pattern and other things. Because after you take it to raise you are responsible for the condition of the puppy.

Grooming Your Dog: Everything You Need To Know

grooming the dog

The grooming is a much-advanced task for the parents of the dogs. The dogs have a nice coat. So the caretakers of the dogs have to protect their nice skin. For that, the combining and cleaning of the skin of the dog are needed very much. 

The above is not enough. But one has to pay their total attention to the whole grooming experience of them. The grooming means the well being of your pet. After finishing the whole grooming experience the dog will be in better condition. Even the dog’s owner will be in a satisfying condition.

grooming the dog

Grooming The Dog 

Grooming is the most necessary health habit that has to be practiced with your dog. Brushing is another activity that has to be practiced. Because the brushing is the process that removes all the dirty particles and all the dead parts of the coat. 

And also the brushing will make the circulation of blood process and make the coat shinier than ever. As a dog parent, you have to start up this habit after the first day that you bring the dog home. Then after that process has to be trained as a daily habit or a weekly habit. 

The proper grooming of the dogs is along with the given below steps.

  • Brushing 

Initially, you have to buy a suitable brush for your dog. The coat of the dog as well as the skin can be introduced as a mirror of the health status of the dog. Therefore the brushing once or twice is compulsory

  • Bathing 

This has to be done to keep the dog very clean. You have to bathe the dog prior to the bad smell of the dog. That means you have to practice that habit at least once per week

  • Trimming the nail 

This has to be done necessarily. If you are not familiar with this work, it is better to ask a veterinary surgeon. The vet will show you the perfect technique of trimming. Maintain a perfect schedule for this too.

By following the stated three steps the grooming will be better with the dogs. 

Medical Reasons for The Grooming 

The grooming is needed to make your dog in strong health condition. So while practicing such behavior you have to keep an eye about the following parts of the body of your dog.

  • Eyes

Sometimes the hair can be grown too long on the face of the dog. So that can disturb the vision of the dog. So you have to avoid them so that the dog will get a comfortable vision.

  • Ears

Usually, the dogs have long ears. Because of this too long the ears can get moist. Also inside the ears, it is lacking with the air circulation. Then after it can lead to a more dangerous infection inside the ears of the dog. It is better if you can use a cleaning agent for the ears of the dog along with the cleaning.

  • Teeth

Dental diseases are the most prominent disease type that can be caused by dogs. Before the disease would make it into the severe condition it is better to be alerted with the conditions of the teeth. 

There are separate brushes and the toothpaste along with the dogs. So you can make use of such items for your dog.

So while practicing the grooming pay your attention to the given parts of the body of the dogs. Apart from that, there are several instruments that can be used with the grooming. Those substances make grooming more interesting.

Grooming Suppliers

dog grooming supplies

If the caretaker has selected the best materials always the grooming will become better. But you can’t start the brushing just after bathing. Because the wet air is not suitable for brushing. The following are the most commonly used suppliers.

  • Brushing and combing 
  • Shampoo and conditioner 
  • Cotton balls 
  • Towel 
  • Leash
  • Hairdryer 
  • Gloves 
  • Nail trimmer

And the most significant item in the grooming of dogs is the bathing. There is a definite way that you could use your dog bathed. Sometimes you are already aware of that. If not look at the following. 

How To Make Your Dog Bathe Properly

how to bathe a dog

Most of the dogs are not fond of bathing. Therefore surely the bathing has to be made as a batter experience for your dog. 

Use a separate shampoo for the dog. Don’t use human shampoo for that. Also if your dog is more playful it needs to bathe frequently. 

  • Weather is cold, don’t bathe the dog in the outside 
  • Brush the skin of the dog before taking it to the bathe 
  • Drop some little amount of mineral oil to the ears of the dog 
  • Use some warm water for the bathing 
  • Apply the shampoo to their body and wash it after 10 minutes. Put the shampoo just after getting the dog wet 
  • Make the dog rinse about two times to get rid of all the substances 
  • Use a wet cloth to wash the face of the dog. 
  • Then after using a towel to get rid of all the water in its body 
  • Then after keeping the dog to get dried up

The stated above facts can be performed very easily. If you are a caretaker of a dog the described above will be more useful. If you have any further doubts you can contact a veterinary surgeon. He will help you for sure. 

But think that you are working outside of the house and there is no other person left in the house to perform these above facts. So that is a serious situation. While if you are in such an occasion you can take a professional person for that task. There are more types of professional groomers. You have to pay for them. 

How to Select a Professional Groomer

  • You can seek help from the vet because they are familiar with such professional people. 
  • And there are some companies that provided the groomers

The grooming is easy while reading the stated description, but that is not easy with the nature of the pet that you are having. Here all the above facts will be helpful. If you have more doubts then connect with a professional person. You have the responsibility to make the dog enjoyable with the grooming. 

After ending that activity the dog has to feel happier. Even if you have done your work correctly, you will feel satisfied too. Grooming means practicing healthy habits. So the health habits make your pet better in its life. As a side effect of that, the dog will be remained in more healthy with a longer life span.

Dog Brain Tumors: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

dog brain tumor

The brain is an important part of the body parts. If we haven’t a brain or if the brain didn’t function properly what will happen? Our thinking ability and memory will lose. Even the dog has to face the same thing. If you are a protector of a dog or else owner of a dog, please read the following details. Those are really helpful to you. If you have identified this problem earlier you can go to the quick treatment. That is why I had thought to tell you about the brain Tumors that arose for Dogs.

dog brain tumor

But unfortunately, till now there is no specific reason made for the brain tumors. While the technology and the genetics fields are more developed. But there are some special types of dogs affected with brain tumors. Especially that type of dog is with smooshed faces. This is a fact that is evident from the reported cases. So there are some categories of dogs that are affected with brain Tumors according to the above features. Some of them are as, 

  • Boxers. 
  • Boston terriers 
  • Pitbull terriers 

Therefore if you have one from the above you have to be very much careful. Now I know what is the question on your mind. How can I understand if there is any brain tumor for my dog? So the following are the symptoms of them. 

Symptoms of a Brain Tumor 

  • Decreasing of cognitive functions 
  • Aggression 
  • Abnormality of the pupil size 
  • Can cause blindness 
  • Loss of hearing 
  • Altering the behavior pattern 
  • Abnormality of panting 
  • Walking drunk 
  • The walking might be difficult for them 
  • They are circling for only one direction

dog brain tumor symptoms

If your dog has some symptoms like the above, you will be notified of something wrong with your dog. Then what will have to be done? You have to seek the help of the veterinarian. What is it for? For the diagnosing of the disease. 

Diagnosing of The Brain Tumor 

  • It has to be done with the total physical treatment by a veterinary surgeon. 
  • It has to be checked if the other organs are working correctly. Such as the lungs and kidneys. 
  • Have to be checked about cancers. If there any cancer had spread throughout the body. 
  • Also, have to check the central nervous system. It has to be checked if that is functioning properly or not. 

The above experiments have to be done for the treatment. Those are compulsory. Then we see what are the treatments that have to be prescribed for the brain tumor. 

Treatment for Brain Tumor Disease 

  • The treatments for the brain tumors are necessary and immediately 
  •  Also, there is a type of them as the slow-growing 
  • After growing its whole brain it causes the pressure of your brain. 
  • The medication can be used to decrease the swelling inside the brain. 
  • Also, the care of nurses will help to minimize the swelling. 
  • The blood has to be done

dog brain tumor treatment

Through these above treatments, you can observe favorable reactions about the brain tumor. Also, you would find more options while you make your dog for treating. Then we will see what are those options, 

Options for Brain Tumors 

  1. Euthanasia 
  2. Management of medical 
  3. Traditional radiation therapy 
  4. Surgery of brain
  5. Stereotactic radiation therapy

So you have more options to select for the treatments. Shall we see how we can do them? 


Most of the owners select this because of severe therapies. 

Management of medical

From this the swelling of the brain. From this, the lifetime of the dog will extend up to 1 – 2 months. The steroids and the anti-seizure are used for this purpose. But those are expensive. Using these drugs can cause thirst and urination. 

Traditional radiation therapy 

You can obtain the radiation therapies of radiation from veterinary hospitals. This can cause various side effects. 

Surgery of brain

This is not as advanced as the surgery for humans. Before the brain surgery, the dog had to be done anesthesia. This is also more expensive. And even there may be some rear effects that can affect your dog. 

Stereotactic radiation therapy 

This is not present everywhere. You can find it in a few locations. Also, the anesthesia is required for that 

So you can select any type of option from here. It will according to your wishes. 

Prognosis of The Brain Tumor 

The Prognosis will be selected according to various factors. Those are, 

  • RT
  • Medical Management
  • Surgical management 
  • Type of the brain tumor 

If your dog is feeling with such kind of disease you have to be alerted to protect him. You can seek more help from a respective agent.

7 Best Dog Training Methods To Train Your Dog Easily

dog training

Think that you have brought a new dog to your home. That is an unfamiliar place for the dog. Because all things in the surrounding are unfamiliar. Also the people. Therefore they have to be practiced to suit the surrounding. When it grows surely the dog will start chewing the surrounding things. Before occurring any of these things you have to train the dog into certain living patterns. From these things the dog will start to learn what to do and what that is not suitable to do. If you are looking to train for a dog. The following are the ways that you could do it. Shall we see it?

dog training

The Ways of Training 

  1. Training by positive reinforcement 
  2. Training by the scientific method 
  3. Train by a clicker 
  4. Training by electronic methods 
  5. Training of mirror method
  6. Dominance 
  7. Training by relationship-based methods

Then we see what these pieces of training are. What are the things that we can obtain by such training?

Training by Positive Reinforcement

positive reinforcement

This is the most popular way of training dogs. There is a specific theory under this one. If the dog behaves well or if he has performed a good activity the dog will get rewarded. If he does something bad, surely it would not be rewarded. Therefore it will practice doing rewarded activities with the time. From this method surely they will only do good activities. 

But all of the members in your family had to know this method. If all members acted in the same way, this would be a very easy task. You can reward them with food items which they like most or from a toy.

Training by the scientific method

This type of training is not a very easy task. It needs more patience while training. Before you train your dog, you have to collect something like information. That means you have to identify the nature of the dog and the capabilities them. The above type of training proves the dogs can train without using the rewards. However, it has been done. But all methods don’t affect all dogs. So if you are an owner of a dog you can try all new things when it comes up. Then only you can identify what tech is the best method to train.

Training By a Clicker

clicker training

You can use the clicker trainer with the combination of positive reinforcement methods. Can even use a whistle for that. You can make noise through that device if the dog performs a good activity. Thus training might be needed on the outside. 

Other than this method, it is better if you have practiced the dog and the whistle sound is a signal of reward. Then your dog must understand the stuff very well. I think it is a more useful method for the education of dogs.

Training By Electronic Methods

For this training, the electric collar is used. If the dog performed a bad task or unsuitable task, the collar spray citronella at that movement. Then later the dog will understand it is not a suitable thing to do. Even you can do it without a leash. 

From this collar type, the dogs can be educated to do activities like hunting even. Also, you have to know about this type of collars before using it with the dog.

Training of the Mirror Method

This is a method that gives training by the observations. You can provide them to see good behaviors performed by dogs. Then your dog may start to follow such kind of behavior. This is even a successful method when comparing with the above all methods. 

If the dog spends more time with you, the training might be an easier task than you think. Also, the dog will start to follow you even.


For this method, the understanding of the dog’s language is required. Also, this training might be directly affected by the mentality of your dog.

Training By Relationship-Based

If you are the owner of the dog, it is suitable that you will be the trainer of it even. Because this training can be done with a person who has a strong bond with him. That person has to be able to understand the dog. Also, that person has to be in a strong bond with the dog.

So, I have told you some seven methods of training dogs. If you are trying to train them, it is suitable to follow above all methods.

Pug Dog Breed – All Information and Characteristics


The pugs have different natures that they could understand so quickly with their natural features. They have a wrinkled face with a short tail. Also, the tail is curled. They are in multiple colors. Their coat is significant. Because their coat is glossy. You can find black colored pugs most of the time. Actually their body seems to be square-shaped. They have well-developed muscles even. Other than the pug they have other names. Those names are Dutch mastiff and the Chinese pugs.


Their origin country is China as per the details. Then those types of dogs were brought from China to Europe. After that, they became popular all over Europe. They have become the best dogs in the many dogs shows even. They have more friendly qualities.

Then we will move to see the physical qualities of the pugs.

Physical Features of Pugs

  • Square shaped body
  • Has a deep chest 
  • Has well-developed muscles. 
  • Have fine coats of various colors 
  • Mainly there are two shapes of ears. Those above two types are known as the button-shaped and the rose-shaped. Among both of them, the rose type of ears is smaller than the rose-shaped ears. 
  • The ears are folded too
  • The legs of them are not too short or not too long. Those are in the proper size. 
  • The legs are strong 
  • Their legs are straight 
  • Usually, their feet are the very small size 
  • The color of the nails is usually black. 
  • Their teeth placed suitably for the underbite 

Those are the physical conditions that we can observe from them. Next, we will pay our attention to another special feature of them. That is not about the features. But that is about their behaviors.

pug information

The Temperament of The Above Dog Breed 

  • They have a charming personality 
  • They are in very small size, but they’re no harm from that small size for their well-built personality 
  • They are very strong 
  • They don’t get aggressive frequently 
  • They are making quick relationships with the children. So they can be considered as a family dog type. 
  • They can change their behavior according to the face of the owner or the caretaker. 
  • They are a type of Playful dog 
  • Usually, they spend most of the time for sleeping and napping 
  • These types of dogs will walk with the owner and follow him or her anywhere they are roaming. Therefore they are called shadows. 
  • They expect the affection and love of the owner. 

That is about the Temperament of the pugs. So we can now identify if they are suitable for a house or not. Then we will see the next important session of this article. That is about the health of pugs. Shall we continue?

pug health

The Health of The Pugs

  • They have skeletal problems 
  • The injuries and infections may take place frequently with their eyes. 
  • Breathing difficulties even take place. Those can occur if they are traveling in high-temperature surroundings. 
  • They can make Obesity. Obesity may cause several problems in the body. I mean more health problems. 

Those are the problems related to the pugs. If you have a dog of this type you have to be alert about these conditions. You can take advice from a respective person and avoid such conditions prior to the diseases. 

Then let’s see some of the histories of the pugs. 


  • As I told above these type is descendent from China 
  • Then they traveled to Europe. 
  • They have more value in China by the emperors 
  • They are considered as a type of royal dog. 
  • So they have luxurious places to live with the guards 
  • After these types of dogs came to Europe, they were even named as a royal dog. 
  • After that, the evolution of the dog breed has taken place. 
  • Therefore now they are a popular dog breed in the world.

How To Be Friends With A Dog and Get The Trust Of Him

friends with dog

Usually, this problem will arise if you have brought a new dog. There may be some time spent on practicing it. First of all, you have to make the dog trust you. That is required. Dogs are similar to humans. You know people believe in relationships because of trust. If their trust is broken they will never believe in relationships. Like that we have to build up relationships with dogs with trust. We have to prove that with our activities. They can’t talk but they can understand the emotions of people. Definitely that will be a challenge. What to do we have to overcome.

friends with dog

What are the things that we can do for Building up a Trusting Relationship with the dogs? See below for that. 

  • Behave calmly with your dog 
  • Respect the space of the dog. 
  • If you can get to their level 
  • Don’t make barriers for them while reaching you 
  • Make a time to walk with them 

These are the easy steps to build trust in you. Then we will see how we can perform them. 

Behave Calmly With Your Dog

calm with dog

If you behave wildly with your dog, the dog will act in the same way. It won’t be friends with you anyway. Especially while greeting your dog you have to be careful. Don’t act with the dogs in an exciting way. Because the dog will show the same reactions for you. Suddenly the dog could make a high energy activity. Like jumping like a tiger. 

Therefore you have to behave softly and smoothly. Try to act with it with the above feature. 

Respect The Space of The Dog

keep space with dog

The dog has its own space. You have to keep that space. Be respectful to that space. Don’t go to interfere with them. Make that place better for them.

Don’t go near the dog. Also, don’t make you touch it excessively. Always keep a distance from the dog. It is better if you talk to the person by neglecting the dog. 

If You Can Get to Their Level

sitting with dog

Don’t make eye contact with them. It is safe. Also, don’t forget when you are becoming closer to him, don’t go in front. Always you have to reach from its side. 

Then you have to get on the level of your dog. You know a dog is sitting on a floor. You also make your height to that level. You can kneel down for that. Then you two are on the same level. Then the dog will build up trust in you. 

Don’t Make Barriers For Them While Reaching You dog sniff

They would like to gain care, love, and affection from you. On those occasions, they will show some irregular signs. Sometimes they may act very calmly. Also, they are sniffing. Usually, they sniff for your hands. 

Those signs will tell you to pet them. In front of the chest is the proper place for that. But don’t try it for a dog in neighborhoods.

There is a certain way to see if they accept your behavior. They are licking your hand. If they look in another direction, the dog is not interested.

Make a Time to Walk With Them

walk with dog

You even know walking is a better activity for exercising. Also, it is better to build up a Trusting relationship even. Mainly from walking, they will understand you are giving the guidance as well as the protection for them. 

From walking they will obtain more things. They will explore more sites by walking. They will observe the beauty of nature too. Other than them they will make a strong and trusting relationship with you. 

So in the above, I told you some ways of making a Trusting relationship with your dog. If you like to follow the above, you will be benefitted.