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Clash Mini is a game (Apk) that is giving you a chance to take part in battles with characters in Clash Universe. Here these battles are not normal actually. The battles are consistent with many more famous characters. Those characters are actually from the clash universe. However, due to the title of the game, the players will find various tiny versions of the warrior’s players just for you to place surrounding the grid of the screen.

In the Clash Mini Apk game, you will need to place all the members in the game on the board strategically. Then players can face their rivals. Through this, the players are required to create balanced lines. Those balanced lines for the attack and defense in order to make any damage as much as possible to the opponents. If you have marked the position of each and every small warrior, then the player should have to tap on the combat button. After that check whether your chosen strategy is successful or not. So likewise you are free to know all these things just by joining this amazing clash mini apk.

clash mini apk

Clash Mini Apk Download for Android

Clash Mini Apk Download

Google Play Download

If you are willing to continue the gaming with the android device you have, just get the game downloaded into your device first. Easily you can get the clash mini apk downloaded only after your device has completed the required requirements. For this game just you need the android version 4.3 and upwards. If you don’t have such an android version you are unable to complete the installation properly. The Clash Mini Apk latest version provided for you is 1.1689.3.  always get the latest version to enjoy with all the latest features. Currently, there are over 1,000,000+ users that have accumulated with the game.

  • So now easily you are capable of starting the game by downloading via the google play store.
  • First, open the google play store.
  • Then search for the name clash mini Apk on the search bar.
  • You will receive the matching results for your search.
  • Then choose the most appropriate one there.
  • After selecting which one is the correct app tap the download option.
  • You will be directed to the installation just after finishing the download process.
  • Then allow for the permissions requested by the clash mini Apk game.
  • Click on the app icon and open the game.
  • Start gaming with it.

What is Clash Mini Apk?

Clash Mini Apk game is based around the clash universe. This is your turn to enjoy a strategy-consisted amazing game. What you have to do is just gather, muster, and upgrade your Mini army. Here there is an enjoyable real-time auto battle encounter. There are some advantages to that real-time auto battler. It will predict all moves by your opponents of yours.  And after that, it will help to convene your victory strategy of yours. The formation is also another strategy here. Be the last one standing in the game by watching the minis that are coming to life. And you have to clash to be the single last one here.

The players can leaf their amazing army with the heroes that are contained with the barbarian king,  archer queen, and many others however you can turn this game into a very amazing one by utilizing the available gaming features here. The title of the clash mini Apk can be easily changed by swapping or leveling up your minis in between each of the rounds.  Here the players can play 1v1 or by the rumble move against the available other 7 players here. However, the players can play for fun here. But there are rankings available.

clash mini

More About The App

Obtain any ranking ups in order to increase the league standing of the game. However, the clash mini Apk is an easy game for you. But it is a bit challenging.  If you have downloaded the game previously just be ready to play the biggest rumble here.

There are dynamic combinations as well as valuable combinations available here. Be aware of the enemy’s moves and then lay out your army to face those issues.  Adjust all game strategies along with the melee, tanks, and ranged minis. Also to activate the player abilities, the players can upgrade the minis through the game. Any player can enjoy the 3D battles; these are very fast and thrilling 3D battles to want. Each and every game is action-stowed. So the players would not get bored ever.  Usually, the battles take only about 5 minutes. Also, the players can watch after minis show to discover their special movements. Likewise, there are too many features available here to get used to the Clash Mini Apk game. If you are interested now it’s your chance for it.


  • Funny and interesting 3D battle games
  • Identify the special movements of the minis from various camera angles
  • Clash Mini Apk is an action-packed game series
  • Identify the moves of opponents to set your army
  • Adjust your game strategy of yours with tanks, melee, and with ranged minis
  • Upgrade the minis during the battle to activate the stronger abilities
  • Get into the global top 1000 by achieving progress through the game
  • There are iconic clash heroes such as barbarian king, archer queen, and shield maiden
  • Complete the quests in order to collect the minis and discover new abilities
  • Use the unique skins options to customize the heroes and minis while gaming

Clash Mini Download For iOS

In a similar way, the clash mini can be installed on your ios devices as well. For the installation of the game, it is better to follow the below steps. Through that, you will complete the installation process successfully.

  • Open the apple app store
  • Then search for the name clash mini
  • You will explore the correct application under this name
  • Tap on the get option to continue the download and installation process
  • Wait for some time and allow for the permissions requested by the game.
  • Now you are done.
  • Start gaming with clash mini.

Clash Mini Download for PC

Now the clash mini is available for the PC that has the windows operating system. Through the following process, anyone can get the game downloaded onto their PC. Just follow that. For this task, you are required to use an android emulator. Bluestacks, nox player and memu player are some of such kinds of android emulators that you are capable of exploring.

  • Download an android emulator if you don’t have such one on your PC.
  • Then launch it.
  • Open the google play store via the android emulator.
  • Complete the google sign-in option to start downloads.
  • Search for the name clash mini via the google store search bar.
  • Then continue with the download and installation processes.
  • Open the game by clicking on the desktop icon of the game.
  • Start gaming.

How To Play Clash Mini Apk?

Clash Mini Apk game is more similar to the game called clash royale. But here you have 3 towers. But you have to play the game on a board like chess. That is with 5 lanes. While in the game the players can place their units anywhere. Similarly, the enemies can place their units in the desired place.

Here in Clash Mini Apk, you will meet the battle deck. That the battle deck is consistent with a hero and with 5 minis. The heroes are kind of leaders or champions in the deck. The minis here have their unique abilities in gaming.  When the gaming levels are gradually increasing, the abilities of the minis are also rising.  The heroes like the barbarian king, archer queen, royal champion, shieldmaiden, countess, and wave master are included here. The heroes are also figures that are contained on the boards.  Each of the heroes has powerful super abilities.

Apart from that, the minis are also extraordinary creatures that can be found through gaming, and that can be used to battle against each other. Each and every mini has an elixir cost. The cost ranges from 2 – 4. The minis are having star upgrades. So likewise there are many components as well as features contained with this. This is your turn to try them.

Safety And Legality

The clash mini apk is a very safe game. There are no harmful components included here. Therefore anyone can play the game without any issue. Apart from that, the clash mini apk doesn’t have any restrictions over its usage of it. Therefore use it freely without any issue.


Q: What do you want to do with the clash mini Apk?

A: This is a battle game. Actually, this is a board game that is along with clash universe. This is a game where players can position their favorite characters in the game and watch them come to life for the battle.

Q: Are clash quest and clash mini Apk the same or not?

A: These both are not similar. The cash mini is one out of the three clash games of supercell.  The clash quest is the first one out of those three games.

Q: Are there any clans in the clash mini Apk?

A: Yes. There are clans included in the clash mini Apk game. That is the most recent feature introduced via this clash mini Apk game.

Final Words

So through each and every paragraph in here, it says about the precious game called the clash mini apk. So here is your chance to discover the features included in the game. Don’t be too late to discover interesting facts regarding the game.