Boxer Dog Breed – Information and Characteristics


The boxer breed type is a famous dog breed type. Boxer breed type originates from Germany. The boxer has mainly two types. Those are, 

  • Medium-sized 
  • Large-sized


They are different in size, color, and shape too. Other than the boxer there are some other names for them. Those other names are, 

  • German Boxer 
  • Deutscher Boxer 

As far as the boxer dog breed type is a member of the working dogs. Now you know the basic description of the Boxers. Do you know the physical features of the boxer dog breed? Then we see.

Physical Information

  • The weight of a male dog is 29kg – 34kg
  • Weight of a female dog is about 25 kg – 32 kg
  • Height of a male dog is about 56cm – 64cm
  • Height of a female dog is about 53cm – 61cm
  • The coat of the dog is special. That is short fur and smoothy.
  • The boxer dog breed has a lifespan of a 9-15 years 

If you have a dog in the boxer dog breed the above details are more important for you.

Other than the above details there are more behaviors and the uses of the above dog breed. But before that, we will pay attention to the health of your dog.

boxer dog

Health Issues of The Boxer Breed 

  • They can commonly arise the cancers 
  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Allergies may take place 
  • About 22% of newborn puppies cause death. That is because of the stillbirth. 
  • Hypotensive effects may be occur 

That is about the health condition of the above breed. Also, they are known as an athlete dog breed. Therefore the fitness of their body has to be maintained. For that, the regular exercises are the thing that is needed.

They have perfect skills in athletic activities. So the exercises are required. But too much exercise can harm the body parts. After they grow they will show their actual performance. 

Then we will see the special features of the Boxers. 

  • As far as the Boxers are known as the popular breed among the world at the seventh place 
  • They have black and white patches in their body 
  • The head of the dog shows a high weight to their body.
  • The lower jaw of the boxer breed is placed in the back than the upper jaw of them. 
  • They have very short hair 
  • You couldn’t find the black dogs in this breed. Especially the purebred ones

So now you know more physical features of them too. Next, what will you have to see? It is the Temperament of the dog type.

boxer temperament


  • Playful dog type 
  • They are very intelligent 
  • Can use as protective dogs 
  • They make bonds with children quickly 
  • have some spectacular behaviors like digging and licking 
  • They can be trained to commands 
  • Can use as a guardian 
  • They may be friendly with the small puppies of their breed easily. But it is difficult to form bonds with the large dogs 
  • They have much patience 
  • The above boxer breed type can adopt as family dogs

So finally we can arrive at the last conclusion. That is the above breed type is friendly. They have a lot of suspicions. So that they could use as guardians. As well as that they can use as police dogs. Like that there are many uses of them. You have to be careful with that type of dog. Then protect them well.

What Causes Dog Bone Cancer and Treatments for It

dog bone cancer

There are many diseases that take place inside the body of the dogs. Bone cancers are the kind of disease that will occur with dogs. That condition has a specific name. That is osteosarcoma. It occurs due to the abnormality or the improper growth of the cells inside the body of the dog. That is the starting point of a born cancer. That means a single cell can be the small point of starting that big disease. Usually, it is started from the bones of the legs.

dog bone cancer

Then after that, the disease can spread all over the body of your dog. After it can affect the lungs. Also then after it will badly affect the respiratory system of the dog’s body. If you have a dog certainly you have to know all the details related to bone cancers. 

How can you identify if there is any bone Cancer for your dog? Shall we see what are the symptoms? 

Symptoms of a Bone Cancer 

  • Limping 
  • Lameness 
  • Signs of pain. So that can be severe sometimes. 
  • Weakness 
  • Lethargy 
  • Swelling can occur 
  • You can be seen swollen Jaws 
  • The eating may be difficult 
  • The loss of appetite 
  • There are signs of pain when the opening mouth 
  • Discharging of the nasal
  • Distress of respiratory

dog bone cancer symptoms

Those symptoms may arise in the initial stage of the disease. If you have seen the above features in your dog please contact a veterinary surgeon immediately. 

Now you know about cancer, and from where it started and the symptoms of the disease. Then we will see what can occur because of bone cancer. 

Causes of Bone Cancer 

  • Most of the times the males got affected by the bone cancers 
  • And there are some dog breeds have the risk to get bone cancers often 
  • Also, the dogs that got broken legs can get the cancers of that bone 
  • And the dog breeds that have bone disorders can get affected with bone cancer 

If you have found the symptoms of them the treatments can be done with the correct time. Now the technology and medical technology developed so much. But the treatment has to be done at the correct time. 

Treatments for Bone Cancer 

  • The treatments are different according to the affected for the which bone 
  • Amputation is the normal treatment for the cancers 
  • Fortunately, the dogs can still alive after the above treatments 
  • Now there is another method to remove the specific parts of cancer. The veterinarians know that correctly. 
  • Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are some other methods to follow for the removal of the cancers. 
  • If the possible treatments won’t provide at the correct time it can spread over the body. 
  • There are some other methods to stop the pain that occurs because of the cancers. 
  • You can give your dog anti-inflammatory drugs to overcome for the pain. 
  • The painkillers can use as an alternative for the treatment of cancers.

dog bone cancer treatments

So the above details are about the treatments that could be provided for the treatment for the cancers. Then we will see, 

The Prognosis for the Bone Cancer

  1. Prognosis depends on many factors. 
  2. You have to treat it before it moves to the lungs of the body. 
  3. The veterinarians will tell you the correct methods for the treatments 
  4. If the removal of the affected bone is not suitable the Prognosis even couldn’t be done 

From here I have told you all the necessary details that you want. You can do treatments. But other than it most of the dog owners will select Euthanasia instead of the treatments. You have all the permissions to do a thing as you wish.

French BullDog Dog Breed Information and Characteristics

french bulldog

French Bulldog breed is a well known domestic dog breed. That is the result of a mixture of a dog breed from England and raters from France. Other than the French Bulldog they are commonly known as bouledogue francais. Other than that they are known as Frenchies. The above Bulldog dog breeds have originated from France. They have a life expansion of 11 years to 13 years. Once the above dog type became the most popular dog type in the United Kingdom. Not only the UK but also there are some more countries in the world that French bulldogs became famous including Australia.

french bulldog

So they are a famous breed worldwide. Then I thought it is better if we pay attention to the health condition of the above dog breed. Because it will be easy for you if you have such a dog.

Health Conditions

  • As I told above their life span extended up to 11 years – 13 years. Sometimes the time can increase or decrease.
  • But the recent records have discovered at least only one disease has infected the dogs that they seem recently died. So what are those diseases?
  • Ear infections
  • Diarrhea
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Skin diseases. This is the most common disease type that can be seen.
  • Allergies might take place

french bulldog information

There may not be any diseases except the above. The following is not a health problem. But that is a unique problem to the above French bulldogs. It is,

Temperament Regulation Problems

That occurs because of the skin or else coat of the dog. Their coat is a single coat. Usually, the coat has a combination of the respiratory system of them. Because of that, there may be a problem while the regulation of the temperature of the body with the outer environment. 

If the surrounding environment is so cold they would get easily cold of their body. So what is needed to provide them? I think they need regular affection. Like the brushing of the dogs and the cleaning of their ears such as.

You know some of these dogs are living indoors. Such types of dogs can get more help from the air conditions inside the house. If they have air conditioning the dogs can easily maintain the body temperature. 

So that is the most common problem that each Bulldog has to face. Only the French ones. 

Those all above are related to the health problems of the French bulldogs. Except for that, there is another thing that we have to pay attention to. That is the, 

The Temperament of The Dogs 

  • This breed is even familiar to humans. Therefore they can use as a family dog breed even. 
  • If they live in a house surely they will face for the anxiety of the separation 
  • Other than their official name they are called as the frog dog or even as a clown dog 
  • Those are not Barking usually. 
  • Those are an affectionate dog breed 
  • They have more patience 
  • The training can provide to such dogs. 
  • Those are an intelligent dog breed we can find

So from the above, we could understand that the French bulldogs are such a nice and friendly dog breed. The affection from the person requires without any classification of their breed. Now we will see some more about the above dog type.

french bulldog characteristics

Some More About 

  • They require the brushing of their coat frequently. Because they have such a thin and smooth coat 
  • There are more wrinkles on their faces. 
  • They need a bath 
  • They can’t swim. That is because of the body of them. Therefore playing on the water is not suitable. 

That is all about the French bulldogs. If you have such a dog the above will be really useful.

8 Common Dog Training Mistakes Done By The Owner

dog training

Think that you get a new little friend for your family. That is a dog. Then we would like to make some more tricks to practice it. Surely it would be a challenge. I have to say actually it is not an easy task. You have to be patient while practicing such things. Sometimes there may be some mistakes that can occur by you. So read this article before you start training your dog. As I said above you need guidance for that. Because it is not an easy task.

dog training

In the following, you can observe the most common mistakes that can happen. 

  • Learn to appreciate your dog while not to punish them 
  • Don’t train them for a long time 
  • Don’t stay at only one place while training 
  • Don’t use too much of clicking 
  • Don’t make too much of treats 
  • Identify their own training method 
  • Don’t repeat the same commands 
  • Not practicing 

In the above, I told you the things that you should not do. Then we will know how those can be corrected or not to do. 

Learn to Appreciate Your Dog While Not to Punish Them

appreciate your dog

The learning method can vary. Some of the trainers trained them by offering them rewards. But some of them punish the dogs in order to practice. Those are the positive and negative ways of training. I think it is better if you headed on in a positive way. Try to make him happy after it performs such an activity. Always no need for toys or food. If you punish it, then it also started acting in a rough way.

Don’t Train Them for a Long Time

tired dog

Don’t allocate time for training for a long time. Then the dog will be bored. As well as that you will get bored. The dog won’t like to train on another day too. Also after practicing keep some time to play with him. So really it will be a fun day for your dog. That will make your and your dog’s companionship stronger.

Don’t Stay at Only One Place While Training

outdoor dog training

Think that you are using the inside of the house as your training place. What would happen? He practiced staying as the commands inside the house only. When it goes outdoors the behavior will change. And he didn’t practice how to behave outdoors. So select various places to practice him.

Don’t Use Too Much of Clicking

dog clicker training

Clicker training is a method of training dogs. It is better if the clicker is rewarded. But don’t stop the rewarding while the clicker works. But wherever don’t make too much clicking. Because the dog can’t identify what it actually meant. They can’t understand what is the behavior that could get rewarded.

Don’t Make Too Much of Treats

dog treats

Your treats may be a food or a toy. If the puppy likes food very much that is a suitable thing to do. But don’t give such things always. Try to make him happy by rubbing him and playing with him. If you have practiced him to give such materials they will only react to the commands by checking after your hands. If there is no anything in your hands, they won’t obey you.

Identify Their Own Training Method

All dogs are not in the same behavior. They have unique behavior while doing something. If they don’t reach for one method you have to try for another method. Think that they want to play after going out. Then keep them playing. Then within the playing period try to educate them on a new trick. Like that you have to be patient.

Don’t Repeat The Same Commands

dog training commands

Dogs are a type of animal that gets easily bored. If you say some command sometimes they won’t react to that thing. In such a case don’t say the same commands. Shift for another one. Because if you repeat the same command they practiced to do that only after you repeated it.

Not Practicing

dog sleep

Think of your dog has learned a command from a single time. Now it can perform all the things. The dog achieved all these things. Then after that, you leave practicing just after that. But that is not an accurate way. The dog will forget those within a short period of time. Therefore not only is learning sufficient but practicing is required. 

Those are the ways that you should pay your attention. And make sure not to create such mistakes while training.

Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information and Characterisitics

golden retriever

You know that there are various breeds of dogs you can find throughout the world. The Golden Retriever is a type of breed you could find. As the other dog breeds, there are unique features and similar features. If your dog even is a Golden Retriever, the following will be more useful for you. Shall we see those?

golden retriever

There are two sizes of these dogs. They are in the medium-sized as well as in the large-sized dogs. Also, these are known as gun dogs. Their name even has its own significance. Because of the term Retriever. From that name their ability signifies. They have the ability to retrieve. That is during the shot game. There will be no damage. Why is that? Because they have a soft mouth. 

Except for the above, there are many important qualities of the Golden Retrievers. We will see some of those important features of the Golden Retrievers. 

  • They are loving water very much 
  • It can be easily trained. The train can be simple or advanced both 
  • Have various Obedience standards 
  • They have a longer coat and an inner coat 
  • There are uses of both coats. Inner coats help them to be warm at certain temperatures. Also, the outer coat is resistive to the water. 
  • They are suited to the residences in the environments of the countries 
  • They need a regular Grooming 
  • The origin of the countries is the United Kingdom and Scotland. 
  • This is a third popular family dog breed 

These are the most popular characteristics of the Golden Retrievers. Do you know their physical characteristics? I mean the height, weight, and others. So I’ll tell you about the male and the female of the dogs.

golden retriever characteristics

Physical Features of Golden Retriever Dog Breed

  • The weight of a male dog is about 29kg-34kg
  • The weight of a female dog is about 25kg-29kg
  • The height of a male dog is about 56cm – 61cm
  • The height of a female dog is about 51cm – 56cm
  • The coat is straight. Also, the coat is wavy
  • You can see these types of dogs are in golden color. Or else they are in the cream color. 
  • They have a lifetime of years between 10 years – 12 years. 

The Golden Retrievers are a very useful dog breed. Why am I saying that? So see the follows.

Uses of The Golden Retrievers 

  • Can use as a guide dog 
  • Helping people with disabilities 
  • Can be used as a hunting dogs 
  • You can use dog breed as a searching, detective and the rescuing type of dogs 
  • They are a Playful dog breed 
  • Kind and confident dog breed 
  • Trusting dog 
  • They are most of the times in the nervous conditions
  • The active type of animals 
  • They are mobility assistive dogs 

golden retriever uses

The next important factor that you have to consider is the, 


  • They can have genetic disorders 
  • Also, hip diseases are another type of diseases 
  • Obesity can cause even. Because they love to eat more. 
  • They should have to be given three or five cups of foods 
  • Cancers can occur 
  • Heart diseases
  • Skin diseases 
  • Types of allergies 
  • Haemophilia

 Those are the details that you want to know about the golden Retrievers.

Actions That Can Take For Neighbors’s Dog Barking Problem

barking dog

This is a usual incident in the surrounding area of your house. If you step from the front of the house the dog will start to bark from the nearest house. That incident will be a mess if that becomes a habit. So you have to do something. If you are friendly with the people there that won’t be a difficult activity. But I think you don’t know who the people live in that house. Then how you will be familiar with the people. That responsibility in your hand. Then we will see what can be done to make the dog friendly for you.

barking dogBut ding forgets the qualities of your dog. Usually, dogs are a very kind type of animal. They are very loyal and Obedient. Their Barking may occur at various times. Sometimes they bark for a familiar person. And also they are barking at unfamiliar people too. The owner of it has the capability to identify the behavior of it. 

To be friends with that dog follow the steps mentioned below. 

Talk to Your Neighbor

First of all, you have to be friends with your neighbor. Also, that should be a nice talking point. If you are arguing with him or always do hard talking you surely can’t be friends with your neighbor’s dog. Try for this initially. If you resolve this positively you are the only person that is advantaged by this. The talking must not be rude as well as that it must be face to face even. From that, the dog will get a sign of friendship.

neighbors dog

This is not the single way that you can’t get rid of Barking. Also,

Buy a Dog Whistle 

You can buy a dog whistle anywhere. It is at the price of $5 to $15. When the dog is Barking you can blow the above whistle. For that, you have to keep the whistle at a place where you can take it easy. This is not very practical. So you can take a device that emits ultrasonic sounds. It works automatically. When the dog is Barking this device will emit a sound that is similar to the Barking automatically. I also think that the above will be a perfect solution for the baking of your neighborhood dog.

dog whistle

  Other than the above two there is another solution left for us. That is,

Complain of the Noise 

If the above two methods don’t work you can shift for this one. You can complain about this problem with various authorities. You can file it in the police station, animal control, or with the association of the homeowners. That means the dogs are violating the peace. Also if it barks at night time or any other certain hour it will be a terrible problem. So that you can move for the legal action.

Initially, the responsible people of that community will advise and give warnings to the dog owner. But if that continues the dog owner has to go to the court. 

I think it is better if you have tried the first two ways. If you can’t find a better solution you can move on with the next one.

Bulldog Dog Breed Information and Characteristics


As the other dog breeds, the Bulldog is even a famous dog breed in the world. If you have such a dog the following details will be helpful. So the Bulldog breed is a specular dog breed in the world. The Bulldog is not only the name for this breed. The other names are the English Bulldog and the British Bulldog. This above breed has not many sizes of them. There are only medium-sized ones. They can be identified very quickly with their physical features. Now we will see what are those specific features of the bulldogs.


  • It is a dog with muscles 
  • Also hefty dog breed 
  • Has a wrinkled face 
  • Distinctive pushed by the nose 

Royal Bulldogs

They are dogs from England. Then we will see the physical features of the Bulldog type. We will see those respective as the male and the female. We will see them now. 

  • The weight of a male dog is 23kg – 25kg
  • The weight of a female dog is 18kg – 23kg 
  • The height of the male or female ranges from the 30cm – 61cm
  • The coat of the Bulldog is in various natures. Smooth, short, and straight are some of them. 
  • There are not many colors of that breed type. They are in red, yellow, brindle and solid white are some of them.
  • Their lifetime ranges from 8 years to 12 years old.

royal bulldog

Like the other dog breeds, some factors are unique to the above dog breed. Shall we see those qualities of them? 

  • Kind dog breed
  • Equable
  • They are very Courageous even 
  • That dog breed is a very aggressive dog type 
  • The friendly dog breed 
  • Sometimes it has stubborn nature 
  • These dogs are making strong connections with the children 

Those are the strongest qualities of a dog that you could find. Other than the above you have to pay your attention to the health conditions of a Bulldog. Then we will see the health of the Bulldog. 

The Health of The Bulldog 

  • Most of the deaths of Bulldog caused by cardiac-related diseases 
  • Also, the cancers are another disease caused by bulldogs 
  • Hip dysplasia is another disease
  • Patellar luxation
  • The respiratory problems may be occurring 
  • Allergies can take place 
  • Hip issues may be occur 
  • Overweight 
  • Heart and lung diseases may be occurring

bulldog health

Those are the major issues that would take place in the body of the Bulldog. There may be more solutions to the above problems. 

  • The Bulldog required exercises necessarily 
  • As well as giving a balanced diet may be useful for you 

If you have a pet in the Bulldog breed, be careful while caring for them. Usually, they consist of a short tail. That is the natural appearance of them. Also, these are acting as guards. In the above, I told you they have a great ability to be companions with the children and the other people. If they make stronger bonds they are acting as guards for them. As for their service you have to look after them too.

6 Exercises For Dogs Which You Can Do In Outdoor

dog exercises

The affection, love, and the foods are not sufficient factors for the wellbeing of your puppy. I mean there are more factors necessary for the growth of your dog. The most important one is exercising. Today we are here to tell you about six exercises you can do for the dogs. Keep in mind they are especially outdoor activities. If you can be trained then to perform that activity your work will be easy. Then we will see what are the exercises that we can practice very easily for your dog. Shall we?

dog exercises

  These are, 

  1. Short walks 
  2. Swimming 
  3. Soft fetch 
  4. Easy obstacles 
  5. Practicing commands 
  6. Learning of the new tricks 

So these above are the exercises that you can practice for your dog. Although the dog will prefer much for outdoor activities. 

Short Walks

dog walks

Walking is a good exercise for the dogs as well as humans. You don’t want to change this activity even if the dog gets older. Although the short walks maintain the mental, physical and spiritual health of your dog. While walking your dog will be able to see new things also the environment in the surroundings too plus it increases the Brain health of your dog. 


dog swim

Most of the dogs are specially used for swimming activities. Also, it is a fun activity for most of them. There won’t be any tiredness for Dogs. Because they can use their legs and bones without any stress. But also you have to support your dog. For that, you even have to go inside the pool that you two are in. 

Soft Fetch

dog soft fetch

You can use a soft toy for this activity. Sometimes your dog may not be able to perform its activities like in his younger age. So you have to use a soft toy. You can find some toys benefitted for the dental health of your dog. This will be a really enjoyable as well as a better activity for your dog. 

Easy Obstacles

dog obstacles

Always easy activities have to be done with your dog because now he is a senior dog. You will find some obstacles naturally too. You can make your dog circling around a tree in the home garden. The toys for kids even may be proper obstacles for your dogs. Also, you have to let them win most of the time. From those activities, the dogs may be more Courageous. 

Practicing of Commands

dog commands

The dogs are a kind of animal that you can easily practice for your dogs. You can make them according to simple commands such as one word of them. Go, come, run like that. But the practice has to be done in an open place. If the weather conditions are good you can do it. 

Learning of New Tricks

dog tricks

If they haven’t learned some tricks you can learn new tricks. The dog had to practice learning before that is not a difficult task. The most simple trick is finding a toy or other material. 

So these above are the six types of exercises that you can do with your middle-aged dog or elderly dog. I think you have to try those items with your dog. 

Beagle Dog Breed Information and Characteristics


Beagle is a well-known dog breed you could observe. The beagle dog breed shows similarity towards the foxhounds. The major task of the beagles is hunting. That is because of their special tasks. Other than hunting there are several events that beagles can be used. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Used as detective dogs 
  • Using for agricultural effects
  • For the major tracking events 

As I said above, all works are done because of their superior capabilities. They have good Temperament. Also, they are very intelligent too.


Other than the beagle they are known as the English beagle. Then Why is that name for them? Because they have originated from a great country like England. Now we know the basic details of them. I think it is better if we see their physical features. I mean the height, weight, and other things. 

Physical Characteristics of the Beagle

  • The weight of a male dog is about 10kg-11kg
  • The weight of a female dog is about 9.1lg-10.4kg
  • The height of a male dog is about 33cm – 41cm
  • The height of a female dog is about 33cm-41cm
  • Their life expectancy will range from 12 years – 15 years 
  • The coats of beagles are short. 
  • The most prominent colors of them are white, black, or tan color. Or else there are tricolor dogs present. 

Those are all features you can observe. And you want to know. Also, beagles are known as a breed that has a lack of inherited diseases. Is that true? However, we will see the health condition of them. Then only we can understand about health.

beagle puppy

Health Conditions of Beagles

  • The life span will be limited to 12 – 15 years. 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Beagles are a chondrodystrophic breed. Because of that, they are prone to some types of diseases 
  • Glaucoma can take place with the beagles 
  • Also, they may be attacked with the parasites called tapeworms and the mites 
  • They have a recurring incident. It is natural. Actually no harm in that. That is called reverse sneezing. That is the drawing of air. 

So their health is very good. No need to worry. But paying attention is required. Then we see the Temperament of the beagles. 


  • They are not aggressive 
  • Even they are not timid 
  • They would like to enjoy with much crowd 
  • They are making easy friendships with others. Also with strangers. Because of that beagles cannot be used as guard dogs. 
  • They are an intelligent dog breed 
  • Those are not very Obedient 
  • Also, they are very alerted dog type 
  • They may be bored with a single activity 
  • Beagles can be used as a family dog. Because they are working well with the small children

beagle with kids

The above features are the most advantageous to more people. Because of that nowadays the beagles are playing some important roles in society. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Using as sniffer dogs 
  • Detective of drugs and other harmful objects 
  • Used for the pet therapy
  • Can be used as rescue dogs 

Comment down your thought about the beagle in the comment section below. Stay home, stay safe.

6 Tips That Helps You With House Training Your Puppy

puppy house training

This is very applicable to the puppies that you brought them recently to your home. Because the trading of them required such puppies. First of all, you have to make yourself familiar with the all-around of your home. Then the surrounding. Chewing is the most common behavior of them. So you have to give a small house training to avoid such things. In the following, you would get some things that are useful for you while such training. Shall we pay our attention to them?

puppy house training

  1. Giving confinement training 
  2. After confinement, training takes them out for playing and walking 
  3. Rewarding them for their work 
  4. Don’t yell at them 
  5. Using turf for the puppies 
  6. Putting the puppy to sleep at a scheduled time.

So then we will keep up the above details on how we can perform such things with the dog. Shall we?

Giving Confinement Training

puppy in kennel

This is not a suitable training but that will be useful. You can limit the area for the dog. You can put it into a dog kennel for that. Then they will understand that situation because of its own mistake. 

They can’t live in such a little place. Also, that place is considered a safe place. If you are not at home you can keep it there. Because there may be poisonous agents in the house. From that trick, they will not let go of such agents. 

Also, they can use such a place if they want to be alone. For napping even it will be the best place.

After Confinement, Training Takes Them Out For Playing and Walking

walking with puppy

In such a place they feel like a barrier. So walking and roaming outside make them. That will be a relief for your dog. So let them run, play outside. At that time you could take the time to practice them for small commands and behaviors. 

Then after finishing playing you can return to your home. Then, if you can keep all attention you can keep it inside the home. Or else if you have some other work you can keep it inside that place.

Rewarding Them for Their Work

rewarding puppy

Dogs prefer rewarding very much. You can reward them as much as you want when you get outside with him. You can praise it. Surely dogs will like such things in more incidents. It is better if you praise them when he has done great work for you. Or else if the dog had done a good job. Then the dog will be able to understand that he has done a good job for you.

Don’t Yell At Them

yell at puppy

Don’t yell at them for their works. That makes the puppy more aggressive. Sometimes you may think that the puppy doesn’t repeat the bad action. But the truth is they do many more bad things than ever. 

Other than being aggressive they will hide to avoid the above punishment. 

Using Turf for the Puppies

puppy in turf

If you can make your puppy trained for pee pads it is good. Now you could find such pee pads made out using the turf. That is a good solution during the cold seasons. You can’t bring him out for such things because of such a temperature. Not only in cold seasons, but you are capable of using it inside the house without taking it outside.

Putting the Puppy to Sleep At a Scheduled Time

puppy sleep

The schedule is also an appropriate thing to make use of. You can schedule the puppies to their mealtime, sleeping time and the playing time. From that, you can easily manage your time with the dog and your work even.

I think if you paid your attention to the above facts, it is very good and really useful.