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Blob Runner 3D is an arcade platformer game (Apk) and you have to play a running character made with gelatin.

Zinga Inc Game company published this funny and attractive Blob Runner 3D APK game on January 21st in 2021. It is a 3D-style cartoon-type game that has been downloaded over 10 million times from the Google Play store. When you play this mobile running game, more marketing ads will show up on your mobile game screen. According to its own Fantasy Violence, the game is appropriate for any age group above 10. You may play this video game without an online connection in single-player mode. This Blob Runner 3D APK is more compatible with iOS devices and Android mobile platforms. But if you wish to play this, you can play this game on Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac computers.

The graphics of this game are simplistic but more attractive. You can play fastly and simply at different gaming stages thanks to in-app purchases, which will let you purchase a selection of game assets at reasonable prices. Additionally, it takes up memory on your devices like 180MB on Android phones and 350MB on iOS phones. So this is a great chance to download and install to play this game for completely free with your device. You can indeed get Blob Runner 3D for free from our website and play this mobile phone game of endless running on your smartphone or computer.

blob runner 3d apk

Blob Runner 3D APK Download for Android

Blob Runner 3D APK Download

Google Play Download

To have this attractive mobile endless runner game for your Android mobile phone or tab device, just go to this download page. Now simply follow the instructions below for downloading the full game easily.

  1. Use your Android device to browse our gaming webpage and download it.
  2. Click the download button to get the game APK file.
  3. The full download will then start on your device.
  4. Now, wait for the download to finalize.

Now, this mobile game has been fully downloaded to your Android mobile device and must be correctly installed. Before you begin, go to your device’s settings and enable unknown sources. So enable and allow the unknown sources option there. Now you can install the Blob Runner 3D APK game file that you downloaded from our gaming platform for your Android device safely.

  1. First, please navigate to the My Files folder on your mobile device.
  2. Now go to and open the Downloads folder.
  3. You can easily install the game by double-clicking the android apk file.
  4. Complete the Blob Runner 3D installation on your Android mobile device.

You then can engage in the game on your Android mobile phone as it’s been implemented.

What is Blob Runner 3D APK?

This racing game is an enjoyable experience. Within this Blob Runner 3D APK mobile game, you can continue running while facing great challenges and obstacles. The game’s goal is quite simple and clear. In order to improve your size by collecting jelly portions, you must run along the participating path while avoiding obstacles. Get this game of limitless running for 100% free right away from our website, where you can also earn various different rewards.

This game determines your fate and death, so it’s not just a running game like some of the other running games. This means that saying, you are going to fail the game level if you are not able to handle the dangerous obstacles you face or if your physical strength is insufficient using jelly. However, even if your Blob contains a small amount of jelly, you could still play the Blob Runner 3D APK game. It is therefore your task to gather the jelly as fast as possible.

blob runner 3d


Earn extra jelly as you run, and get rewarded

You can gather the jelly required to make the body as well as different rewards, items, and coins by advancing forward along your game pathway.

Having simple and attractive 3D graphics

This Blob Runner 3D Apk game is created with simple, but attractive 3D graphics.

Unique flexibility to customize your jelly blob character

You may customize your jelly blob game character more especially by rearranging its colors and patterns and adding hip skins and caps.

Blob Runner 3D Download For PC

This Blob Runner 3D game was mainly designed for mobile devices, but it is also available to play on Apple MacOS and Windows desktop computers. You should have emulator software on your PC. An emulator is a software application that allows you to set up easily Android applications and games on systems other than Apple and Windows computers. You can find any emulator for free on the internet, such as ARChon, GameLoop, LDPlayer 9, Android Studio, BlissOS, and BlueStacks. Install any kind of emulator on your computer to resume this download process.

  1. To begin, open up your emulator browser.
  2. Copy and paste our download page link into the address bar.
  3. You can now access this by going to this webpage and clicking on the download button.
  4. Please wait to download the game apk file completely for your device.

Your pc has currently been updated with the Blob Runner 3D APK file. The next step is to install it easily and properly. To perform this right now, follow these steps. Do the following to successfully complete this.

  1. To start, navigate to your emulator’s downloads folder.
  2. There, open this mobile game apk file.
  3. Now enable the game setup wizard to complete the game installation.
  4. Allows the installation to be 100% completed successfully.

Now, you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the full Blob Runner 3D APK mobile game on your Windows PC or Mac. You could then enjoy it via your computer emulator program.

How To Play Blob Runner 3D APK?

Now a game shortcut icon will be generated after successfully installing the Blob Runner 3D APK mobile game on your mobile device or PC. So now launch this game by clicking on it. A short description will then welcome the game. Then, choose your blob runner on the game’s main page and start playing. By watching gameplay clips that are available on YouTube, you can gain a basic understanding of how to play this game.

Pros and Cons


  • The Blob Runner 3D APK game is available as a free download.
  • This game is most suitable for game players above 10+ years old.
  • The chance to get additional game items using In Purchases.
  • It is a game with simple 3D graphics and sounds.
  • Including many more game levels to complete.
  • You can start to play in single-player mode.


  • Playing the Blob Runner 3D APK game easily becomes addictive.
  • Harmful malware could enter your device via such game apk files, so always download games from secure and reliable websites like ours.
  • The game is only available in English.
  • This game requires nearly 400MB of memory space to install.
  • You can not play with your friends online.

Safety and Legality

Our experienced game tech team fully tested this mobile game apk file before publishing it available for free download, ensuring that it does not contain malware that will affect your device. And also, the Blob Runner 3D APK game developers collect a lot of useful data about you, such as Personal Information, App Information, App activity, Financial info, and it’s performance. And also they share these data with third parties for the purpose of their marketing.


Who is the publisher of Blob Runner 3D Apk game?

Zinga Inc Game company is the publisher of this mobile game.

What are the main technical requirements to install this on iOS?

iOS 10.0 or higher OS.

330MB of memory space.

What are the main technical requirements to install Blob Runner 3D Apk on Android?

Android 5.0 or higher OS.

180MB of memory space.

Final Words

Blob Runner 3D APK is a simple but more interesting mobile game to play a cartoon-style 3D game. You must have to control your endless runner Blob, as the game player in this game. You do not require a good internet connection to play this mobile game, and installing and playing the game does not take up much system performance. If you wish to play this endless runner game, you can get this for totally free from our gaming website now and install it on your mobile or PC device very easily.