Soccer 2019 Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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Soccer 2019 is a football game (Apk) that can play unlimited times. The soccer league is coming from the developer of the Tapivator games and the studio. So if you are willing to play this game, you can install soccer 2019 Apk on your iOS, Android, or Windows PC. This game is available on the GameLoop very smoothly. So the expected users can get this game app to android, ios, or any other device.

All champions throughout the world can play this amazing game. Get ready for your tournament with this amazing game.

soccer 2019 apk

Soccer 2019 Apk Download for Android

Soccer 2019 Apk Download

Google Play Download

So the given above are some of the details regarding the soccer 2019 apk. for getting the game you should have to be with an android version 4.4 and upwards. If your device doesn’t have this android version, sorry you are unable to install this soccer 2019 Apk game.  The latest app version is 8.8. while getting the app to check

 whether it is the latest version of soccer 2019 Apk. Also currently there are over 1,000,000+  downloads

  • Open the google play store through your device.
  • Then search for the Soccer 2019 Apk game through the search bar
  • Then you will get the relevant results from the below
  • After selecting the correct app proceed with the download and installation process
  • Wait till the download process ends.
  • Open the app and start gaming.

What is Soccer 2019 Apk?

Choose any mode that the players are willing to play with this football game. By joining with tournaments the soccer 2019 Apk game players can be real football players.  The most interesting modes in the game are the time-out mode and the planet mode. Also, you can have a match with your opposite teams.  Have a match with the opposite teams of yours.  By doing that you can develop your skills. After the victory of the match, the players can choose the next round.  Not only these things some more amazing features will be contained in soccer 2019 Apk. 

While in Soccer 2019 Apk game, the players could able to select the most favorite teams for you. Also to the players.  There are some gaming modes available such as the single-player mode, tournament mode, and battle mode.  Each and every mode has its own complexity. The environment of the game has its level. That will bring out an entertaining and joyful experience.

Through Soccer 2019 Apk game, the winner will receive cash and bonus prizes as rewards for the game.  Those rewards are offered for you to unlock the different countries as well as the players. So the players can select any of the gaming modes to challenge themselves.  So play the game and feel like a real football player through this game.

soccer 2019

More About The App

When you play the football game make sure that you have aimed perfectly. Then try to pass the ball to the opponent player. And be quick and try to identify the moves of the opponent. If you want to move towards the next level you are required to win the match.


  • High qualitative sound
  • Amazing 3D graphics are included
  • The game controls are easy
  • There are more than 4 gaming modes available
  • The complexity of the gaming levels is increased by each level of the gaming
  • Support for smartphones, tablets as well as PCs.
  • There are different stadiums as well as configurable seasons are available
  • Fun kicking the football
  • The current scoring table
  • Enjoying the background noises
  • The accommodations for the players and the balls
  • The HD graphic effects with amazing features

Soccer 2019 Download For iOS

Also, like for the android devices, soccer 2019 can be downloaded to iOS devices as well. Here you can use the apple app store to download the app. and then follow the below procedure to install the game on your device.

  • Open the apple app store via your iOS device.
  • Then search for the name “soccer 2019” on the ios app store
  • Proceed for the installation by clicking on the “Get” icon
  • Wait till the download process get ended
  • Then launch the app by allowing the necessary permissions requested by the app.
  • Start gaming with soccer in 2019.

Soccer 2019 Download for PC

The soccer 2019 Apk is available for your windows running PC as well.  Here you can get the game via an android emulator.  First of all, let us see how you can get an android emulator.

How to get an android emulator

Here in this article, you would be able to observe the way that you can download the Bluestacks 5 android emulators into your device. If you are willing to use another android emulator instead of that, get an android emulator such as Memu player or the Nox player.

  • You should have some requirements to get the android emulator.
  • The device should have 4GB RAM.
  • The free space of the HDD should be 5GB.
  • The windows version should be windows 7 or upwards.

Then if your device should have these requirements, you can proceed with the downloading process.

  • Visit the official website of Bluestacks to download the app.
  • Install the android emulator.
  • Open the android emulator.
  • Then open the google play store.
  • Search for the soccer 2019 apk.
  • Then proceed with the download and installation.
  • Open the game app by clicking on the app icon
  • Allow for the necessary permissions requested by the game.
  • Start gaming.

How To Play Soccer 2019 Apk?

Here the players can easily control every aspect of the gaming.  Use your roster, tactics, stadium, and formations as well.  But Soccer 2019 Apk is more than just the management of the game. As stated above, the game has easy controls. Tab A button or long press to attempt a goal, then press B to short pass or shoot. Press C for the floater. And there is a virtual joystick in the game. That will allow the players to move up, down, right, and left.

Safety And Legality

Soccer 2019 Apk is just a football game. More people are asking if this game is safe for players. Yes. The content included in the gaming is just simple and there are no complex behaviors. The content is safe too. No harmful or violating actions are included in the gaming.  Therefore it is safe. And the game won’t provide personal details to the other parties. The game is safe for the kids as well. And while you are getting the app, always try to get the app from the official app stores such as the google play store as well as the apple app store. When it comes to legality the game is available anywhere. Until now there are no legal issues associated with soccer 2019 Apk.


Q: Is this game free?

A: Yes, soccer 2019 Apk is a free game for anyone. Therefore the users don’t want to pay any charge for playing the game.

Q: Is this game safe for kids?

A: Yes, the game is suitable for the kids as well. There is no harmful content included in the game. So it is secured.

Q: Are there any advertisements included in Soccer 2019 Apk game?

A: No. there are no advertisements included in the game. so you are not disturbed while in the gameplay

Final Words

Soccer 2019 Apk is an amazing football game. So any beginner to gaming also can play this game without any issue. So start gaming today. You will be amazed by the gameplay. Now you are aware of some more facts regarding the game. Here is your chance for gameplay.