Game for Peace Apk v1.21.18 Free Download | (1.93GB)

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Game for Peace is an action game (Apk) and also a battle royale shooting game with 100 real players.

I assume that many of you have heard about PUBG or else about Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Both names are referring to the same games. So this is a widely popular game throughout the world currently. Surely I know that you have played the game at least once. PUBG is an online action and multiplayer game that anyone could play.

The android version of this PUBG is going by the name of the peace game. But the previous name of it is PUBG’s exhilarating battlefield. Apart from this version, there is another version of PUBG and it is called PUBG army attack. When you are going to download these games. Because we can’t download this game for peace Apk or PUBG army attack by the google play store if you are outside of china. If you are a Chinese citizen you could get this peace game downloaded very easily. The reason is that both games are designed for the Chinese market.

game for peace apk

Game for Peace Apk Download for Android

Game for Peace Apk Download

Google Play Download

The peace game is supportive of android devices but there are some regional restrictions over this game for peace apk. so you could try alternative solutions such as using a VPN connection. The peace game is included in the action and adventurous gaming category. The size of the game is about 1.9GB. to install this game, you should have to be with an android device with android version 4.4 or higher. If you are inside the Chinese region you could install the game without any issue. So you can follow this way.

Download by google play store

  • Open the google play store
  • Search for the name, game for peace Apk
  • Start the installation by clicking on the install tab
  • Wait until the installation gets completed
  • Launch the game after installation and start gaming

Download by here

  • Click on the below-given download tab
  • The installation of the game for peace Apk will be started
  • Allow the installs from unknown sources since you are getting the game from third-party applications
  • Then click on the downloaded apk file and start the installation
  • Allow the permissions requested by the game
  • Open the game and start gaming

What is Game For Peace Apk?

The game for peace apk is also known as the less violent PUBG for China. Since this is a multiplayer shooting game, it is always very popular. Bluehole is the developer of PUBG. But in some countries, violent tendencies have become a serious issue. That’s why China has developed PUBG as their way to reduce the violating tendencies according to the compliance laws.

Currently, a huge population from China is using this game for peace apk. but still, the game is not sufficiently profitable. That is due to one main fact. China is having strict regulations over the content. Due to these issues, the developers are unable to generate revenue by monetizing the game. The publisher of the peace game is Tencent. However, Tencent has created a game just very similar to PUBG except for very few differences between PUBG and the peace game. So it is better to call as the Chinese version of PUBG.

All PUBG mechanisms were applied to the game for peace Apk. The objective of this game is to be the final man standing out on the battlefield. So while the gaming enhances the arena is getting smaller and smaller to force players to get closer and fight with each other.

game for peace

More About The App

The PUBG is consistent with graphics and mechanisms. PUBG differs from the peace game only in one aspect. That is the level of violence only. It is not a slight difference but it is a huge difference. But still, the peace game included a lot of shooting but no blood can be observed in the gaming.  When you are playing PUBG, you could observe that when you kill an opponent, that opponent is just dying. But in this game, except for dying, the opponent is waving at you. Plus the opponent will hand over his belongings as a present for you. So this peace game is such a nice and peaceful game for you.

And if you are a person who feels that PUBG is more violent than you expect, you should try this game for peace Apk by yourselves. But note that this is available in the google play store in the Chinese regions. So you should have to try some alternative ways to get this game for peace Apk such as using a VPN connection.


  • The less violating version of the PUBG
  • Specially designed for the Chinese regions
  • The shooting options are available but blood doesn’t contain in the game
  • Lack of violence
  • Can take part in matches up to 100 players at the same time
  • Can take part in the special events
  • Can win many more daily rewards
  • Can access structures and buildings
  • Drive vehicles in the game
  • To enter the battleground, you should have to configure the character and then run into the battleground

The peace game also has both advantages as well as disadvantages like the other game types. The following are some advantages and disadvantages of the game.

Pros and Cons


  • The game is less violent
  • The game has limitations over the age group of the users
  • Well-optimized for the touch screens
  • Much similar to the PUBG


  • The game is experiencing crashes
  • Much a tendency to the lagging while gaming
  • Sometimes the game has some login issues

Game for Peace Download for PC

If you want to install this game on your pc, you just have to make sure that the PC is with windows 7, windows 8, or higher than that. Then follow the given steps below.

  • You are required to have an android emulator. Bluestacks is one of the best emulators that suits this task
  • Open the android emulator
  • Search for the game name “game for peace”
  • Then double-click on the downloaded apk.
  • Choose the android emulator program to install the game
  • After you have done the work. Open up the game on the android emulator.
  • Setup the game by following the necessary instructions

How To Play Game for Peace Apk?

To play the game for peace Apk first of all you should have to create an account. Here you can play the game as a team. While gaming you can communicate with each other too. Also, you can create your character by customizing it. There are outfits that you could change. There are some more weapon types too.  The players can make kills. The last objective of this game is to be the one last one or the one last team standing out in the game. In this way, you can continue gaming efficiently.

Safety And Legality

The game is safe and fewer violent situations are included. This is the less violent version of PUBG. So anyone can play this game even the people who hate to observe violating activities. And be secure when you choose downloading sources too. When considering legality there are some issues because the game is only available in the Chinese regions.


Q: What is the size of the game?

A: It is about 1.9 GB.

Q: Is this similar to PUBG?

A: yes. Almost all features are similar to PUBG. The only violence is reduced in this game.

Final Words

If some people feel PUBG is too violating, this game is the best option for you. Both games are intuitive. So now you could get experience about this amazing less violating game for peace Apk. Happy gaming with peace games.