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Township is a famous farm game (Apk) that many farm lovers enjoy. Many players have reviewed it as a good game perfect for releasing stress. Township Apk is about building your city and playing strategic games against other players. Moreover, it also allows users to share their things with other players online. 

What is Township Apk? What are its features of it? How to download it for android and PC? What are the pros + cons?

This blog post will discuss that, including the above topics.

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Township Apk Download For Android

Township Apk Download

Google Play Download

There are several ways to download this game on android. Following is the easiest way,

  1. The first and only step to download Township Apk is to click on the download icon below.

Assuming you have already downloaded the apk using the above steps, here are the steps to install Township Apk on any android device easily, 

  1. Enable Unknown Sources in your settings. Township Apk belongs to third-party applications. You need to enable unknown sources to allow third-party apks on android devices. 
  2. Now, head on to the downloads folder. 
  3. Now tap on the apk you just downloaded. 
  4. Finally, install it by clicking the install button. 

What is Township Apk?

As we already discussed in the introduction section, Township Apk is one of the most popular farming games at the moment. Not just developing your farm, it also allows players to manage their businesses and separate towns. It starts with you having a little money. Once you have enough cash, unlock a variety of accessories. Your goal is to earn more money, buy additional resources and expand your farm as much as possible. 

Speaking about the whole game, it is a well-structured game designed to provide you with a lot of entertainment. The goal is to create the town and provide a better life for the citizens. Once you have grown food on your farms, harvest them and use them for trading for other products. 

Moreover, it’s possible to use your money to invest in other businesses like restaurants and cinemas. In general, it allows players to do whatever they need. It’s a fantastic game with cool and unique features.



Township Apk has a special place for its outstanding features. These are some significant features that make it highlighted among other farm games, 

1. It is about developing your city

Township Apk provides you with the ability to develop your city. As mentioned above, Township Apk starts with you having a small land in the town. But eventually, players can expand it and build an extensive network of farms. Moreover, players can use the money they gain from farms to invest in other businesses. Your goal is to provide the best for the citizens of your town. 

2. Expand your farms and raise animals too

First of all, you need to take care of your crops. Then send, them to the factories when they are completely grown. You also can raise animals like chickens to get meat and eggs.  

3. Build factories and buildings

You need factories to process the crops of your farm. The more farms you own, the more factories will be required to process them. You need to have factories to process them. Players can also sell their crops on the market to gain profits when they are manufactured. 

4. Play with close friends

The game allows players to connect their Township account with social media platforms like Facebook. More it’s also possible to play it with your Facebook friends. It’s another cool feature that many players like about this game.

Township Download For PC

It’s not possible to directly download it on your PC. Therefore you need to install specific software to do so. Emulators are software that makes it possible to play android games on computers. . Follow the following steps to install an emulator and download Township on PC, 

  1. Download an android emulator. Bluestacks is a good emulator that we recommend. 
  2. Install it on your PC. 
  3. Open your emulator and go to your browser. 
  4. Copy the link to this webpage and it on the search bar. (On your browser)
  5. Finally, click on download to download Township.

Steps to install Township Apk on computers, 

  1. Head on to downloads on your emulator. 
  2. Find press on the apk you just downloaded. 
  3. Finally, click the install button. 

Keep calm until it completes. You are good to play Township once the installation is finished. 

Pros and Cons


  1. Overall, Township Apk can be called a balanced game. 
  2. It’s pretty simple to install.
  3. Playing it often can help you get a lot of rewards. 
  4. Township is an excellent game to spend your free time. 
  5. It doesn’t come with malicious software. 
  6. Unlike many other online games, it doesn’t consume much data. 
  7. It’s completely free to download.
  8. You also don’t need an account to play. 


  1. Township Apk required you to update it manually. Therefore you need to update as a new game version is constantly manually released. 
  2. The user interface is a little bit complex. It can be overwhelming for a lot of people. 
  3. Township also starts to lag when you have a slow internet connection.
  4. Downloading Apk from a malicious site gets to affect your device. It is possible to get hacked and leak your sensitive data. 

How To Play Township Apk?

First of all, download Township Apk on your device. Then install it according to the instructions given above. Launch and start playing. Some tips to keep in mind when playing, 

  1. Carefully go through the walkthrough. You will understand all the necessary concepts required to play Township. 
  2. The final goal of it is to expand your farm. 
  3. Once you have enough money to expand farms, start investing in other buildings and restaurants to make the city an exciting place for the citizens. 

Safety and Legality

Township Apk is specially designed for farm lovers. Therefore it doesn’t have any age requirement to play. Anyone can start playing it without getting any safety or legality issues.


Can I play Township offline?

No, you cannot play it offline. Township Apk requires a stable internet connection to play.

How do I know if it’s safe to download the apk?

We always provide 100% secure apps. We have a team that ensures these apks don’t contain malicious software. Therefore don’t worry about downloading Township Apk from our website. 

What kind of things can build in Township Apk?

Township Apk allows players to build various things, including farms, zoos, restaurants, and buildings. Not just these; there are more ways to build and make your city better. You will get to know them as you go further. 

What is the age requirement to play Township?

There is no age requirement to play it. Players of all ages can start playing Township Apk without any restrictions. 


Township Apk is one of the most famous farm games that has already gained millions of downloads in the Google Play Store alone. It starts by providing you with a small land and some money. Your goal is to expand your farm and build a network of farms. Once you have a steady income, use it to transition into other businesses like restaurants and zoos. Township Apk would be perfect for a farm lover. Therefore download and start enjoying it.