8 Ball Pool Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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8 Ball Pool is a game (Apk) developed by Capermint game development company to play billiards. The 8 ball pool Apk is an amazing game for you. The game allows you to enjoy gaming much more and with many, more amazing gaming features. While gaming you are a player in the game. The game allows its players to be played online along with their friends as well as strangers. Here there are opponents for you as well.

This 8 ball pool Apk is an addictive game for you everyone.  This was introduced for iOS devices at the beginning. But later on, the 8 ball pool Apk was introduced to the other devices running various operating systems too.  This game features very colorful graphics. However, the game can be identified as a billiard game for you. Have fun by playing the game with your mates. Enjoy gaming.

8 ball pool apk

8 Ball Pool Apk Download for Android

8 Ball Pool Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version for your android devices is 5.8.0. and to use the game with your device you should have to be with an android version 4.4 and upwards.  Also, over 500 mn+ users are engaging with the app. so you could install the game into your smartphone without any issue.

  • First, open the google play store via your device.
  • Next search the title 8 Ball Pool on the search bar.
  • Then after finding the app, continue with the download and installation process
  • Wait for a few minutes until the download and installation process finish
  • Finish the setup of the app by allowing the requested permissions of the app.
  • Then launch the app and start playing the game.

What is an 8 Ball Pool Apk?

If you are willing to play the world of pool games, this is your chance for it. The 8 ball pool Apk is one of the most addictive also challenging games for you. The game is based on reality. The content is real. The game is based on real 3D pool games. Also, this is a virtual place where you can challenge your friends via this platform. Xo the players can become a master of gaming via this platform.

This 8 ball pool Apk is a game that is very much easy to win.  What you are wanting to do is just select the table via the gaming. Then get ready by choosing the table for you. Anyone can join this gaming world. Then start to challenge your friends. So anyone joining this gaming community? Engage with this amazing gaming to use the pooling strategy wisely throughout the gaming. During this online multiplayer game, the ball game is very difficult. But in this game, the game is becoming more and more difficult with each level.  The game is multiplayer.  So at the end of the game, the player would be the best one out of the game.

8 ball pool

More About The App

The 8 ball pool Apk is available for anyone as above stated. If you have the required device for the gameplay, you are eligible to play the game. So while in gaming the players can choose different types of balls as well as different types of tables. The game is helping you to be a better player as well as the game will help you to be an intelligent person.  The players will improve their aim while shooting the balls.

The gameplay is very easy. Playing with your friends is an easy task for anyone.  But to play this amazing game, the players are needed to use a Miniclip or Facebook account. Apart from that, the players can challenge their friends through this multiplayer game. So you can challenge your friends to the PvP pool match that is ongoing. Aim to the target and shoot with your best ball. Here the players can use customized cues during your online 3D PvP tournaments. So according to the given facts in the 8 Ball Pool apk, you can enjoy the gaming. So start gaming with the 8 ball pool Apk.


  • Online multiplayer game
  • Play the game with your companions as well as with strangers
  • Usage of customized cue
  • Customize the pool table
  • Win the match and collect coins
  • The players can buy more and more items in the pool shop
  • Complete all the 3D multiplayer league
  • Become a master of the game
  • The game lets you increase the rankings
  • Players will get access to more match levels and locations
  • Compete against all the other best players
  • The game is consistent with different match levels
  • Take your chance at the PvP competitions
  • Prove your skills with the gaming

These are some features included with the 8 Ball Pool Apk.  but you have to be with an active internet connection. That is essentially required for gaming. If not, the game cannot be played.  Therefore you have to make sure that you have an internet connection strong enough to play the game.

8 Ball Pool Download For iOS

Similar to android devices, iOS devices are free to download this game. Initially, the game was designed for iPhones. By following the below steps you can get the game downloaded.

  • Go to the apple app store with your iPhone.
  • After that, search for the 8 ball pool app through the iOS app store.
  • You will get the matching results for your search
  • Then to download just tap on the get button
  • The installation process would be started automatically.
  • hold up till the procedure gets finished.
  • Open the game and start gaming.

8 Ball Pool Download for PC

If you are required to get the game for your PC, now you are free to do it.  But to get the game, the Pc should have an AE. Then only the downloading process can be done effectively. So if your PC won’t have an AE, get it first.

To get an android emulator, your PC should have windows 7 or any higher version. Also, the 4 GB of RAM or higher. The free disk space should have been 5 GB. Then follow the given below steps to complete the game download completely.

  • Open the installed android emulator. You can try the android emulators such as bluestacks, nox player and the memu player.
  • Then go to the google play store using the AE.
  • Before starting the downloading process make sure you have completed the sign-in.
  • Next search the name game 8 ball pool game
  • You will get the matching results for your search.
  • Proceed to the installation task
  • Open the app by using the game icon on the desktop

How To Play 8 Ball Pool Apk?

Anyone can start gaming as a Facebook user, Miniclip member, or guest member too. The only thing that you are required to have is this one. So you are not required to have registration or other usernames.  As stated previously you are free to play the 8 Ball Pool Apk game with your friends or with strangers. Here there are tournaments for yourselves. There are five major levels of gaming. Those are London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo, and Las Vegas.  To play an 8 Ball Pool Apk game round the players should have to pay a game fee. That should have to be paid by using the in-game currency.  The higher levels are getting higher fees. If you win a game level, you will win twice as much as the amount that you have paid.

Also, you will win the amount that you have paid as well as the opponent’s share. Similar to that if you lose the coins, the player is losing the coins as well. But you are not dropping below zero.

Safety And Legality

As you are aware the 8 ball pool Apk is a free as well as an online game. Also, it is a billiard game. Here you can play the game either solo or against other friends. First, when we consider the safety and security of the 8 Ball Pool Apk, there are no issues recorded. There is no harmful content for you. Therefore the game is safe. Also, the game is appropriate for the kids as well.  No harm for them as well. Apart from that make sure to always download the game from a believable source. Then get the game from trusted sources such as the GPlay or the AppStore. When it comes to legality, No issues are recorded with the app currently. Therefore you are free to use this app anywhere.


Q: Is the 8 ball pool Apk a free game?

A:  Yes. The 8 ball pool Apk is a free game that is offered for you. There are no external charges associated with the game. Only you should have an active internet connection for playing the game.

Q: Is the 8 ball pool Apk an Indian game?

A: Actually, this is a game that is maintained and operated by the Miniclip. It is a gaming company based in Switzerland,  Portugal, Italy, and England.

Q: Can anyone play the 8 ball alone?

A: If you are a pool player you will know how to play this 8 ball pool Apk game. Often the game is played with 2 players. But you can play this game in solo mode as well.

Final Words

So the given above facts are based on the most famous pool game called the 8 ball pool Apk. This is everyone’s favorite game. So if you haven’t played the game yet. This is your chance to play. Have fun.