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State of Survival is a strategy game (Apk) that you have to defeat zombies who come to your city. It was released by FunPlus International and so far it has been downloaded about 50 million times on google play. This State of Survival Apk game is included in the teen category because it includes violence, fighting, and bloodshed.

This game, which has become popular with the name Zombie War among game players, as the name suggests, is a story that revolves around a war with Zombies. You can get this game for free and have the option to in-app purchase some resources while playing the State of Survival Apk.

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State Of Survival APK Download For Android

State Of Survival Apk Download

Google Play Download

You can click on this download button here to download the APK for your android device. 

  1. To start the download, click on this button to start downloading the State of Survival APK for your device.
  2. Next wait for the download to be completed successfully.

To install State of Survival APK for your android device, you must have to enable unknown source files first. For that, go to your device settings, and please allow unknown sources. After enabling that, simply go with these easy steps to install the full State of Survival Apk game.

  1. Now open my files folder on your android mobile device. Next, go to download & click on the State of Survival Apk.
  2. Next, tap the file and Wait for the game to install on your android device.

After successfully completing the installation, you can play the game.

What is State of Survival APK

As a game player, you have to go to a city where people have become mutated and become zombies due to a dangerous epidemic and save the city from that situation. Having been safe for months without any cure, you and your friends have to somehow manage to survive and fight to kill zombies and monsters. There are some other activities such as growing food and making safe houses for your and the group’s safety are also included in this State of Survival Apk game.

This game is also a multiplayer game that you can play online with your friends. And if you want, you can play this as a single player without the internet. You can earn points and rewards by finding resources such as weapons, food, and medical devices needed for survival by proceeding very carefully.

You can get more points by killing zombies and which will help you get the ability to use those points to buy different resources. If your player can stay alive more while playing in the State of Survival Apk game, you can earn more rewards.

You can now safely download the apk of this game from our website.

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1. Being able to play as a strategy game

It is possible to play the State of Survival Apk by implementing good strategies according to your own story. You can kill zombies by planting bombs and shooting to keep surviving in the game and then you can collect coins, gold, and other necessary things. And finally, you can build an army to win the zombie war.

2. Research for the game plan

The zombie infection among the zombies spreads wildly, which further increases their violence. As the survivor in the State of Survival game, you must somehow implement a good strategic plan to reduce the spread of zombies. At the end of the State of Survival Apk game, you will win by playing the game using proper strategies that can somehow stop this infection and stop the spread of zombies and restore the city again.

3. Real-time translation

Another valuable feature of this game is that you can play the game according to your language. You can play in the desired language while playing the State of Survival Apk game as this is available as an in-game feature.

4. Rebuild the city

When not at war with zombies, you and your team can build settlements to protect and restore the city. Food can also be grown for your needs.

State Of Survival For PC

Like many android games, you can now easily play this State of Survival on your windows PC or apple mac computer. In that way, you can get a better experience with the best graphics and sounds of this game. And then you get the ability to play faster using a mouse and keyboard.

But in order to do so, you need to configure your computer accordingly. For that, you have to install an emulator software like BlueStacks, Android Studio, ARChon, Bliss OS, GameLoop, or LDPlayer 9 on your computer. Here are the steps to complete it.

  1. Download and then install any of the emulators you wished. 
  2. Then click on your installed emulator > Open browser on that emulator > Copy and paste this link into the emulator browser.
  3. Finally, click on the search area > Click the download button on our website.
  4. First, go to the downloads folder on your emulator after completing the download State of Survival apk.
  5. Click the apk file and then click on the install button. 
  6. Then after that, the State of Survival game will be successfully installed on your Windows or Mac Computer. 

Pros and Cons


  1. Being able to play according to their own strategic plans.
  2. The apk file can be downloaded & installed safely as it is tested and released by our experienced tech team.
  3. Supporting for both mobile & pc devices.
  4. Having more characters to play in the State of Survival Apk game.
  5. Ability to play both online and offline.
  6. Being able to buy game resources in-app purchases.
  7. Anyone can get this game free, because of the free license.


  1. State of Survival Apk game that can get used to violence.
  2. Research & rebuild can take too much time & effort.
  3. Downloading apk files unsafely can damage your device. So always get files only through safe and reliable websites like ours.
  4. It is required a good internet connection to play online.


How To Play State of Survival APK?

After successfully downloading & installed the apk file on your device, click it to launch the State of Survival Apk game. The game will start with its main page. Please refer to some video tutorials on YouTube to learn how to play the State of Survival game. After getting a good understanding of the game you can start playing the game.

Safety and Legality

This State of Survival Apk game has some age restrictions due to violence, fighting, and bloodshed.  Therefore, it is not suitable for children under the age limit to play this game.


Is it safe to download the State of Survival APK?

Yes. It’s 100% safe to download this game apk from our website. This game apk file is fully checked by our experienced talented team and provided to you.

What are the minimum system requirements to install the game on the PC?

Microsoft Windows 7/8./10 or 11 or macOS

Intel and AMD Processor


5 GB of HDD Space

Any emulator software like BlueStacks, ARChon, Android Studio, GameLoop, Bliss OS, or LDPlayer.

Does the game require an internet connection to play completely?

Internet is required to play in multiplayer mode and not need to play single-player.

Are there differences between the PC and mobile versions of the game?

There is no big difference between PC and Mobile versions. it is the same game.

Can I collect resources by using points from the game?

Yes. You can earn points & rewards by playing the game.


State of Survival APK is a survival & strategy game with more features. You have to play as a team facing zombie infection, so you can experience horror and adventure while playing the game. It supports mobile devices as well as computer devices, so you can play the way you like. Enjoy the game now you can also download it through our website.