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Fallout Shelter is a game (Apk) that the player has to create and supervise an underground refuge.

This is a role-playing video game released on June 14, 2015, by Bethesda Game Studios. It was initially released for Apple ios smartphones and then for Android phones. Then a version was released for Windows computers in July 2016. And due to the popularity of this game, it is currently available in Tesla vehicles. Also, you can play Fallout Shelter APK on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The main task you have to do as a player in this game is to build your own Vault and manage it properly. Therefore, this game is more famous as a construction and control management simulation game. Initially, this Fallout Shelter APK game was to be played as a single-player offline, but later it got the ability to play online in streaming mode.

This game, which has been awarded Google Play Best of 2015 and Mobile Game of the Year at the 2016 DICE Awards, has currently exceeded 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Anyone above 12+ can play this game for reasons such as Alcohol Reference, Mild Violence, and Suggestive Themes. The Fallout Shelter APK game is entirely free for you and ads will display while playing the game. You also have the facility to purchase the resources you need to play the game through in-app purchases. Now you can also get this Fallout Shelter APK game for free from our website.

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Fallout Shelter APK Download for Android

Fallout Shelter Apk Download

Google Play Download

You can download this Fallout Shelter APK game to your Android mobile device through our website by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. First, click the download button on this web page and download it.
  2. Wait until the download is complete.

Now the apk file of the game has been downloaded to your computer. Now all you have to do is install it correctly on your smartphone. But before that, you need to allow unknown sources to run on your phone. For that, go to your phone’s device settings and enable unknown sources. After that follow the steps given below and install the Fallout Shelter APK game successfully.

  1. Access the My Files folder on your Android phone.
  2. Then go to the downloads folder there.
  3. Tap the game apk file there and open it.
  4. Allow the Fallout Shelter APK game to install.

After the game is successfully installed on your phone, you can play it.

What is Fallout Shelter APK?

Fallout Shelter APK is a game where players have to build their own underground Vault and manage it. The players need to handle citizens called dwellers in their Vault. There you have to provide power, jobs, activities, food, and water to the dwellers and make them happy. Also, as a player, you have to protect the citizens in your vault from the wasteland here. But you can safely go to the wasteland and explore it and get the weapons you need and gain experience. Every character in the Fallout Shelter game is unique and special and you need to do the tasks related to them correctly. Then you have the ability to complete different levels of the game and move forward. You can get the game resources to play the Fallout Shelter APK by paying between $0.99 – $49.99 through the game store.

You can increase the number of Dwellers in the Fallout Shelter APK game. For that, you have to pair the matching female and male Dwellers and build an environment suitable for them to live together. You can create different rooms in this Vault. All salons, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. are included in this fault. Therefore, you as a player should do the activities related to them. Also, you have to procure the various items they need to be successful in this game. This Fallout Shelter game is very creative and active. So, many game players in the world are joining to play this game.

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Ability to customize.

You can change the look of Fallout Shelter APK game characters here through Barbershop. And also you can customize the inside of the Vault as needed.

Being able to explore the Westland.

Send your Dwellers into the dangerous Wasteland to collect various resources. But this Wasteland is very dangerous so you have to be careful not to damage your Dwellers.

Creating the best vault.

For a brighter future, you have to develop the underground Vault Life to be habitable.

Fallout Shelter Download For PC

You can play this wonderful game on mobile devices as well as on your Apple or Windows computers. You can get this game for free through the App store and Play store as well as through Microsoft Xbox. If not, you can also play through online streaming. And also you can install emulator software on your computer and play through it. Therefore, you can play the Fallout Shelter game on the computer using an emulator as follows.

An emulator is a special type of software that can be used to run games that can be played on Android on Windows computers. You can find a lot of emulator software like BlueStacks, Android Studio, ARChon, LDPlayer 9, Bliss OS, and GameLoop on the internet and install the one you like on your computer.

After installing an emulator on the computer, follow the steps below and download the Fallout Shelter game.

  1. First, open your emulator.
  2. Enter the browser and copy and paste the link of this web page on the search bar.
  3. Then go to the web page and click on the download button there.
  4. Wait until the download is complete.

After downloading the Fallout Shelter APK file, you have to install it properly. Use these steps for that.

Access the downloads folder in the emulator browser.

  1. Open the apk file there and install it.
  2. Complete the installation.

Now you have the ability to play the game more easily using the keyboard and mouse through the computer.

How To Play Fallout Shelter APK?

After installing the game correctly, a shortcut will be created on your mobile or computer device. You can click it and launch the game. Now from the home screen of the game, you can see the related intro and settings to start the game. You can easily find many gameplay and tutorials related to this Fallout Shelter APK game on YouTube. By watching them, you will be able to play the game successfully.

Pros and Cons


  • Being a free game.
  • Regularly getting new updates from the Fallout Shelter APK game.
  • The ability to purchase resources needed for the game through in-app purchases.


  • Showing ads while playing the game.
  • Being an addictive game.
  • It takes about 300MB-400MB to install the Fallout Shelter APK game.
  • The possibility of entering malware etc. with this game apk which can damage your device. So always use only safe websites like our website to get the game apk.

Safety and Legality

The apk file of this Fallout Shelter APK game is carefully checked by our game testing team and given to you. Therefore, it does not contain malware that is harmful to your device. So you can download and install the game without any risk. This gaming company collects the data of game players such as Location, Personal info, Device, or other IDs and they have the authority to share them with other parties.


Can I play this Fallout Shelter game as multiplayer with friends?

Not possible This is a single-player mode game.

What languages is this game available in?

You can get this game in English, French, Italian, Russian, German, and Spanish languages.

What are the minimum requirements to play this Fallout Shelter APK on PC?

Microsoft Windows 7 or above OS

Intel or AMD Processor

RAM of at least 4GB

5GB Free Hard Disk Space

Final Words

Fallout Shelter APK is a simulation game that has won several awards as the best game. As a single-player game, you as a player have to act as the head of an underground Vault. You have to develop the Vault by managing the Dwellers who live there, crafting and providing them with the things they need. You can now download this Fallout Shelter APK game for free from our website which can be played on Android, Apple ios, and Microsoft Xbox.