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Deemo is a free hybrid music game (Apk) that has been created for piano lovers and fans of music.

Deemo APK is a well-known game that is produced by Rayark International Limited and created by Cytus series internationally. This ARK offers a niche segment in the musical game market. 

Deemo meets a lovely girl named Alice who has just entered the game. Then it implies his responsibility to ensure that she returns to the world. It will be like viewing the scenery of a movie with background music.

If you are familiar with the Piano notes, the Deemo APK will not be a difficult game. This game has been downloaded by over 10 million players and gained a 4.6 rating over 5.

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Deemo APK Download for Android

Deemo Apk Download

Google Play Download

Deemo APK supports both Android and iOS. Android 4.4. Follow the steps below to download with android settings.

  • Install Deemo APK by simply tapping on the file name once download it.
  • You must enable unknown sources in your Android settings.
  • You should make sure that you have enough space in the memory.
  • Let it install.
  • Open and start playing the Deemo

 What is the Deemo APK?

The game starts with a story of a lonely man who loves to live isolated and dies after ages. His name is Deemo. Then a little girl comes
to the earth from the sky. Deemo helps her to go back to her world. So, he plays the piano to get a tree to grow to the sky. This story is full of love and sorrow presents with horrible, scary visuals and terrific music.

A mix of a music game and an urban fantasy story. It consists of hand-drawn pictures and authentic musical feedback from the touch of a piano note. The music sounds are true and real as your talents and skills.

As the game proceeds, you will be able to unlock new tracks and enjoy a compelling story. Deemo APK offers you three different challenge options as easy, medium, and hardest. The player is free to think of which level he/she should start with.

You cannot access a lot of songs in the first phase of the Deemo APK game. More songs become available as you gain experience by finishing
the levels.



  • More than 300 well-known songs and melodies are included in this game and play
    during the main gameplay.
  • More than 60 songs are available free of charge.
  • Original and authentic piano music.
  • As the game proceeds, you will be able to unlock new tracks and enjoy a movable story.
  • Join Deemo APK and participate in this breathtaking and modern fairytale.
  • Many of the piano, songs were written by well-known composers.
  • Easy to understand the gameplay, with music that stirs up deep feelings
  • Keep the beat by tapping and sliding.
  • Discover hidden game aspects by examining the settings.
  • Deemo APK is playable without an online connection
  • The ability to share the status of the game on social media platforms.
  • Progress of the storyline shows the recovery of the girl’s memory.
  • Beautiful drawings and pictures, it may feel that reading a graphic and digital novel.
  • The beautiful and dark drawings are a perfect match with the background songs.
  • You can enjoy the Deemo Apk game wearing headphones because the quality of the songs is not ensured in open sounds or loudspeaker quality.
  • More points are awarded the closer you are to being on the beat.

Deemo Download for PC

Below listed are the simple steps to download the Deemo APK,

  1. Search for the full version of the Deemo APK.
  2. Download the Deemo APK.
  3. Once it downloads, it may save in the file manager.
  4. Click on the cache file and click on the exact file.
  5. Then launch the game.

How to Play Deemo APK?

  1. Deemo Apk Players will have to take part in a game where notes keep falling from above.
  2. These chords are not fixed to four straight lines as they are in the Piano Title.
  3. The player has to click on the next button while the song is going on.
  4. You can start playing the Deemo game with two fingers.
  5. You must tap in the appropriate spot once they reach a line at the bottom of the screen. More points are awarded the closer you are to being on the beat.
  6. Each song will need an average wait time of 45 seconds.
  7. If the player could not skip correctly, the song will stop and you will lose.
  8. If you play by yourself successfully, you can reach a good score.
  9. Sometimes, the Deemo Apk game become difficult in a later stage, as the player has to use multiple keys.
  10. You can easily recognize the gap by tapping the icon.
  11. Though you are much interested and familiar with the available songs, we suggest you start the Deemo game with an easy stage.
  12. Playing the game is therefore rather simple and straightforward.
  13.  You can follow the same scrolling-down method on the screen like in Dance Dance Revolution or Tap Tap Revenge games.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy playing and straightforward control.
  • The player has to unlock the songs after a certain level.
  • It supports general Android devices.
  • Hand-drawn graphics enhance the experience of the Deemo APK.
  • Designs are established and attractive.
  • It is a mix of music and sounds which brings excitement to the game.
  • No age boundary for the game.
  • The fans of music and piano players can easily win the game.
  • You may feel like you are a part of the best anime series even if it is only a
    fantasy world.
  • Deemo APK is a solo game for you to enjoy your spare time.


  • Deemo APK is a game that can only play online.
  • It requires a considerably higher storage space.
  • The App which is downloaded free of charge will not unlock the complete story.
  • The nature of the game is often emotional.
  • No clear instructions or directions.
  • Must wear a headphone.


Is the Deemo APK available for free?

Yes. It is freely available but limited access to the final story and complete set of songs.

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

  • You will get unlimited money.
  • You can unlock more and more songs after a certain level.

Can we play Deemo APK using an Adobe flash player?

No. It is not compatible to play with the Adobe flash player.


A simple and easy game while listening to music that makes you feel emotional. Deemo Apk is a game with beats, graphics, and a beautiful tale. Deemo is certainly one of the very few musically themed video games that have won players’ hearts. When gentle music is playing in the background of the beautiful story, you may relate to it more deeply.

There are plenty of other musically themed games are available, but none of the games have as many incredible features as Deemo APK. Despite the fact that additional songs must be purchased, you still have a broader collection of songs. The Deemo has become the leader of all the best fantasy stories because of its fantastic melodies and music. People who are not interested in typical and routine games. They always seek something extra and unique. Deemo APK game is the best solution for you since you may play it without worrying. Overall, the controls are fairly simple to use, and there won’t be any problems with responsiveness.