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Hello Neighbor is a horror-type game (Apk) and the mission is to find out dark secrets about your neighbor.

Hello, the neighbor is allocated for the horror gaming genre. The plot is twisted around the scenery of sneaking into the neighbor’s house to explore the secrets that are hidden under the basement of the house. In this hello neighbor Apk game you should have to play against the advanced AI. You can move with the knowledge you obtained from the game. Hello, Neighbor is an interesting game that allows you to do many more adventurous movies.

If you enjoy the moves such as climbing through the windows of the backyard this is a perfect game. However, when you are climbing through the backyard window you should have to expect a bear trap in that place. Or else you could try sneaking through the front door. But there is a barrier in that place. There would be cameras hidden in that place. Then you have to think about how you are going to escape from here. But certainly, the neighbor will explore and find out a way to catch you by a shortcut. Likewise, you have to do and discover many more adventurous moves along with this amazing and adventurous game called hello neighbor Apk.

hello neighbor apk

Hello Neighbor Apk Download for Android

Hello Neighbor Apk Download

Google Play Download

Very easily you could get this hello neighbor Apk downloaded to your android devices. The procedure for it is mentioned below. But starting any kind of game downloading you should have to check about the requirements of the hello neighbor Apk download. To download and play this game the android device should have android 6.0 or upwards. Plus make sure that you are downloading the latest version 1.0. Currently, over 10,000,000 players are playing this hello neighbor.

  1. Use the above download button to get the Apk file
  2. Then install in on your Android devices
  3. Start playing the game.
  4. Also, you can get this game from the Google Play Store. Just use the above Google Play Download button to start downloading.

What is Hello Neighbor Apk?

As previously stated the hello neighbor apk is a first-person stealth horror game. That the game is a challenge. Through this game, the player is challenged to be a young character. The main intention of the young character is to get into the neighbor’s house. By getting into this neighbor’s house you can discover many more secrets. According to the game, there are many more secrets hidden under the basement of the house.

As anyone does, your neighbor is valuing his privacy so much. Therefore neighbors won’t be happy at all with your presence in their house. The game is twisted around this whole incident. The gaming controls are so easy and nice to everyone. Also, those controls can be found in any game in this same gaming genre. The movement control stick is located on the left side of the screen and with the action buttons. Therefore the players can jump and interact with many more gaming objects. Not only that, you could grab almost all kinds of gaming gadgets you want.

hello neighbor

More About The game

The gaming chapter will begin with this movement. The main character is walking around the neighbor’s house chasing after a ball. When that happens it will not take any longer to get to your neighbor’s house. After that, you have to make sure essentially that the neighbor doesn’t catch you at your step. The hello neighbor Apk game is a collection of all those incidents. However, you could understand that hello neighbor Apk is an entertaining stealth horror game that is offering a terrifying gaming experience. The amazing visuals and great production value will deliver a superb gaming experience.

The hello neighbor Apk is not just a normal game. That is combined with role-playing with suspenseful problem-solving elements. If you are an RPG player who likes the sense of suspense and a little bit of mystery while the gameplay can, try this amazing game. The game is not giving any kind of support like tutorials or quests therefore you have to try this game and figure out everything on your own. Sometimes your initial gaming experience of yours can be irritating because of less support. But don’t worry here we will try to give you strong support and the gaming is quite linear therefore you could try this on your own.


  • Horror game
  • The game is filled out with suspense and curiosity
  • Explore for the hidden secrets contained in your neighbor’s house
  • Initially, you will face for little confusing incidents but later on, it would be a normal incident
  • Quite linear gaming
  • Catch many metaphors and try to discover the hidden meanings
  • Have to face many surprises through the twists
  • Easy gaming controls
  • The simple plot of the Hello Neighbor Apk game
  • Great visuals
  • Better production value

Hello Neighbor Download For iOS

Follow the given below steps to install the hello neighbor game effectively on your iOS device by using the apple app store.

  • Visit the apple app store then search hello neighbor
  • Tap on the Get icon to start the installation of the game
  • Open the game and then start gaming.

Hello Neighbor Download for PC

This game can be installed into your windows running PCs by following the below procedure. But if you want to install the game correctly y, you must have an android emulator installed on your pc. Then you could install this hello neighbor easily by using the android emulator. The bluestacks, nox player and memu player are perfect for your requirement.

  • Launch the android emulator you have installed.
  • Open the google play store via the android emulator
  • Complete the google sign in procedure to start any game installation
  • Then search for the name hello neighbor by using the search option
  • Start installation after you have found the correct game
  • Wait patiently until the end of the game installation
  • Start gaming and enjoy the experience.

How To Play Hello Neighbor Apk?

After you have started the gameplay, the main target of the player should be obtaining the red key. The red key is required essentially to open up the door of this mysterious location, the neighbor’s house. After you have entered the Hello Neighbor Apk game go toward the ball. After a short scene, the player will be caught. This is an unavoidable act in the game. You are staying in the opposite direction from your neighbor’s house then. Now the player has to enter his own house. Then choose something suitable to smash the window with the available two cardboard boxes. Go toward the rack and jump up to the roof. Break the window and use it to enter the room. In that way, you have to approach the red key and pick it up simply.

It is better if you can use the front door to enter the neighbor’s house. Then enter the first room next to the front door. If not, you will be caught immediately. In such a way you have to control the Hello Neighbor Apk game.

Safety And Legality

As previously stated the hello neighbor apk is a horror game. But it doesn’t contain any of violating contents. It is included safe content. Therefore you can try this game without any issues. When considering the age rating of the game, the game is rated as PEGI 12. Therefore that is rated as non-suitable for persons under 12 years old. The reason is the infrequent scene of minor violence. And make sure you are installing the game from a trusted and safe source. If not your device will be affected by malicious software. There is no any kind of legal issues recorded over this hello neighbor Apk game.


Q: Can a 7-year-old kid play Hello neighbor Apk?

A: According to the age ratings it is not suitable for kids below 12 years old.

Q: Why is hello neighbor Apk so popular?

A: The game is top-rate due to the art direction and the easy gameplay.

Q: Is Hello neighbor Apk scary?

A: You know that this is a horror game. It contains some mysterious scenes. But it is not too scary to play.

Q: Is this game a good game?

A: Yes. Overall it is a good game that can be played by anyone without any issues.

Final Words

Hello neighbor Apk is a better game with many more exciting features. The storyline of the game is adventurous and thrilling. Sometimes this would be the great game that you are looking for. Therefore have fun with this amazing hello neighbor Apk.