5 Best Stream Decks You Can Buy in 2023

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Stream Deck is a beneficial device for those working in the tech field. This can be used by those who play many video games and stream them online. In this post, we hope to talk to you about what a Stream Deck is, what its benefits are, and what are the best Stream Decks of 2023.

What is a Stream Deck?

Stream Deck is a physical hardware device. It contains functions that can be customized to make your online work easier. In a way, this is like a multimedia keyboard connected to your computer. You can do many functions like pausing, stopping, muting, and skipping a video that is playing with your multimedia keyboard. This Stream Deck also is a device that you can use by customizing the functions you often need on a PC.

This can be connected to your computer via USB. Then a small software on the Stream Deck device will be installed on the PC. Through it, you have the opportunity to program functions related to frequently needed commands. Then you can operate those functions with the LCD keys on the face of the stream deck. Then you will be able to easily remember shortcuts and use them quickly.

Because of this, Stream Deck can be called a programmed input device used to facilitate the tasks of a certain type of computer. So let’s see next why this stream deck is used.

Why use Stream Decks?

Game players who stream online games often use this. That being said, it is not easy to use functions related to live streaming a game while playing it. But now those tasks have become easier through Stream Deck.

For example, while playing the game, you can use this Stream Deck to apply sound effects on the gaming screen, add graphics, control audio streams, change camera angles, and live chat.

In addition to these basic and standard functions, various profiles and folders are also included so that advanced functions can be used. Through that, you can program multi-action workflows to handle several functions at the same time. Then, in addition to the functions of the computer and the game, you can even control the lights in the gaming room.

Apart from those who stream games online, even those who do graphic design, video editing, and also audio engineers can program and use this Stream Deck as they like. Even a person who uses the computer for everyday work can use this Stream Deck if necessary.

5 Best Stream Decks You Can Buy in 2023

The history of the Steam Deck does not go back very far. So the first Steam Deck was released on February 25, 2022, and now it is available for purchase in the market with various updates.

1. Elgato Stream Deck

elgato stream deck

This is the best Stream Deck device for streaming live games. It was developed by the Corsair company which manufactures accessories for gaming. There are 4 different versions here. The number of LCD keys and functions are different in these devices.

  • Stream Deck Mini – for $79.99 with 6 LCD buttons.
  • Original Stream Deck – for $149.99 with 15 LCD buttons.
  • Stream Deck MK.2 – for $149.99, with 15 LCD buttons, and interchangeable faceplates.
  • Stream Deck XL – for $249.99, with 32 LCD buttons.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this Stream Deck.


  • It is the device with the best selling and reviews on Amazon.
  • Easy to use.
  • Having several versions at several prices to choose from.


  • Made entirely of plastic.
  • The software must always be running for the buttons to work.

2. Loupe Deck Live Streaming Deck

loupedeck live streaming deck

This is made by a Finnish company and is quite expensive as it uses advanced tech. Also, you need to have fairly high-tech knowledge to use this. There are two versions here and the starting price is around $149.

  • Loupedeck Live S – This is worth $149 and it has 15 LCD buttons, two control dials, and four round buttons.
  • Loupedeck Live – You can buy this at $269.99 and it has 12 LCD buttons, with six control dials and eight round buttons.

This device also has the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Having an attractive and cute finish.
  • Ideal for photo, video, and audio editing.


  • Requires some tech knowledge to use.
  • Being an expensive device.
  • Having issues in use with Apple MacOS computers.

3. Kolortron One-Handed Macro Mechanical

koolertron one-handed macro mechanical

This is a very cheaper device and a good alternative to the Elgato stream deck. There are only 9 keys here that do not cost a lot of space. This is as small as the Numeric Key Pad of your computer keyboard. You can buy this for very less than $ 45.


  • Cheap Price.
  • Being a simple design.
  • Not required a big tech knowledge to use.


  • You have to remember the keys because the icons are not applicable.
  • There are some issues with MAC OS.
  • Can not add more functions.

4. The X-keys Programmable Keypad

x-keys programmable keypad

This is also a very good Stream Deck with no mechanical keys. And this is a device that can be easily programmed using macros. Most people prefer to choose this X-keys Stream Deck because it is also the same price as Elgato. Here are some specific Pros & Cons of this device.


  • You can easily customize & use it.
  • Having a very user-friendly pad.
  • Can use for more functions.


  • Being a fairly expensive device.
  • Not a mechanical keyboard.

5. Razer Tartarus v2

razer tartarus v2

This is the last example in our collection of Stream Decks. This is also a handy and very fast device with 10 keys. Many gamers prefer to buy this as its value is not too high. The technology of this device is Mecha-Membrane technology. That means it is possible to press these keys gently because there is a spongy membrane under the keys.

This Stream Deck has the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • You can easily customize it for use.
  • Due to its small size, it can be used in less space.
  • The price is not too high.


  • Since there are only 10 keys, more functions cannot be applied.
  • Keys can easily damage.

Apart from this, there are many Stream Decks manufactured by different brand names in the market. However, there are several things to consider when choosing a Stream Deck.

  • The number of keys – More gamers and streamers like to work with more functions. So adding more functions costs more keys on the Stream deck. Therefore more keys on the Stream Deck means more functions you can use.
  • Quality of keys – One thing you should be concerned about is the number of keys available as well as the quality of those keys. Otherwise, the lifespan and speed of the keys may decrease with frequent use.
  • Size – It is best to choose a suitable Stream Deck according to the amount of space available on your computer desk. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to handle.
  • USB cable – The Stream Deck is connected to your computer through a USB cable. Here you need to check the length and whether it is detachable or not. Because non-detachable cables can be damaged quickly.

Final Words

Now you must have a good understanding of Stream Decks. Before buying the Stream Decks available in the market, improve your knowledge about the points we have mentioned as well as the best Stream Decks in 2023.