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Minion Rush is a game (Apk) in which you have to run as a minion avoiding obstacles and collecting bananas.

Gameloft SE developed the game Minion Rush APK on 13th June 2013. The run game was with a different name as Nemco was introduced to the i-store, iPad, and iPod touch in 2010 and was deleted later. The latest update of the game was published on 6th September 2022. This game has won the British Academy children’s award game which has gained over 100 million downloads within the first 03 months. Now, it has got downloaded by 750 Mn players all over the world and scored 4.6 over 5.0-star reviews. Minion Rush APK has also been listed as one of the most downloaded apps from android. 

You can find wild with the highly entertaining and stupid Minions. Those who entertain you with an endless run, jump, roll, dodge, and scramble to make the game exciting. It also drives you to explore locations of the movie Despicable Me. You will enjoy the games not only because of the 3D animations but also the fun effects of the sounds.

minion rush apk

Minion Rush APK Download for Android

Minion Rush Apk Download

Google Play Download

Minion Rush APK is compatible with Android 5.0+ versions. You can download the game free of charge from the google app store. Please find the steps below to download the Minion Rush APK to your android device.

All APK/XAPK files on are available in the play store as the original game. You can get it downloaded from the google play store through the below 3 steps.

  1. Download the APKFab app to your Android device.
  2. Install the.XAPK file.
  3. Launch the APKFab app. Then, locate the.XAPK file by going to Management -> APK/XAPK list, and then select Install.

What is the Minion Rush APK?

Minion Rush APK is the ideal game for you to spend your leisure time with lots of fun and joy. Gameloft SE developed the game Minion Rush APK in 2018. The latest update of the game was published on 6th September 2022. It is one of the famous run games with an interesting and fun cartoon character. You will also not get bored with the effects of the graphics, sound, and effects of the game.

There are plenty of missions available you can play with Minion Rush APK. The minions will race on the track with your instructions. You have to only command the minion to leap over the obstacles such as water, ice, and lava through the Minion Rush APK game. Initially, these obstacles are easygoing and available very rarely, when the game becomes tougher these obstacles will appear very often. However, the game will not finish rather speed will progressively get tougher. Your minion has to be more capable to grab bananas faster and adopt the speed while overcoming the challenges. If you overcome the obstacles, you will win coins or will be up to the next level. However, there are some deadly obstacles too. 

minion rush


  • Completing a great array of thrilling tasksSurprising, fascinating, and three-dimensional
  • Strong ups for defeating opponents
  • Being able to customize the game’s character with special attire and weapons and playing from several camera positions
  • Fantastic visuals and quality sound.
  • Customize the minion with outputs, guns, and empowerments.

Minion Rush Download for PC

You can also play the game through your PC with BYB and Android emulator. However, it will be compatible with Windows 8.1 and above, iPhone, iPad, and iPad.

Below listed are steps to follow for downloading the Minion Rush to your PC,

  • Step 1- Get downloaded an emulator.
  • Step 2 – Get the emulator installed on your PC.
  • Step 3- Open the installed emulator.
  • Step 4- Open the google play store through an emulator and search the Minion Rush
  • Step 5- Double click on the Minion Rush and get installed on your PC.
  • Step 6- Once you click on the Install button and game will automatically download to the emulator. 

How to Play Minion Rush game?

  • While running on the track which has three lanes, minions may grab bananas by being directed to go left or right to run through them while they are moving on three lanes. 
  • Minions may win rewards like bananas, cash, costume cards, and tokens in addition to avoiding obstacles.
  • Once minions achieve targets, they can run in a lovely suit.
  • You will also be able to unlock a Minion in each of the successful levels.
  • The excitement of the game will depend on the number of minions you won in each round.
  • You can unlock different challenges from the gameplay and get minions with special talents.

Pros and Cons


  • No age limit.
  • Beginners can also play the game due to its simplicity.
  • 3D animations, attractive graphics, and fun sounds.
  • Interesting, Humorous, and fun characters 
  • A play of the movie Despicable Me
  • Minion Rush APK is available in the play store free of charge.
  • You can play the game with multiple characters only with an internet connection.
  • Rewards are available for daily logins.
  • You can show off your earnings through the costumes in different background settings.


  • Minion Rush APK can play only with an internet connection. However, only keys are available offline. 
  • The Minion Rush APK is an addictive game. 
  • You have to pay for some advanced features.
  • It is monotonous throughout the whole gameplay
  • Availability of third-party advertisements. 
  • Some of the features are available on cash or connectivity of your game with social media. 
  • It is a series of stories.
  • Your data will be insecure with the download


Is the Minion Rush APK available for free?

Yes. The Minion Rush APK is available at the Google play store and i-store to download free of charge.

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

  • Minion Rush APK is available with an event mode. If you complete the puzzle you will be able to obtain a unique minion as a reward. 
  • If you win different objects, you will entitle to special chances. I have listed a few chances below.

Golden prize pod- Your chances of puzzle pieces will increase.

Golden Shield- You will be able to overcome the challenges easily.

PX41 serum- Your minion will convert to a stronger one for 10 seconds. 

Banana Vacuum- Your minions can eat bananas which are available at rare distances.  

Gru’s Rocket- Your minion will be able to run a rocket over any obstacle.

Mega Minion- Your minion will change to a bigger one and will be able to sweep anything.

Fluffy Unicorn- A minion will be able to ride a unicorn and convey it to a large banana warehouse. 

Can we play Minion Rush APK using an Adobe flash player?

No Minion Rush APK is not available with Adobe flash player.


The Minion Rush APK is a classic endless-run game with different characters and unique features. The player can make the minion run over the obstacles and with the challenges. It will be tough and challenging for the time being. 

This has become one of the first three famous run games which are available free of charge. It is not only because of no fee for downloading but also attractive 3D designs and fun characters.