PUBG Mobile Lite Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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PUBG MOBILE LITE is a game (Apk) well-known and widely popular online multiplayer game. The game is providing its best to provide gamers with an action-packed gaming experience.  The game is using the unreal engine 4 and builds on the gameplay. In order to play the game effectively, the players should have the requirements. The pubg mobile is with few tweaks. And the game is compatible with almost all devices. so the pubg mobile is running smoothly on any kind of device. This game can be identified as the toned-down version of the battle royale game. The game is supported on various platforms such as iOS, android, and windows. Here we have given the procedure for how you can get the pubg mobile lite apk into any of your devices.

pubg mobile lite apk

PUBG MOBILE LITE Apk Download for Android

PUBG Mobile Lite Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version of the game provided for us is 0.23.0. Currently, over 100,000,000+ individual users are playing the game. In order to play the game effectively, your device should have about 600MB of free space. Also, the game requires 1GB of RAM. Therefore make sure the above requirements have been fulfilled before starting the download process.

  • So you can get the PUBG MOBILE LITE apk via the google play store. Follow the below procedure.
  • Launch the google play store.
  • Then search for the name “PUBG MOBILE LITE Apk” on the search bar.
  • You will receive the appropriate results.
  • Then click on download and install the app.
  • Click on the app icon displayed on the home screen of your device.
  • It is requesting some permissions such as to access the device microphone etc.
  • Allow those necessary permissions to gameplay.
  • Enjoy the app.


The name PUBG is for Player Unknown Battlegrounds. As this is the lite version of the app, there is no any kind of dissimilarities from the original PUBG app. The game has made a very fair gaming environment along with anti-cheat systems. Team up can be done with the willingness of the players. They can create local teams or can create teams with strangers as well. The gameplay is with an expansive HD map. High-definition audio and 3D sound effects bring you a realistic experience.

pubg mobile lite

More About The App

When compared to the other similar android games like this the PUBG Mobile lite apk is delivering their performance as same as the fan expectations. That is the reason why PUBG is becoming a more and more popular game throughout the world.

Along with the faster and lighter version of the PUBG mobile game the users can expect more features. Similar to the other apps also the pubg mobile apk consisted of advantages as well as disadvantages.


  • Running smoothly on even low-end Android smartphones
  • Coming with a familiar gameplay
  • Offering multiple game modes


  • Only two servers are available
  • The compromised visual quality of gaming


  • Pubg is a fast-paced and intense action game
  • The environments, weapons, challenges, and storylines are challeg=nging
  • Running on any device very smoothly.
  • Survival shooter game that is available with player vs player mode
  • The last alive player is the winner of the game
  • Everyone can experience thrilling and adventurous gaming
  • Smooth functioning even in the low-end or cheaper android smartphones
  • The lighter version of the original game
  • Best gameplay controls and mechanism


The pubg mobile lite app is available for iOS devices as well. To make the download process easier here we have provided you with the steps for a successful installation for your iOS device.

  • Launch the apple app store from your device.
  • Then search for the “PUBG MOBILE LITE”.
  • Then download and install the app.
  • Allow for the necessary permissions requested by the app and then start playing.


Currently, the pubg mobile lite game is available for the Pcs. By following the below steps you are able to download it successfully. But you are required to use an android emulator for the download process.  I recommend you download the MEmu player onto your Pc.

Why choose the MEmu player?

The MEmu player is considered to be one of the best android emulators though 100 million people are enjoying it.  The virtualization technology is providing the gamers to enjoy the game much more. The most graphic-intensive games are supported for this android emulator too.

  • First, download and install the MEmu installer on your PC.
  • Start the MEmu player and launch the google play store via it.
  • Then search for the “PUBG MOBILE LITE Apk” on the search bar of the google play store.
  • Then you will be displayed the relevant results according to your searches.
  • Download and then install the PUBG MOBILE LITE apk
  • Wait until the whole procedure is ending.
  • After finishing the whole setup click on the icon.
  • Then enjoy gaming with this amazing game.


I think you have successfully installed the pubg mobile lite Apk. You have to create an account for yourselves before starting the gameplay. First, start the game with the option run game. Then you would be directed to the lobby. Select the game mode that you want to play. There are several game modes available such as solo, duo and squad. Click the play option. After the matching has been completed, then you are redirected to the game automatically.

  • Solo:  the player can fight against the 99 other players. Your aim should be to be the last standing person out of the squad.
  • Duo: the players can be in a group with a friend or else can join with a randomly selected team. As a team of two, the players can fight against the other duos. And the aim should be to become the last duo or one standing.
  • Squad:  in this gaming mode you have to be friends with three other friends.  So as a squad you would aim to become the last squad out of all the other squads that are standing alive.

That’s the way that anyone can play the pubg mobile lite apk. and have a nice experience along with the app.

Safety And Legality

The pubg mobile lite apk has an age rating of 16+. Some rating sites are given poor ratings for this game you should not have to be worried regarding the sources of download. Because the app is from the google play store, apple app store. So those app stores have included the apps after scanning for harmful malware. Apps included in the stores are also continuously scanned. But here the case is with the violence included with the gameplay. The blood and moaning sounds are parts of them. Also while gaming you will meet strangers. You don’t know them and sometimes they are using inappropriate words as well.

This pubg mobile lite apk is free from parental controls. When it comes to legality, there are no issues associated with the app. it is allowed to be used anywhere at any time. Therefore feel free to proceed with your gaming.


Q: What is better the PUBG and PUBG Mobile lite?

A:  Both of them are possessing almost all the same functions. Both of them have a time limit for the gameplay. But the matches from PUBG Lite are fast-paced from both of them.

Q: What are the basic requirements for PUBG mobile lite Apk?

A:  Even before getting the app into your device you have to be alerted regarding system requirements for this game. It is better to have 1.5GB of free space from the RAM. The size of the game is about 600MB. The required android version for the game is android 4.1 or the upper version.

Q: Can’t we get the pubg mobile lite apk into a PC?

A: Some of you might think that this is only limited to the mobile device due to the name of the app. but it is not like that the game can be downloaded to your PCs as well.

Final Words

The given description tells you about the PUBG MOBILE LITE apk. This is a light version of the original game. Anyone can play this game solo or with a team. I am sure that YOU will have what you are expecting. It is a realistic shooter game that is providing the same experience as the original version of PUBG.