Traffic Rider Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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Traffic Rider is a game (Apk) that has bike racing which is in first-person mode. There are different bike varieties available. So the users are free to choose their favourite bike type. Not only that but also there are multiple missions available in the game. All players who are joining to play this game are welcome to play this game without any issue. The other foremost attractive feature here is the graphics. The game is consistent with amazing and eye-catching graphics. The traffic rider Apk is with the amazing graphics that are making the users attracted towards the game.

When the traffic rider Apk players begin to eat more and more coins, the score is rising. Also when they are earning more and more points, it is possible to obtain more and more unlocking chances. For instance, when you get more and more scores, you will get a chance to unlock more new bike types.

The traffic rider Apk can be identified as a legendary game. Also, it is a kind of a moto game that Is offered by the studio sky game. The game allows the players to move at high speed freely. To face this game positively you could take the coolest and most powerful bike out there. In order to know more facts, refer to the following description.

traffic rider apk

Traffic Rider Apk Download for Android

Traffic Rider Apk Download

Google Play Download

If you are an android device user, always get the latest version downloaded. Because the latest version gives out all the latest versions for the users. The latest version of the traffic rider Apk is 1.71. there are two methods that you could get the game installed into your android device. you could try any one of these methods.

Installing the game via the play store

The traffic rider Apk is available for Android devices from the play store. To install it correctly, follow the below steps.

  • Search for the name traffic rider apk through the google play store search bar.
  • Then you will find the matching results as per your search.
  • After getting the correct app, tap on the install tab to proceed with the game installation.
  • It will take a little time to complete the installation.
  • Then open the game and start gaming.

Installing the game here

Here in below, we have given you the Traffic Rider Apk download link. So you could simply get the game downloaded by tapping on it.

  • Just click on the download tab below.
  • Then the process of downloading the game will begin.
  • After a few minutes, the game would finish downloading.
  • Then before the installation, allow the installation from third-party apps. If not, the download process may be at risk of corruption.
  • Next, start the installation process.
  • Now you have installed the Traffic Rider Apk game correctly.
  • Begin gaming.

What is Traffic Rider Apk?

Sometimes you may be feeling confused because you haven’t played this traffic rider Apk game ever before. But don’t worry you could get used to this traffic rider Apk game so quickly. Get forwarded to the adventures throughout the game. In this game, you need to go around by using cars, vans and motorbikes.

 A traffic rider Apk is a first-person driving game. The player has to get behind the handlebars of the motorbike. Players can drive at the full speed of the motorbike in the game. When you run at a full speed you can drive. All tracks in the game are straight highways. Therefore it is much easier to drive through. There is an advantage to this feature.  So the players don’t want to worry about other sharp bends or other turns ahead. Just do what they want very easily.

traffic rider

More About the Traffic Rider Apk

If you have played the traffic racer even once, you will realize that the traffic rider apk is very much similar to the traffic racer game. Both games are similar because both games are from the same developer. While controlling the game, the right handlebar is for accelerating and the left handlebar is for stopping. You can press the left handlebar to stop the bike. Sometimes you want to tilt the bikes while racing. In such a case you could do it simply. Just tilt the device, you are playing the game. Actually, there are very intuitive controls included in the traffic rider Apk game. Therefore you could have an amazing gaming experience.

 Thanks to the game developers, they have built the game very intuitively and well implemented. Usually when you are passing a car or bike while racing, then you could acquire many more points if you want to play the game for a longer period of time. But this is dependent on the game mode that you choose to play. So if your selected game mode is supported for this function, now you could simply use this function.


  • Another creation of the traffic racer developers
  • The more detailed gaming experience
  • Retaining the old gaming fun and simplicity
  • The traffic rider Apk is taking an endless racing genre
  • The gaming perspective is the first-person view perspective
  • Intuitive graphics
  • Can buy new bikes
  • There are over 32 models of motorbikes available.
  • Generating real motorbike sounds to make the gamers feel a realistic experience
  • There are career modes available with over 70 missions
  • Availability of the online leaderboards
  • Traffic Rider Apk Support for 18 languages

The given above are some advanced features available for gamers. So if you want to enjoy these amazing features, now get the Traffic Rider Apk game installed and start the gaming by yourselves.

Traffic Rider Download for iOS

The ios device users could get the traffic rider game by using the official apple app store. Therefore it is very easy to get this game downloaded into the iPhones or the iPads. Enter the ios app store.

  • Then search for the name from the iOS app store search bar.
  • Then you will get the matching results.
  • After you have got the perfect game then proceed with the game installation.
  • Tap on the get tab.
  • It will take some time to complete the game installation.
  • After a few seconds, you could get the game installed into your device
  • Then start gaming.

Traffic Rider for PC

The traffic rider is available for android devices. So the game can be installed on the pc by using an android emulator. The following steps are for you as a guide for game downloading. First of all, you have to get an android emulator into your device. There are well-known android emulators such as bluestacks, nox player etc. if your device won’t have one get it installed immediately.

  • Open the android emulator that you have installed.
  • Then open the google play store via the android emulator.
  • Complete the google sign-in procedure to continue with the game installation.
  • Search for the traffic rider game on the search bar.
  • Continue downloading the game after you have chosen the correct one.
  • Start gaming.

How to Play Traffic Rider Apk?

Traffic Rider Apk is a simple and intuitive racing game for you. There are simple controls included. The acceleration is available by the right handlebar and the left handlebar is for stopping. In order to tilt the bike just tilt the device. When you are riding faster and more, the players can collect more and more scores. When you are riding the game at or over the speed of 100kph, you could overtake the other racers very easily. The players can accumulate more and more bonus scores as well as cash throughout the game. Plus driving is not only one way. The gamer can drive their vehicles both ways. That is allowing you to get more and more cash as well as score.  Another measure that you could take to increase your scores is doing wheelies.

Safety and legality

Until now there are no issues recorded over the game. But make sure to get the game installed by safe sources always. That will decrease the risks from unsafe sources. Usually, the official app stores like the google play store and the apple app store are always offering safe apps for you. When considering the legality, there is no kind of such issue. People from anywhere can use this game without any difficulty.


Q: Is traffic rider Apk a free game?

A: Yes. This is a free game offered for you. You need not pay any external charges in order to play or use this game. Just install the game and start gaming.

Q: Are traffic rider and traffic racers the same?

A: No. but both games are similar. The traffic rider Apk and traffic racer have similar functionalities because both of them are from the same developer.

The above-stated details are regarding the amazing game called the traffic rider Apk. The traffic racer allows you to have a spectacular and amazing gaming experience. The dozens of modes and race events combined deliver a perfect gaming experience.