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Free Fire MAX is a game (Apk) that has a battle royale game mode.  Also, it can be introduced as an upgraded version of the famous free fire game. There are some new features as well as improved gameplay graphics included with the free fire MAX apk. This is an action shooting game. If you are already a player of PUBG and Call of duty, certainly the mechanisms included in this game would be similar for you. You are able to enjoy your gaming experience as you are playing the game really. Many of the users are talking about the superb graphics and the ultimate visual quality of the game.

free fire max apk

Free Fire Max Apk Download for Android

Free Fire Max Apk Download

Google Play Download

The free fire MAX Apk is available for your android devices. The latest version of it is 2.90.1. And if you want to use it without any issue, the android device you are using should have the android version 4.1 or any other upwards version. Due to the amazing features included with the app, currently, there are over 100,000,000+ users gathered with the free fire MAX Apk game.  Here we have offered you the download link for the app.

  • Simply click on the download link here we have provided.
  • Then the apk file will be installed within a few minutes. The time can be changed with the speed of connection that you have.
  • Before the installation step, please enable installations from unknown sources. If not in some cases the download process can be disturbed.
  • Proceed with the installation step after that.
  • The app will be installed and then open.
  • Allow for the necessary permissions required to proceed gaming with the free fire MAX apk.

What is the Free Fire Max Apk?

It is a multiplayer online game.  It contains many varieties of existing gaming modes. Certainly, the users are able to enjoy the gaming with ultra HD resolution and breathtaking effects. The goal of every player is to survive and be the last one standing in the game. 50 players are landing on the deserted island by a parachute.  Then for about 10 minutes, the players are searching for the weapons.  Then they are hiding, fighting, shooting, and surviving.  So in this whole process, the players can be immersed in the game from the starting point to the end point of the gaming. It is awe-inspiring.

free fire max

More About The App

Always an enhanced visual experience is provided for the players of the free fire Max apk. so that any player would have the capability of experiencing a better battle royale experience. The size of the game is about 500 MB. But It is better to have space of about 1.5 GB in your memory.  There the players can expect more content and forms of the abilities, characters and lobbies as well. There are advantages as well as disadvantages included in the free fire MAX Apk also.


  • Contains improved and stunning graphics
  • Providing enhanced mobile features
  • Exciting gameplay experience


  • There are moaning sounds and blood included. So it is not recommended for the kids.


  • HD graphics enhanced special effects and smoother gameplay
  • Realistic surviving experience throughout the game
  • Create up to 4 player squads
  • Communication with the other members is easy
  • Offer premium gameplay experience in a battle royale
  • Included with superb graphics
  • A bit heavy game

Free Fire Max Download For iOS

Here we have provided you with the download link to get free fire MAX to any iOS device. Therefore the free fire fans can get the app into their iPhones, iPods or any other iOS devices. There is no any type of variations between the features for the android version and the iOS version. Visit the Apple app store and get the app first. So while installing the app users are able to follow the same installation steps for successful installations. Before the installation, you have to make sure that your device is having enough space or not since this is a heavy game of size 553 MB. 

Free Fire Max Download for PC

Here when you are required to get the free fire into your PC, you can’t get it directly. Here there is a separate procedure for the installation of the game into your PC. Let’s see how we can. First of all, an android emulator is required.

  • Download and install bluestacks or any other similar android emulator for your PC.
  • Open the google play store after signing – into the google
  • Search for the “Garena Free Fire MAX” at the search bar located at the top right corner
  • Then click to install option after obtaining the game on the search results
  • In order to install this game, you should have to complete the google sign-in. if you haven’t done it earlier, do it immediately.
  • game icon will be displayed on the home screen of your device. Tap on it to continue playing.

How To Play Free Fire Max Apk?

I assume that you have downloaded the free fire MAX Apk to any of your devices. All users must have to create an account before starting the gameplay. Users can create their login account by guest, Facebook, Google, or VK. Choose your most desired way of account creation. Then only you can start the gameplay.

Tips to enhance your gaming experience with free fire MAX Apk

  • Sit in a close location to your WiFi router.
  • Your device should have sufficient storage
  • If you are playing via your smartphone make sure it is having enough charging
  • Avoid uploads through slow connections. There is a risk of stopping the updates in the middle.
  • While you are on a 4G data connection, don’t perform any other tasks with your smartphone when updates are proceeding.

Safety And Legality

When it is considered the download links such as the free fire MAX Apk are from a safe source. There is no harmful malware that is not included in the app. but when it comes to this game, there are some issues associated with it. The violence in the game is realistic. Moaning of the players that they make before they die and the blood are adding a realistic view to the game. Also, the players interacted with strangers too. Sometimes they can use some inappropriate language styles as well. So the free fire cannot be recommended to the kids. As an adult, you can manage these things wisely. When it comes to legality, there are no legal issues recorded for this game. but this has been banned in some countries.


Q: Are the free fire and free fire MAX Apk the same? If those are not similar, what is the difference between them?

A: No. those two are two different apps. The features included in both of them are almost the same. There is only one dissimilarity. That is the free fire MAX Apk is having more improved graphics than the other one.

Q: Is Free fire banned in India?

A: Yes, this game is banned in India. Currently, it is not available through the google play store as well. But here we are talking regarding the Free Fire MAX apk. It is still available in India.

Q: Is MAX working with 2GB RAM?

A: Yes. Why not? The least requirement for the game is having 2GB Ram and android version 4.4.

Final Words

The above description is stating all the precious facts regarding the free fire MAX apk. It is a popular multiplayer online game. Most people misunderstand that free fire and MAX Apk are similar. But it is not. Those are two different apps but have the same name. all features of both of them are similar despite the graphics. So I believe that you are also willing to play this game, certainly, It would be a fantastic experience. This game is an exciting game like the other battle royale games. You should have to join this community as soon as possible so as not to miss any special experience.