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Battlefield Mobile is a famous shooting game (Apk) that has realistic military battles.

The battlefield is a game that is developed with a collection of well-known shooters from all around the world. The first game of this battlefield saga was launched in 2002. Since then there is no end point for game development. Until now the game is still developing. The players could obtain a realistic gaming experience with many more battles of battlefield mobile apk.

So this battlefield mobile apk is also a currently developing game for gamers.  Very recently EA announced that they are working on a new version called the battlefield mobile Apk. They are putting their efforts to develop a game with more recognized game modes that fit your consoles as well as the PCs. But some games have adapted to your smartphones too. Those functions will let the gamers play the games from anywhere and anytime. You can face your opponents more attractively and massively during all multiplayer online matches. The interesting graphics are another specific feature here.

battlefield mobile apk

Battlefield Mobile Apk Download for Android

Battlefield Mobile Apk Download

Google Play Download

As previously stated the game is released on some specific regions and specific devices since the game is still in the testing period. If the game is available for your region you could get it via the google play store. Follow the below steps to check whether it is available for your region. Normally the battlefield mobile apk is available for android devices having android version 7.0 or upwards. If it is available for your device, you could get to know it through the google play store. Currently, there are over 100,000+ downloads. The battlefield mobile apk is offered by Electronic arts for you.

  • Open the google play store via your device.
  • Search for the name battlefield mobile on the google play store.
  • You will get the correct results
  • Then you will get the availability of the game on the google play store
  • If you can join the test sessions, join them.

If your device is not supported for the game don’t worry. The game will be available on your device soon. Wait patiently.

What is Battlefield Mobile Apk?

The battlefield mobile Apk game is supported by a wide range of smartphones. Despite the titles and other features of the game, the battlefield is a game where anyone can work together as a team to be a victorious person. There are many more features available for gamers. The intuitive controls are letting the users easily adapt to the game.

There are many more weapons available in the gaming world to discover. The bombs, military vehicles, non–stop actions and grenades are for the gamers to discover. You can squad up in the battlefield game and battle along with your crew to lead the game with the maps and modes all new and old modes. Warfare is still developing. Defend the opponents with the available weapons and gadgets. Fight with your friends to control the all-powerful vehicles contained in the game. Destroy the whole battlefield along with environmental destruction. All the gamers are expecting the battlefield so soon in their regions and their devices. still, the battlefield mobile Apk is starting with some little play tests in the regions of the Philippines and Indonesia. Since the developers of the battlefield are continuing the game testing, they will enlarge the size of their tests to new regions.

battlefield mobile

More About The App

There is a mostly asked question by the expected users of the battlefield mobile apk. That is how can I get registered for the tests? When the game is available in your area, there will be a pre-register option. That option can be seen on your google play store page. Don’t worry. You will get notified when the playtesting opens up in your area automatically. But only testing slots are available for you. Still, there are so many restrictions for the testing play of this game.

As stated above, the game is still in the testing phase. So it is still released for some specific devices only. The Battlefield Mobile Apk game is only optimized to run on a variety of devices. The game is available for smartphones running android version 7.0 and upwards. If the mobile version is supported for the test then it will not be supported at the final launch of the game version. And it will support more models in the future. But I have to say that this is a specially built version for mobile devices only but not for crossplay or to any other consoles or PC versions of the game. However, still, the developer team is working to offer the same realistic battlefield to gamers. In the beginning, there is only the Randi Bazar map as well as the classic battlefield game mode is included.


  • Large-scale battles with multiplayer war
  • Collapsing tower on your ATV
  • Battlefield Mobile Apk is a First-person shooter game
  • Battle alongside your squad
  • Take control of the iconic multiplayer shooter
  • Defend, destroy and fight against for the survival
  • Customize your soldier to maximize the capabilities of the character
  • FPS and iconic warfare on the go

Battlefield Mobile Download For iOS

Still, this battlefield mobile apk is in the testing phase. If your device is supported for this game it will show up in the apple app store.

  • Open the official apple app store.
  • Search for the name battlefield mobile on the search bar.
  • If it is available the Get tab will be displayed.
  • Click on the get tab and start the game installation.
  • Open the game and start gaming.

Battlefield Mobile Download for PC

The battlefield mobile apk is available for your PCs if it is available in the google play store. You could get the game installed easily by following the below steps.

  • First, open the android emulator that you have installed. Bluestacks, memu player, or the Nox player are the best android emulators that you could use.
  • Launch the google play store by using the android emulator you have installed.
  • Complete the google sign-in procedure to start the installation.
  • Search the name battlefield mobile.
  • Install it after choosing the correct game.

How To Play Battlefield Mobile Apk?

The game is not available in some regions of the world. If the EA has locked the game for your region you have one option left. You could use VPN for that purpose.  Some third-party apps are offering the game for you. If you are installing it via third-party apps, do that at your own risk. You know that the battlefield mobile is the latest entry of the FPS games. All features of the game are described above.

Safety And Legality

There are no harmful contents included in the game. But there are some violating features included here. However, the battlefield mobile Apk is rated for 12+. When downloading the Battlefield Mobile Apk game, always make sure to get it via safe sources. Don’t use unsafe third-party applications. Also still there are some more restrictions and limitations against the app because still it is in the development phase. If it is not available for your region, still wait patiently.


Q: Can I download the battlefield mobile Apk into my mobile?

A: Yes. Why not? If it is available for your region you could get it as soon as possible.

Q: Is Battlefield Mobile Apk free?

A: Still this is in the testing phase some charges may apply. Once it is officially available you need not make any charges.

Final Words

The battlefield mobile apk is still in its testing phase. So if you want to enjoy the game’s official release, you need to wait for some time. However, Wish you happy gaming.