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Moy is a casual game (Apk) for people who love to take care of a pet in a virtual world.

Frojo Apps created this Moy APK game on 18th Feb 2020. It is a cartoon-type game that has received over 50 million downloads from the Google Play store. This is a game that you can download for free. However, more ads will appear while you play the game. The game is recommended for anyone to play without any age limitations. You can play this on mobile devices such as iOS and Android, as well as Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers. And it requires a small amount of space to install on your device, such as 150MB.

You can purchase resources for the game at different prices using In-App Purchases, which enable you to play simply and quickly at various game levels. This Moy Apk game includes very simple, but attractive graphics. No internet connection is required as you can play this offline in single-player mode. If you want to play this cartoon and stylized video game on your mobile or computer device, you can now get Moy APK from our website for free.

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Moy APK Download for Android

Moy Apk Download

Google Play Download

You can get this game for your Android device by visiting our download page. Follow the steps below to easily download the game.

  1. First, navigate to our website.
  2. Get the Moy APK.
  3. The download will then begin.
  4. Finished download.

The game downloaded now. Open the device’s settings and allow third-party installations. Now install the Moy APK.

  1. First, enter your device’s My Explorer.
  2. Select the Downloads.
  3. Clicking the game apk file.
  4. Complete the installation.

What is Moy APK?

Moy APK or 7 is a cartoon-style single-player offline mobile game. The main avatar here is a pet named Moy. The graphics here are designed very attractively and colorfully. This game also includes many more mini-games and almost 100 different activities. The mini-games are classified under four categories. It is casual, arcade, racing, and puzzles. By playing them, you can earn coins and points. Then you can use those coins to buy clothes, food, etc. for Moy. And with those coins, it is possible to upgrade the house, buy goods and food for the house and buy pets for the zoo.

It is your main responsibility to keep your Moy always beautiful and clean. Therefore, you must shower him when dirty, brushing teeth, give him healthy food and give him exercises. It will help to keep him active and attractive. You can now download the apk file of the Moy APK game to your device from this website.



Being able to customize the character as you want

You can customize the color, hair, clothes, and even beards of your game character Moy Apk as you like.

Including various mini-games

You can play casual, arcade, racing, and puzzles mini-games with various activities to play together with Moy. Through that, you can earn points and coins as well as various rewards.

There are a lot of activities to complete

In the Moy APK game, you can do various activities like playing the piano, drums, or guitar and painting, filling in a coloring book, etc. for fun. You can also manage a zoo, plant flowers in your garden, etc.

Ability to do whatever it takes to keep Moy happy

You want to keep your game character, Moy, always happy. For that, you have to keep him happy by feeding him, brushing his teeth, providing healthy food, exercising, and playing games.

Moy Download For PC

Although this Moy APK game is designed for Android devices, it can also be played on Apple macOS or Windows computers. On your computer, you should have a software application known as an emulator. An emulator is a special software for running Android apps and games on other platforms like Apple, Windows, or Linux. You can get any free emulator, including ARChon, GameLoop, LDPlayer 9, and BlueStacks. Install an emulator on your computer and continue in this way.

  1. To begin, launch your emulator browser.
  2. Copy and paste this website’s link into the search bar.
  3. You can now download it by clicking the download button on this website.
  4. Allow the game apk file to download completely.

The Moy APK file has now been saved to your computer. The next step is to properly install it. Do the following to accomplish this.

  1. First, navigate to the emulator’s downloads folder.
  2. There, open the apk file.
  3. Allow the game to install using the installation wizard.
  4. Complete the task on Installation Wizard.

Finally, the Moy APK game has been downloaded and installed on your Windows or Mac computer. So you can play it with the emulator.

How To Play Moy APK?

A Moy Apk shortcut icon will be generated after installing the game on your mobile device or computer. Open it and begin the game. The game will then begin intro. Then you are able to access the game’s home page to play it. You can play the game after watching gameplay videos on YouTube.

Pros and Cons


  • The Moy APK game is totally free to download.
  • The option to buy resources for the game via In-App Purchases if necessary.
  • You can customize your characters.
  • Anyone of any age can play this game.
  • You have the possibility to play in single-player mode.
  • It comes with high-quality graphics and sounds.
  • Not need much space to install the game.


  • Harmful malware can easily enter your device with such game files, so always download games from safe and trusted websites like ours.
  • Not being able to play online multiplayer with your friends.
  • The Moy APK game is only available in the English language.

Safety and Legality

The game’s apk file is offered for download after thorough testing by our testing team, so it does not contain any malware that will affect your device. And the Moy APK game developers collect a lot of your data, including App information and performance. But they do not share that information with other third parties for advertising and marketing purposes.


Moy Apk on a Windows PC Requirements?

Microsoft Windows 7 or later Processor – Intel or AMD


5GB of available disk space

What are the Apple iOS devices’ Requirements?

iOS 10.0 or later.

150 MB memory space.

Moy Apk on Android devices Requirements?

Android 4.4 and higher.

60 MB memory space.

Can I purchase items and resources for the game through In-App Purchases?

Yes. Purchases for Moy APK start at $0.99 In-App purchases.

Final Words

Moy APK is a simple but very entertaining game in cartoon style. As the player of this game, you have to play with the character Moy. You don’t need the internet to play this and it doesn’t cost much data to install the game. If you also like to play this game, download the apk file of the game from our website for free on your mobile or computer device.