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Piano Tiles 2 is a musical arcade game (Apk) and it is referenced with the piano.

This apk was developed and published by Cheetah Mobile, C J E& M. piano tiles 2 apk was released on December 2015. And this is the second version of the game called Piano Tiles. This game is mostly similar to the game called Magic Tiles. Those have used the same mechanism. This game involves good customization and it consists of new and faster gameplay. The minimum requirements of this game are Microsoft windows seven or above and 4GB and above RAM. If you have these qualifications on your device, you can play this on an online platform.

Game developers of Piano Tiles 2 Apk have focused on improving the ability of the players to play instruments such as piano and organ. Hence if you are willing to play a game, definitely it will require instrumental playing ability from you. At present, this apk has been famous throughout more than 151 countries in the world.

piano tiles 2 apk

Piano Tiles 2 Apk Download for Android

Piano Tiles 2 Apk Download

Google Play Download

Piano Tiles 2 apk is available for Android. Following the below steps you can install it easily.

  1. Download the Apk file from here.
  2. Install it on your Android smartphone in the usual way.
  3. Then open it after you install the game.
  4. Now you can enjoy playing the game.

What is Piano Tiles 2 Apk?

Piano Tiles 2 Apk is an addictive musical video game. Hence, once you play this game, you will never be patient with playing the next game level. This is a very nice and very attractive musical game. The primary objective of this game is to play the provided song correctly by tapping the tiles.

This game is involved with two music categories such as classical music and folk music. But the specialty of this piano tiles 2 is you have not been given multiple gaming modes like another video game. There exists only one game mode to play. However, you can see there are many more levels to play but all of those will not be easier to play. If you are a good piano player and also if you have enough knowledge about musical notes, completing the task will not be that much hard for you. Probably this apk will help the player to improve his musical skills whether the game is an online one.

piano tiles 2

More about the game

Under the folk music category, there are festive songs and seasonal folk songs. Many modern hit songs can be found when you are playing this game. For an instance, you will find simple classical songs such as “Jingle Bells” and “Little Star”, while you find “Faded” and “Despacito” which are sung by Luis Fonsi, and “Alone” which is sung by Alan Walker.  If you are going to play this Piano Tiles 2 apk, you will be challenged in various ways with global competitions and new music. Every tile consists of a music composition related to the music note. Hence if you have good music knowledge you can play this game as a talented pianist.

This piano tiles 2 is a really fun music video game because you can play while feeling the music of songs and also you can hear even very famous and popular music and tunes.

How To Play Piano Tiles 2 Apk?

In the gameplay of the piano tiles 2 apk, you can see the board which consists of black and white tiles. Those are sliding down on your screen. So, if you are the player, you have to press those. But if you miss a tile, you will lose the game. you have to play this game without making any errors. Then you can complete the task and you can proceed to your next level if you could able to get a minimum of two stars. But always you will not find the same music or a tune to play.

There is various music collection hence you should have the sufficient musical knowledge to play this game. if you can complete the task correctly, you will be rewarded up to three stars. But there is a special mark for you. That is, you can proceed to your next level not only completing the task but also purchasing it.


  • This game consists of an attractive speed that is increasing constantly.
  • There are three stars to be achieved in each of the songs.
  • This apk has a very simple and easy controlling system.
  • Piano Tiles 2 Apk has attractive music including modern hits too.

Piano Tiles 2 Download for iOS

  1. Open the Appstore on your iPhone
  2. Then look for the game by typing the name of it
  3. After that select the game and Click get
  4. Then go through the installation.
  5. Finally, open the game.

Piano Tiles 2 Download for PC

Android emulator method is the way to install this game to your PC. Use an app like Bluestacks and install the game Apk to it. Then enjoy playing.

Safety and Legality

When the player agreed to the privacy policy, he should have to fill in the private data such as name, gender, and email address but those may not be shared with the third party and still, this game is safe. Also, this Piano Tiles 2 Apk game is built with some types of security features such as keeping the game private using the settings.


Q: Is this game addictive?

A: Yes. Because this is a musical game and the player can enjoy and relax his mind while playing the game. hence this Piano Tiles 2 apk is very addictive.

Q: Is Piano Tiles 2 an education apk?

A: Yes, on the other hand, it can be recognized as an educational game. Because it directly requires the playing of the music notes correctly and if the player can do the provided task without any error he can proceed to the next level. If not, he has to pay money for it.

Q: Is there an age limitation to playing the game?

A: No. This is a very attractive game without any harm. Therefore, you can permit your child to play this video game whether he is in his five years of his age.

Q:  What are the new improvements of the game?

A: In here, now you can enjoy the game with global competition, new music, and new sharing options with a higher speed the game.

Final Words

To make a summary, you can see this Piano Tiles 2 apk is a very attractive and addictive game. You can play this game while enjoying your leisure time by grabbing new knowledge about playing piano. So, if you are a video game lover and a music lover, definitely this will be your best chance to get an excellent experience from doing your expectations.