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Stick War Legacy is a game (Apk) that consists of stick-figure army battles and challenges.

This is one of the most famous games and a strategy game. Stick War Legacy apk was developed and published by Max Games Studios. The game is built considering the methods of war. This is an offline game but requires an internet connection for leaderboards and achievements. As the leader of the nation, players have to guide their team until they triumph. This is a well-prepared gaming app for crazy video game players and this is a completely graphic-designed game as well. In the overall platform, this apk consists of 26 stages, 12 from stick war I and 14 from stick war II. As well as there exist 6 bonus stages.

At present, there is Version I, and version II is called Order Empire as well. S0 Stick war III can be identified as an upcoming stick war game series.

stick war legacy apk

Stick War Legacy Apk Download For Android

Stick War Legacy Apk Download

Google Play Download

The stick war legacy Apk was first introduced for Android devices. The basic requirement for downloading this game for android is Android 4.4. There exist more than 100M+ downloads of this game. You can download the app using the following steps.

  • Switch to the google play store and open it.
  • Search the name of the game using the search bar and search.
  • After finding the matched one click to install.
  • Wait till the installation is completed.
  • Then click the icon open and enjoy the playing game.

What is Stick War Legacy Apk?

This is a strategic action game. Here, players have to fight with evil sticks using their built stick army. This game is easy to learn and not difficult to play. When you are playing this game, you will face a lot of difficulties and meet various types of challenges. Hence, the stick war legacy Apk is a highly addictive mobile and pc game. Because of this factor, this game is positioned as a higher-rated game.

If you are interested in playing this game, you are completely free to download this. Players can get thrilling experiences while playing the game as making battles with their enemies using their stick army. A lot of stickman soldiers can be seen in-game training. Players can control their stick army and guide them, build new roles in the battle, and collect gold. As well as if you are a player in this game, you will get a chance to learn how to use a sword, magic, spear, and archer and you will find many more ways to learn how to do battle. On other hand, players are completely free to destroy enemies and obtain new territories. Offering various stages of the game, stick war legacy Apk gives you an amazing experience of playing video games.

stick war legacy

More about the game

The stick war legacy Apk is involved with interesting new types of various gaming modes such as the classic story mode, the survival mode and the other one is the tournament mode. Each mode offers you a new and completely different unique challenge. For an instance, the player will face fighting with zombies. But not like that, in tournament mode the player involves with other armies. In the stick war legacy Apk II, players can make friend matches by choosing the most favorite mode while challenging other players in the contact list on the online platform.  If you are a player, you can earn and update your weapons, gems, and diamonds by unlocking dozens of skins. Gems can be obtained if the match is won.

You will gain 5 gems if you win the match. Specially, you can gain ten gems from surviving on one of the endless dead nights. Here, creating your units requires gold. Getting gold requires workers. Hence, you should carry a balance between the army and workers. 

The stick war legacy Apk is a free game to play and it is updated every Friday. Hence, players can enjoy playing new and various types of missions in the game.


The stick war legacy apk has come up with numerous features. It has focused on the player’s convenience directly. Some of them can be presented as follows.

  • It offers six bonus classic campaign levels. This is one of the main features of this game.
  • There exists endless dead zombie survival mode. This is another main feature of the stick war legacy Apk.
  • Offering skins for all characters can be identified as another basic feature of the game.

Moreover, this game provides new features to the players, such as,

  • Releasing new levels every Friday.
  • Develop unit features and bow aim of Archon.
  • Present map relevant to the saga-type games offering many rewards such as gold, gems, etc.

Stick War Legacy Download for iOS

The stick war legacy is also available on iOS devices. If you have an iOS device (iOS 10.0 or later), you can download the game via the Appstore easily.

Stick War Legacy Download for PC

The stick war legacy is also capable with PC. To download the game on a PC, you should use an android emulator such as Bluestack. If you don’t have one, first download BlueStack and install it. After, completing Google sign-in. using this step you can easily access the google play store. Then find the game and install or you can download the Apk file from this site and install it on the Android emulator.

How To Play Stick War Legacy Apk?

In this game, you are the leader of the related area known as “ Order”. Your target is to defend the nation from enemies. You will get only one chance as supporting by destroying opponents and gaining technology from each group of nations. You can build your army by making characters using learned ways such as the way of archer, sword, mage, and spear. Those are known as “Archons”, “Swordwrath”, “Magikill” and “Speartons” respectively. By creating miners you can have enough gold and if you win the step, you will gain five gems. As well as you can unlock the next level by winning the current level. This is the simple way to play the game called the stack war legacy. 

Safety and legality

The stick war legacy Apk game consists of violence, attacks, fighting, and as well as blood. Hence this is not good and safe for children under 13 years. When we are concerned about the legality of this, there can’t be found any restrictions to playing this video game. This app has obtained a higher rating of 4.5 and there are more than 100M downloads throughout the world. Developers of this game have used some safety methods to protect their consumers. Hence it has no legal issues regarding this app.  


Q:  What is the operating system that requires playing stick war legacy Apk?

A: Anyone can play this game using Microsoft windows 7 and higher than 7.

Q: What is the minimum required RAM for playing this game?

A: If your device has at least 4GB RAM, you can play this game. But if you have RAM more than that GB     it will be more suitable for playing.

Q: Can I play this game on the online platform?

A: Yes, of cause. If you are willing to play this game with your friends you need an internet connection.

Q:  What is the most strengthened skin of the stick war legacy Apk?

A: Lava skin is the most powerful skin in this game.

Final words

So, in the conclusion, the stick war legacy apk is one of the most attractive and addictive games, if you are willing to search for new gaming ideas, this game offers you a great opportunity to get an amazing and thrilling experience.