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Boom Beach is a strategy and battle game (Apk) in which players build their castles and attack enemy islands. This was developed by Supercell and launched in March 2014. They are the same developer of the famous game Clash of Clans. Supercell has developed Boom Beach as one of the fastest games. The features of the game are also updated frequently. 

This has been downloaded over 100Mn players where it has also gained 4.5 rates over 5 and good reviews. 

Boom Beach APK is available in 6 different languages such as Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese. The latest update was available on 21st November 2021.

boom beach apk

Boom Beach APK Download for Android

Boom Beach APK Download

Google Play Download

The minimum operating system requirement is Android 4.1. Boom Beach APK is available in the Google store and supports any android and iOS device. It will only require 128. MB space in your device.

You can search Boom Beach APK on the search bar of the Google play store and click on download. It will take a few minutes to complete the download. 

What is the Boom Beach APK?

You will be the commander and your responsibility is to battle against enemies, namely Blackguard, rescue the neighboring islands and gather resources and develop infrastructure. Additionally, liberate people from the Blackguard. You must simultaneously avoid enemy raids while defending your base and resource bases. You can ensure peace and prosperity for the people and the islands from the enemies.

Explore a huge tropical archipelago and discover the secret power of the Life Stones. The final objective of the player is to ensure well build infrastructure and unblock various walls, towers, and defensive systems.

boom beach


  • Fight for the ownership of valuable assets to upgrade your ground against enemy attacks. 
  • Face the dangerous Blackguard Person in charge and uncover their evil plans. 
  • Establish a strong Task Force with other players to take on missions collaboratively.
  • Over ten various kinds of defending building structures and attack units are available for the player.
  • The Supercell strategic mode of Boom Beach Apk is only playing with the internet connection. 
  • Over 20 different maps with different sets up of backgrounds such as raging volcanoes and ice storms. 
  • You can unlock different battlefields, troops, vehicles, and power-ups.
  • Stay competitive against large numbers of other gamers and attack and loot hundreds of enemy bases. 
  • You are matched up with players who have similar points to choose your opponents. However, headquarters or experience levels are not considered for matchmaking.
  • Fight for ownership of the resources to strengthen your base against enemy attacks.
  • Earn battle points- When you attack islands near you, you will be able to collect battle points. Every time you destroy the buildings of the enemy this score will go up.
  • Battle points can be utilized to activate Gunboat Skills. That will facilitate Tactical or strategic patterns of the Boom Beach Apk game. For instance, you may utilize it for flares or shells.
  • If you click the stars available in the top left corner, your list of Achievements will be visible. 
  • You can unlock 25 different architectural designs for Headquarters. 
  • You can implement conquer a list of fighting forces.
  • Realistic 3D graphics are similar to real scenarios and characters.
  • You can collect diamonds, Gold, and coins as rewards by removing obstacles from your map those rewards can utilize to level up your Headquarters or Gold Storage.

Boom Beach Download for PC

If you want to play the game on a bigger screen, it is time to download the game to your laptop or PC.

  1. Get good PC emulator software.
  2. Launch it when Google Play Store is open.
  3. Click on Boom Beach APK and download.
  4. Allow the application to completely download.
  5. Finally, click the install button.
  6. You can play the game Boom Beach 

How to Play Boom Beach APK game?

  • Go to the battlefield with a proper plan and act quickly according to the plan. 
  • Take your force to the islands that the enemy has attacked and explore the secrets of this tropical land.
  • Fight for every coastal area, make the inhabitants free, and explore the unknown archeological aspects of the land. 
  • The Boom Beach APK is a similar set-up to Clash of Clans. The player must build their base near the beach of their island and attack enemy islands to earn rewards.
  • If your headquarters is attacked and destroyed by the opponent. Then the opponent will win the battle and seize your resources. If your base structures are damaged, the Headquarters will indeed be attacked.
  • Though there is no penalty if your headquarters is attacked, the opponent will be scored well and get stronger.
  • You also can attack their islands or headquarters as a defense strategy.
  • Achieve your final dream in Boom Beach Apk by constructing your own head office on the coastlines of the island.
  • As you progress through the stages and levels, you will gradually uncover the evil schemes of the Blackguards. 
  • If you demolish the Headquarters or all the other buildings, you can take over the island. The awards, cash, wood, and life shards will receive in each victory of the battle.

Pros and Cons


  • Your strategic thinking ability and quick responsiveness ability will be increased.
  • Plenty of ways are available to set the ideal combination of attack and defense in Boom Beach Apk unlike other defense games
  • Boom Beach APK is available for free download.
  • Compete for battle against the Betrayers or other gamers in the area. Feel free to explore and conquer the tropical islands as you earn your rewards.
  • Please as a team once connected to the internet.
  • You can unlock more rewards based on weekly performance.
  • You will be addicted to Boom Beach Apk because it offers surprises every time you log in.
  • If you play Boom Beach Apk well you can climb up the leaderboards and reach the top of the global ranking. 


  • Advanced features of the game are available only by paying real money.
  • Progression is incredibly slow buildings take days, and training troops takes even longer.
  • Aggressive behavioral effects will adversely affect Youngers’ mindset.
  • The threat of computer viruses.
  • Boom Beach APK supports only IOS 7 or higher. 
  • There is no option to restart the game. Only new devices where Boom Beach has never been played before can be used to begin a new game.


Is Boom Beach APK available for free?

Despite all of its interesting elements, the Boom Beach APK is currently available for free to all Android gamers.

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

You can gain unlimited diamonds and coins.

Can we play Boom Beach using an Adobe flash player?

It is not available to play using an Adobe flash player


Boom Beach Apk is a simple and addictive game in which you can use your strategic thinking to fight against enemies and dominate the seas and islands. Think quickly, act shortly and defeat your enemies. You have to control the troop with machine guns, missiles, and motors rather than fantasy play. Additionally, you will be able to build head quartos on the island selecting one design out of 25 variety of buildings designs.