Toon Blast Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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Toon Blast is a fun and challenging game (Apk) with interesting and exclusive cartoon characters. This is introduced by Toy Blast and released to Softonic on August 27th, 2018 as a puzzle game.

It is an ideal game to enjoy your spare time. It is a simple and addicting casual game to play on your mobile device or Pc. The exceptional cartoon characters of the game will certainly satisfy you. Though there are plenty of puzzle games, Toon Blast APK is exceptional with the use of cartoon characters and simplicity.  Explore challenging puzzle levels and amazing cubes popping off in various patterns and sounds. Additionally, the game is incredibly playable on the majority of your devices because of the attractive visuals.

The newest version of the Toon Blast APK 9041 was released on October 3, 2022. It has been updated with 50 new levels. Be the champion with paying your friends or unknown. You can also play it with foreign players.

toon blast apk

Toon Blast APK Download for Android

Toon Blast Apk Download

Google Play Download

Anyone can play the game no matter the age. The content of the game has gained a rating of 4.5 out of 5. The minimum requirement for downloading the Toon Blast APK for an Android device is that supports 22 APIs or above.

Additionally, the game is still free for all Android players to play on their mobile devices. Simply search for the game on the Google Play Store and download it for free. Additionally, you can also get the customized version free of charge.

 What is the Toon Blast APK?

Toon Blast APK is not an exclusive play because it follows the similar mechanism and ideas of other puzzle games. However, it looks similar to other match-three games, the interesting and inventive ways of matching cubes in this game will amaze you.

With a simple touch, you can blast similar colors to three or more cubes that are placed in vertical or horizontal lines. You can use unexpected explosives methods to break whole

boards. You can ladder up and record the progress to new levels. If you connect the Toon Blast APK through social media platforms, you will be notified who are also playing the game same time. You can see their stage and records anytime. You can also save your previous game to play the next time.

Toon Blast is a relatively simple puzzle game compared to other puzzle games. Moreover, easy to learn and understand, especially for younger players. They will become comfortable with the game so quickly. Though it is simple to play, it will take time to be a well-player on it.

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  • You will be unlocking new episodes if you complete challenges one by one.
  • Over 5000 levels and each level is interesting and challenging.
  • There are different types of obstacles to come across
  • Unlock whacky boosters and go level up
  • Collect stars and different rewards by completing step by step
  • Make your own team and fight with others
  • Upgrade the lives of your teammates.
  • You can link the Toon Blast APK to your social media accounts to unlock new features.
  • It is easy to synchronize the game on both phones and tablets.
  • Easy, thrilling, and challenging tasks
  • Get it downloaded free of charge.
  • Dynamic and attractive visuals.
  • The cubes are popping up in various patterns. 
  • Toon Blast Apk game offers responsive and interactive audio experiences.

Toon Blast Download for PC

You can play Toon Blast on a Windows or Mac computer. It requires basic features and graphics. It is available in the Google store free of charge. Follow the simple steps below. 

  1. Get an android emulator installed.
  2. Once the emulator got downloaded complete the installation
  3. Launch the emulator and then launch Google Play on your computer.
  4. Look up Toon Blast on Google Play.
  5. Get download the game
  6. Click the star icon when the installation is finished.

Below listed are the basic requirements for you to get download the game,

  • Minimum  OS requirements are Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only) or Mac OS Sierra(10.12), 
  • RAM is required to be 2-4GB of RAM, 
  • Just 4GB of disk space for Android and Graphics

How to Play Toon Blast Apk?

  • The goal of the game is to group together colored blocks. 
  • The player is entitling a limited amount of moves in each level.
  • If you could not group similar color blocks within a given number of moves, you will lose one of your three lives.
  •  The Toon Blast Apk game also provides a range of different levels and challenges throughout the game.
  • You can begin with less difficult and more straightforward stages and tasks and then you may find yourself progressing to increasingly hard gaming.
  • You will win good rewards in tough stages.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to go through, understand, and play.
  • Attractive cartoon characters.
  • No age limits.
  • More than 5000 levels in the game.
  • Toon Blast is free to download from the Google play store.
  • It can be downloaded and pay in most android devices due to low-demanding visuals. 
  • You can open the challenge to online gamers all over the world.


  • Toon Blast APK is a simple puzzle game simpler than other available puzzle games.
  • There are negative reviews on the repetition of the game after a while.
  • It will be limited functions if you do not purchase the original game
  • You will get frequent notifications to purchase Toon Blast APK
  • Since it is free, you have to still restrict to pop-up advertisements which not many of you like.
  • You will be addicted due to the simplicity of the game.


Is the Toon Blast APK available for free?

Of course, the game is available in the Google play store free of charge. You can even get the customized version without additional cost. 

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

  • You will find the wacky cartoon world with cartoons such as Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, and Bruno Bear at every challenging level.
  • Blast cubes and form strong combos to get through the challenging levels. 
  • You can explore the magical world if you solve puzzles one by one.

Can we play Toon Blast APK using an Adobe flash player?

Toon Blast APK is not available in the Adobe flash player


When comparing the Toon Blast Apk game with other similar puzzle games it differs due to cartoonish appeal. Additionally, three main cartoon characters as the player, a cheering character, and other animals add extra fun to the game. The Toon Blast APK has different challenging levels that will keep you entertained and allow you to discover new, exciting methods to solve puzzles. Winning rewards at each level will encourage you to keep playing. Therefore, both children and adult gamers can enjoy playing the game with lots of fun. The characters are all well-designed and give a lot of personality to the game.

Toon Blast Apk is one of the easy casual games for Android players because of its straightforward and addicting nature. The exclusive cartoon characteristic graphics, attractive responsive sound, puzzle-solving features, and hundreds of engaging levels will offer you a different experience compared to other puzzle games.