How To Install Apps and Games With Apk and Obb Files in Android?

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For those who use Android phones, it is not strange to know what Apk files are. Like Apk, one of the types of files commonly used in Android devices is called Obb Files. If you are someone who often downloads games for free on their Android phones from the Internet, it is important for you to know about these Apk files and Obb Files. Before everything let us explain about these Apk and Obb Files.

how to install obb files

What is an Apk file?

The APK file type was created by shortening the long name Android Package Kit. This is the main file type in Android operating systems and those files coding & developing through Android Studio. Different apps and games developing to be able to run on Android devices with these apk files. So this APK file contains all the code and assets related to the software.

Do you download various apps and games from the Google Play Store to your Android device? If you use an Android phone, you definitely have to download it. Apart from this, many Android users like to download Apk files through other websites. The reason for this is that some of the apps in the Google Play Store are not completely free and their features cannot be fully accessed. Therefore, it is possible to download such apps and games from other third-party websites.

But a problem that many people have is whether it is legal to download and install apk files from other websites like this. Yes. Doing so is legal. But, please use trusted sources to get those Apk files. Otherwise, various harmful malware can enter your Android device with such Apk files.

What is an OBB file?

OBB stands for Opaque Binary Blob. These OBB files can be called as a file used to store other additional files related to the apk file of Android apps and games. Because OBB files are often encrypted, their contents cannot be clearly checked. And since such files do not have an icon, OBB files can be identified by the file extension name. Although it cannot be identified separately, this OBB file contains many texts, graphics, music, and other media files. Because of this, the size of the OBB files is larger than the Apk file size. Therefore, usually, you can download it as a compressed file. So, you need to decompress it before use.

Because of this, most Android Apps contain an OBB file separately. Therefore, a different method has to be followed when installing such Android apps and games. That is what we are trying to inform you about in this post.

While installing an Apk file with OBB file, here are some things you should pay more attention to.

  • The apk file and OBB file should be of the same version. It means it is not possible to use another OBB file with another Apk file.
  • Both the Apk file and the OBB file should be in the same location on your device. Or you want to save it in the same location.
  • This is the correct path to save the OBB file. storage>Android>Obb
  • You need to have a good internet connection to download these files correctly. Otherwise, the download may not be complete and the files may be corrupted.

If you like to play Android games on Windows or Apple Mac computers, you can download and install Apk files from the internet. But for that, you need to have Emulator software like BlueStacks, Aemulor, LDPlayer, and ARChon on your computer.

Difference between Apk and Obb Files

An OBB file is an expansion file and it is included in many Android apps distributed from the Google Play Store. These OBB files contain other data such as graphics, media files, text, and other large data that are not included in the application’s main package or APK file.

Advantages of Installing an APK File

There are several advantages of using APK File.

  • You can use the app or game without limitations with all features.
  • The ability to get premium apps or games from the Google Play Store for free.
  • Being able to use games and apps that do not provide access to your country or region through the Google Play Store.
  • No blockages caused by Google Updates.
  • Being able to save the APK file on the device. You can download and install it from the Google Play Store at that moment, so you cannot retrieve it when you need it.

Disadvantages of Installing an APK File

  • When downloading APK files from other websites, there is a risk of malware etc. which can damage your device. So this may harm your phone security and personal information.
  • Also, it may be an app or a game that is shared in violation of copyright.
  • As hackers do various hacking activities using Apk files, the possibility of being vulnerable to such threats.

How to Install Apps and Games with Apk and Obb Files

Now you have an understanding of what these Apk and OBB files are. Then let’s see how Android Apps and Games consisting of such files will be downloaded to your device.

  1. The first thing to do is to download an Android App or Game you want from another 3rd party website other than the Google Play Store.
  2. Only use a website that you trust. Here we have mentioned some trusted and reliable websites for you to download Apk files of Apps or Games.
  3. Now download the relevant Apk file. But don’t open it. Also, before installing, go to the settings of your Android phone which allow you to run unknown sources from the Security section. Otherwise, such 3rd party files will not run on your device.
  4. Since your file is a Zip file, you need an app like ZArchiver to unzip it.
  5. Now access the Apk file you downloaded from the ZArchiver app.
  6. Tap that file and give it as Extract Here.
  7. Now the extracted file will open inside a folder.
  8. Now you can see an OBB file in it.
  9. Move the OBB file to this path.
  10. Storage>Emulated>0>Android>OBB
  11. Now copy the files here.
  12. Now everything is complete. Therefore, launch the Apk file of the App.

In this way, you can easily download and install any Android game or app. This is a very easy method, so try using APK and OBB files and use games and apps.

Especially if you are more interested in playing Android games, you can get a good gaming experience by installing Apk files in this way.

But remember that the size of these files is quite large, so you need to have significant memory space on your device to download and install them.

Final Conclusion

You can get Apk files as Android games and apps if you can download them from reliable websites. As there are OBB files along with such Apk files, you can easily use all the features of the original app.

You can use an app like Zarchiver app to extract zip files. Here, it is mandatory to save the apk and OBB files in the same place in the internal or external memory of the device.