Best Upcoming Android Games 2023

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With the development of technology, video games took a tremendous evolution. From PlayStation to Virtual Reality glasses, gamers have so many options. From the year 2021, avid gamers are having plenty of options on the Android platform. 2023, with the plethora of exciting titles and new releases, has greeted gamers with pleasure and enthusiasm. 

With so many updates and development of games each day, everyone has their share of joy; from action, and thriller to racing and strategy. As numerous games are on the release list, we will help you to keep your eye on the best Android games that need your attention.

Honkai: Star Rail

honkai star rail

From the developers, of the victorious game Mihoyo, the Honkai series has established its identity. The upcoming title – Honkai: Star Rail, is the fourth game of the Honkai series, which is set to release in 2023. 

Honkai: Star Rail, uses the same graphical style and personas as its predecessors, but this entry will use the Role-Play Game (RPG) strategy. Players will be able to explore the dungeons and the open world, with a team of four players. 

The game appears to be astounding but the release dates are not known yet. But hope they release soon to explore the VR world of Honkai.

Total War: Warhammer

total war warhammer

Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games were always been better on the big screen, but weak on mobile apps. But the Total War franchise has developed its upcoming series – Warhammer, to work better on mobile phones just like their PC release. Like all the previous releases, this game too is based on the universe of Warhammer, therefore, we expect to see elves, dwarves, Skaven, and more. 

Although the universe matches the same as its predecessors’ universe, Creative Assembly is not working on the current entry. The experts of mobile games developer –  NetEase, are designing and developing this new game. Therefore, we can expect the universe to better optimize on mobiles. And we can expect it to include disputable components like energy and premium coins.

As the game is still in the developing process, we do not know much about it: but expect to hear more updates in near future.

Plants vs Zombies 3

plants vs zombies 3

Not many games are mobile-friendly or have mobile applications. Therefore, developers are developing more mobile-friendly games, with features that support mobile users, for the players who wish to play on mobile phones. Such one series will release its next gameplay with mobile-friendly features that players will be able to play in portrait modes and with one hand. 

Plant vs zombie is a popular series among gamers which is an action game. The goal is to kill big evil zombies with a troop of plants that has their strength and weakness. Version 3 of the series will fully have 3D models while maintaining the same old aesthetics. 

Plant vs zombie 3 was released at the latter part of 2020, but the next year, it was removed from the Play Store. Though it had many testing in 2022, the release date is not confirmed yet. Though we can hope for its release in 2023. 



In 2020, Valorant was released for PCs and was a hit. On the first-year celebration, the company declared the development of the mobile application for the game. As the developers of the game Valorant, Riot will be giving in some tweaks for the mobile application as it will require it to look more mobile-adaptive. We can expect a better mobile version as they had already given in their previous game Wild Rift. But there will not be a cross-play between the PC and the mobile application. However, there are rumors that it has a chance of progressing into the cross-play mode, which will excite PC players.

Even though Riot did not give a date on when the title will be launching, we can expect it to release in 2023.

Star Wars: Hunters

star wars hunters

Fans of Star Wars can expect a new release in 2023, Star Wars: Hunters. The theme of the game is planned after the Galactic Empire’s fall, with new personas from hunters to soldiers and rebel heroes. 

Gameplay is set to be in one of the iconic locations from the universe of Star Wars. It’s based on real-time team arena combat. This game will also be available on Nintendo Switch and iOS. Though cross-play will delight all the players, we have no news of it as of now. 

Clash Mini & Heroes

clash mini & heroes

Even the non-gamers know Supercell’s Clash series – Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, which are popular among mobile games. The fans and gamers will be delighted with the two upcoming games of Supercell’s Clash series – Clash Heroes and Clash Mini. 

We know Supercell games are polish and hope for standard and incredible features. The third entry of the series of Clash – Clash Quest, was taken out in 2022 due to the mocks for its low standard that did not match the company’s level. Therefore, we can expect the upcoming series to be better and be up to the standards of the company. 

Two different teams work separately in designing and developing both games, within the company. Though both the games are from the Clash universe, the genres of both games are different. Clash Mini, as the name, will be a board game like Teamfight Tactics and Auto Chess. On the other hand, Clash Heroes will be a team play action Role Play Game (RPG). We can expect both games to include all the characters and graphic flares of its predecessor.

Clash Mini was released in early 2023; in selected countries, while Clash Heroes is in the early stage of development. Supercell did not provide any dates for the game’s extensive release officially. Still, we can expect Supercell to release two incredible games that are up to their standard.


battlefield mobile

All gamers know that the Battlefield series is the pillar of the AAA game world. That is to say, the game has a high profile and high budget, and is produced and distributed by large, well-known publishers. But, it is the first time, it is released for Android. Due to the company being busy on marketing the new series – Battlefield 2042, we have scarce information on the development process of the mobile application. But we hope, that the release will be soon and that mobile gamers will be able to get into action pretty soon. 

Gameplay mostly will be familiar to the gamers; with the wide range of weapons, devices, tanks, and other automobiles. Gamers have to fight the opponent team, to kill or complete the tasks. The four available classes will have their advantages and disadvantages; Medic, Assault, Recon, and Support. 

Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy

grand theft auto the trilogy

Many GTA games are already accessible to mobile gamers. This new title will include the improved versions of the GTA III, San Andreas, and Voce City. RockStar Games is designing this new title by improving graphics, AI, and more.

This improved version is out on PC and Consoles in 2021. While the company said, iOS and Android versions will be out by early 2022, the date was rescheduled to the 2022 fiscal year, that end by March 2023. Therefore, we can expect a release by the end of the month. 

As Rockstar received much criticism on the release of the title on PC and consoles, they pledged to enhance and crease out through updates. 

Warcraft Arclight Rumble

warcraft arclight rumble

Warcraft Arclight Rumble is the upcoming mobile version of the series, Warcraft. It will include the series’ characters in the gameplay. 

With the extensive player vs environment campaign, the team play, and online play, the game will surely interest Warcraft fans. Gameplay will have 5 factions with their abilities and disabilities; Undead,?Alliance, Beast, Blackrock,  and Horde. 

The gaming company, Blizzard, did not provide us with the release date, but we hope for its release in near future. 

Pokémon Sleep

pokémon sleep

We are always on the lookout for Pokémon titles. Since the announcement of the Pokémon Sleep title in 2019, only little updates. 

This unusual title will match the usual gameplay; instead of active exploring, this game’s design is to make “sleeping an entertainment” to track your sleeping pattern. 

Though we can’t clearly say how this is going to work, it is unique, just like their Pokémon Go, which turned out to be successful in making walking an entertainment. The chances of the game canceling or releasing in near future are fifty-fifty. 

The gaming industry has become popular among all groups of people and there is plenty of released games each year. We never know what games and the designers top up the list and attain popularity among gamers by the end of the year.

Many developers are not popular but will be releasing their titles in the year 2023. Most such games have Android versions that are available on mobiles too.