My Talking Tom Friends Apk v2.5.2.7935 Download (132.2MB)

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My Talking Tom Friends is a game (Apk) to spend your spare time taking care of Tom and his friends.

This is one of the famous games on the Android platforms. It is an advanced game than Talking Tom which is developed as a simulation game for the family and is famous among online pet gamers.

You can interact with all the anthropomorphic pet characters like Tom, Angela, Ginger, Ben, Becca, and Hank. My Talking Tom Friends APK was introduced by Outfit7 Limited as a casual game. It has gained a rating of 4.2 out of 5 and downloaded by over 10 Million game lovers.

The recent update of the game was released on 5th October 2022.

my talking tom friends apk

My Talking Tom Friends APK Download for Android

My Talking Tom Friends APK Download

Google Play Download

The game is developed with a special focus on phones. Therefore, Android 4.4 and above versions are compatible with the My Talking Tom Friends APK.

This game is easy to download from the Google play store. Click on download My Talking Tom Friends APK and wait till it gets downloaded. Then install the app on your phone. It will create a shortcut on the screen.

What is the My Talking Tom Friends APK?

The pets of the My Talking Tom Friends Apk game will be happy if you care for them and feed and help them. Most of the activities are related to real-life situations. To engage with the game daily, you will be sent reminders for daily activities with them. If Tom is starving you may feed him, if Angel is not in a good mood you may have to buy her some clothing and accessories. You can purchase fashionable clothing, footwear, sunglasses, and hairstyles. It is easy to engage with these pets and enjoy an exceptional experience with the game.

You will ultimately enjoy the My Talking Tom Friends game daily and be addicted to playing once in a while. It is an amazing game for you to entertain with less time and effort. Their reaction will bring you fun and joy.

my talking tom friends


  • All the famous characters are available under a single roof.
  • Fascinating graphics.
  • Plenty of clothing items and accessories.
  • Entertain fashionable items.
  • A fascinating interior and exterior design of the house.
  • Creative and fun games.
  • Integrated into social media accounts.
  • You have an opportunity to earn coins by undertaking mini-games.
  • Authentic sound system.
  • No hard and fast system.
  • Different characters, roles, and fashion for different pets. The main character Tom likes to play soccer and music but Angela is interested in solving puzzles and chess. 
  • Attractive 3D visuals for all characters, houses, places, and furniture.  

My Talking Tom Friends Download for PC

The game is compatible with MAC, Apple, and Windows 7 above operational browsers. We suggest you follow a few steps mentioned below to download the My Talking Tom Friends.

  1. Download a good PC emulator.
  2. Start the emulator when you open the google store
  3. Once you search and found My Talking Tom Friends APK, click download.
  4. Let the application download completely.
  5. Then, click on install.
  6. Once you get to download the icon completely, click to start.
  7. You can enjoy the game on a big screen rather than a mobile phone screen.

How to Play My Talking Tom Friends APK?

  • You have to take care of Tom and his friends on daily basis.
  • Enjoy and customize Tom and his friends on daily basis to get toys and coins.
  • You can customize anything related to a specific character.
  • Select the character of My Talking Tom Friends APK just tapping on it. Then you can take her to any part of the house like her house, kitchen, garden and dressing room.
  • The speech bubble above the pet serves as a clue for you to select it.
  • Let them sleep according to their sleeping schedule. 
  • There are some other additional mini-games attached to the original game such as gardening, solving puzzles, finding useful stuff, and unlock new dresses, and refurbishing the whole house.
  • These mini-games are created to make your mind relax. 
  • The game and characters can be customized to your preference. You will be addicted to the game once you feel it promotes a personalized game. 
  • My Talking Tom Friends Apk is connected to Youtube, you can watch videos of different characters to get an idea about them.
  • You have to bring your pet daily to the market.
  • You can also explore the town with your pet.
  • Dress them well and let them perform for popular dramas or songs. 
  • Decorating their homes to meet their expectations while arranging wallpapers, carpets, and furniture is another activity for you to earn coins. 
  • You may dine with your pets at their preferred place. They may have fun and eat a variety of meals in this way.
  • Shopping with them to buy some closing and accessories. 
  • You can also customize outfits, decorating, and furniture for festivals like Halloween. 

Pros and Cons


  • An easy and casual pet-caring game.
  • Fascinated with 3D characters.
  • A family game with no age limits.
  • Beautiful elements like home, garden, and dining room.
  • A range of items to unlock.
  • It is quite hectic to receive daily reminders to play the My Talking Tom Friends Apk game. 
  • The characters will be changed during seasons, festivals, and celebrations.
  • Available with seasonal challenges. 
  • Utilize all of your talents to their fullest potential and begin your numerous upgrades, which is fantastic.
  • You can play offline.
  • A combination of various types of characters.


  • Availability of advertisements in the middle of the My Talking Tom Friends game.
  • Extra functions are available at a cost. 
  • You will be reminded daily to take care of the pets which are sometimes annoying.
  • Sometimes the player has to repeat the activities.
  • Minor improvements with the updated version.
  • Your device will be affected by malware and viruses when downloading the game.
  • The player will not be shown an available money balance at the advanced stages.
  • You will be addicted over time.


Is the My Talking Tom Friends APK available for free?

Indeed. It is available to download from the google play store. However, complete activities are available at a cost.

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

In this game, you will be awarded cash and gifts like bus tickets for you to spend on the characters. You can earn endless money throughout the game. 

Can we play My Talking Tom Friends APK using an Adobe flash player?

No. It is not available to download using Adobe flash player.


My Talking Tom Friends APK is a pet-care simulator, in which the user interacts with Tom the cat and his lifelong closest friends. The characters of the story shift to a new house where they will settle. You have to take care of them daily in your leisure time. Your job at the My Talking Tom Friends APK is to feed them, dress them, and let them relax and sleep. Other than these activities there are plenty of other activities for you to enjoy. Each pet has exclusive interests like drawings, modeling, growing, or cooking. It provides relaxation to your mind during busy times.