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Kingdom Wars is a tower defense game (Apk) that needs higher intelligence effort. This was developed by Spring comes. The new version was updated on October 12, 2022. 

Similar to other defense games Kingdom Wars APK is also an entertaining game. However, this is an excellent game that needs strategic thinking and the quick decision-making ability of the payer.  It has earned reviews above 4.4/5 and has been downloaded by over one million war gamers.

It is simply to defend your castle and destroy the castle of the enemy. In front of you, a troop of enemies is trying to collapse your castle. However, you can battle with your army or get the support of friendly troops. It involves simple and real-time strategic practices with instant decision-making.

Kingdom Wars APK is available with 400 stages and you can create fresh heroes in different stages of the game. You can meet 100 different comrades and destroy 200 enemy troops. To destroy the opposing castles, use the heroes and epic characters. Once you play Kingdom Wars, you will be surprised and thrilled by the surprising elements it offers.

kingdom wars apk

Kingdom Wars APK Download for Android

Kingdom Wars Apk Download

Google Play Download

Kingdom Wars APK supports Android 4.1 and above versions.

You can get it downloaded with just 3 simple steps.

  1. Copy this download button on this page
  2. Click on download Kingdom Wars APK
  3. Wait 10 seconds to download and click on install
  4. Now, it is ready to start the game

 What is the Kingdom Wars APK?

You will be able to command and lead an army tasked with protecting your castle and defeating the enemy. Save your castle and try to destroy the castle of the enemy.  It requires knowledge and an active mind to involve in solving the secrets hidden inside this game. The fights in Kingdom Wars will be a lot of fun. This tower defense game moves quickly. It was also available with a fast-forwarding facility. 

The commander has the option of creating an army, improving existing troops, or enhancing the supply of food. Each of the characters in the Kingdom Wars APK has different outlines and personalities. You can be friendlier to them and share the insides to make the bond between the commander and the soldier so strong. You will end up becoming addicted to Kingdom Wars with keep improving the army and the weapon atop the tower.

The “wall to wall” kind of the game’s rules are easy to understand as possible to maintain. You can choose 6 boosters and earn diamonds and treasures in each stage.

kingdom wars


  • Over 400 different stages, you can unlock in the Kingdom Wars APK
  • You have to battle with over 200 crucial enemies. 
  • You can create over 100 heroes 
  • Available with breaks for fights
  • In each stage, you can collect riches to activate numerous skilled effects.
  • You can be a commander with skill and intelligence on the battlefield.
  • You have to be wise to use 6 different types of Booster items.
  • Ability to upgrade weapons and army. 
  • Rewarding diamonds and treasures at each level up.
  • When you are successful at the fights, your level will be upgraded while gaining a different kind of soldier, special weapons, and fast-track features.
  • You may utilize a range of forces.
  • Attractive fights with additional characteristics.
  • Simple 2D graphics.

Kingdom Wars APK Download for PC

The game is compatible with windows and iOS, You have to follow a few steps to get Kingdom Wars downloaded,

  • Visit the relevant website
  • Click on the download Kingdom Wars APK
  • Let it download to your PC
  • Then directly click on the icon and wait for installation.
  • It will ask to download some unknown resources
  • Once you allow it, it will be downloaded to your PC.
  • How to Play Kingdom Wars game?
    • You have to fight with a troop of enemies and make efforts to keep them from attacking the castle. 
    • Each stage of the game starts with castles. One is occupied with your troop of soldiers and another one is with the opposition party. 
  • You have to make sure that you are ready to begin the battle in Kingdom Wars APKas suddenly as the level starts.
  • It is in your hand to decide what time is appropriate to attack and how to block and counterattack. 
  • However, you should be alert to the enemy soldiers. 
  • When you keep some insiders around you, they will attack your enemies in case you found difficulty.
  • Make sure that you follow various techniques and plans to destroy the enemy’s tower.
  • You should strengthen and restore your army and weapon system before going to battle.
  • A powerful troop of enemies that can easily wipe out your whole army. Therefore, you can train with special troops to improve your victory percentage.
  • You may seek the assistance of other great heroes to increase their food supply.
  • You should only maintain the “wall to wall” rule throughout the game.


Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • An easy game with a single focus.
  • The player has to be multi-talented.
  • A single-player game
  • Attractive graphics
  • Ability to get it downloaded free of charge.
  • It is a newly developing modern game with some old attributes.
  • Kingdom Wars APK does not require roots, therefore it is secure to download.
  • It is available to play offline.
  • Different personalities at each sage
  • It is ideal for young players to be energetic and rational thinkers.


  • After a certain level, will not store the previous game
  • Controlling the game is difficult.
  • A highly addictive game for Youngers.


Is the Kingdom Wars APK available for free?


What can we get by successfully playing the game?

Kingdom Wars APK offers a fairly reasonable currency system. To level up the troops, the player can earn diamonds and riches at each step. It has unlimited treasures for you to collect.

Can we play Kingdom Wars APK using an Adobe flash player?

No. You cannot play the Kingdom Wars APK using Adobe flash player.


A strategy game incorporates elements of action and role-playing. Kingdom Wars APK offers you an experience of fighters which consists of more than 200 different characters at each level and of the more than 400 levels to try to defend your castle. To enhance the likelihood of entering and taking control of the Orc’s tower, you must develop your winning strategies to save the castle and all of its occupants. You should be able to make strong your army continuously. You can utilize a variety of weaponry in the game to finish your tasks. Keep attacking your opponents and defending the tower.

The visuals are clear and improve vision and judgment.

Your ability to fast forward will determine your ability to make decisions. Plenty of alternatives are available to you at the Kingdom Wars APKFortunately, this game provides the necessary tools and possibilities. You can make strong and quick decisions and make sure to act quickly and wisely to stay at the top of your game. If you enjoy playing action games, you can access unlimited money and get the most recent Kingdom Wars APK version.