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Scary Teacher 3D is a game (Apk) twisted around a worst high school teacher and a genius girl. The name of the game was made due to the character of this scary teacher. The teacher is threatening the kids. She undergoes various threatening methods including physical punishments. In this game, the scary teacher is shifted as your neighbor. So as the player, you have to teach a good lesson by frightening this teacher.

To take revenge, prepare the best time to make the weird teacher scared by performing many various kinds of activities. Releasing the existing pets under her custody is one of the activities that could be done. Through gaming, the players should have to complete every single mission within the allocated period and even not get caught. So Scary Teacher 3D Apk is a kind of adventurous game that one should have to play. There are several missions included especially for you.

scary teacher 3d apk

Scary Teacher 3D Apk Download for Android

Scary Teacher Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version for android devices is 5.24. to play the scary teacher 3D Apk efficiently, every android device user is required to have an android device with android version 5.0 and upwards. Currently, over 100,000,000+ individuals are using the scary 3D teacher. mainly there are two methods that you could download the Scary teacher 3D Apk into your android devices. choose whatever method that you feel is easy to follow.

Download by here

  • Just click on the above-given download tab.
  • Then the download of the apk file would be started.
  • Wait till the download process ends and then allow the installations from unknown sources by the device settings. If not, the download process can be interrupted.
  • Start installing the downloaded apk file.
  • Allow the permissions requested by the scary teacher 3D Apk and open it on your device.
  • Open the game and start gaming with scary teacher 3D Apk.

Download by google play store

  • Open the google play store
  • Search for the name scary teacher 3D Apk.
  • You will find matching results for your search
  • Choose the correct game and start proceeding with the game.

What is a Scary 3D Apk?

 The scary teacher is most commonly identified as Miss T. In here the house is mysterious. There are a total of 10 rooms available in the house. Each room is consistent with the mystery. The player can recover the food items like chocolates and chocolate cake. Plus could be able to recover the items like treated pets as well as photos of victim kids. There is a basement included in the house. Also, there would be many more surprising things available here. check whether you could beat this scary teacher.

Jump into this amazing 3D world and try to scare this creepy teacher without being caught.  The gaming controls are very simple because you should simply tap on the virtual D-pad to move your character throughout the map given. In that way, you could enter and explore every room to explore mysterious things.  At the end of the Scary Teacher 3D Apk game escapes from this creepy lady by completing all the gaming levels. While you are exploring every room it is better to collect all the items on the way.

scary teacher 3d

More About The game

The scary teacher 3D Apk is full of amazing features. When you are required to interact with diverse items you could simply move the camera everywhere. Move and adjust the camera until it is fixed with your field of vision. After it came to the correct position just tap on the button that was placed on the right side of the screen. In such a way, the players could use the collected items and prank this creepy teacher. But you have to be alerted about this insane teacher while doing pranks. The rearview mirror that is placed in the upper right corner will help you to do this.

 The 3D graphics will bring you to the next level. Also, it will let you immerse yourself in a terrifying experience. You can play this scary teacher 3D Apk game without any issues for hours and hours. You will never get bored. Prank and escape from this insane and creepy teacher. The scary teacher 3D Apk is a free and adventurous game. It is developed by the Z and K games. The gamers have to play the role of a genius student who is willing to take revenge on the creepy teacher.

Apart from the above-given facts, there are some advantages as well as disadvantages.


  • Scary Teacher 3D Apk has simple and easy controls
  • Better 3D visuals
  • Wide variety of missions
  • Exciting premises


  • The energy will deplete fast
  • Just only small rewards are offered for the completed tasks
  • Some of the gaming chapters require payment to unlock


  • Game with open world stylish interactive house
  • Availability of easy controls
  • Consisted of 15 different rooms of the house
  • Each room is consistent with a mystery to solve
  • Horror themed
  • The intention of the gamer should be to spook the teacher instead of uncovering the secrets of the teacher.
  • Don’t allow the teacher to notice you while doing the pranks
  • Availability of virtual D-pad.
  • Move your character throughout the map, explore the rooms and complete the gaming levels to escape from this evil teacher
  • Features an open-world-like environment
  • It is free to download and play. But some of the game chapters require payment to unlock
  • The game depletes the player’s energy very fast
  • Only offering small rewards for every completed mission
  • All ages-friendly game

Scary Teacher 3D Download For iOS

To get the scary teacher download onto your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or mac device, those devices should have iOS version 11.0 or a later version. IOS device users could get the scary teacher 3D installed very easily through the apple app store. Follow the below steps.

  • Open the apple app store.
  • Search for the name scary teacher in the apple app store search bar
  • Then you will explore matching results
  • Choose the correct  game and tap on getting the option
  • Open the scary teacher 3D after it gets downloaded.
  • Start gaming

Scary Teacher 3D Download for PC

 The scary teacher 3D Apk can be downloaded to your windows running pc with the help of an android emulator since the scary teacher 3D Apk is available for Android devices too. So you could easily get the scary teacher 3D installed by google play store with the help of an android emulator. First of all, you should get an android installed if there is no such one already.

  • Get an android emulator such as bluestacks, nox player, or Memu player first
  • Then open it and launch the google play store via the android emulator
  • Complete the google sign – in procedure to proceed with the installation
  • Then search for the name scary teacher 3D on its search bar.
  • You will get the correct results.
  • Then begin the installation of the correct game after you have chosen it.
  • Next, open the game and start scaring the baddest high school teacher.

How To Play Scary Teacher 3D Apk?

Here there is the worst school teacher and a genius student. This high school teacher is threatening the students in various ways. Here you have to play the role of the genius student. The teacher is next to you. And the gamer should have to explore the house as well. It is contained in 15 rooms and each room is fixed with a mystery. This is the brief plot of the game. Here there are some more ways that you can make this teacher scared. Just install the game and try this out. You will find many more interesting facts.

Safety And Legality

There are no restrictions or limitations for this game. Just anyone can get it downloaded and start gaming without any issue. There are some measures that you have to understand when playing the game. Always try to get the games installed by using safe and trusted websites. If not you would have to face issues from malicious software etc. other than that never submit any of your passwords or any personal details while you are downloading. The game content is not too harmful either. Therefore you need not worry.


Q: Is this game free?

A: Yes. Scary teacher 3D Apk is offered to download and install free of charge. But there are some additional features that you are required to pay for to use them.

Q: Is this game scary?

A: No. This is not that scary. Just the player is required to make the teacher scared.

Final Words

The above description is telling us about the adventurous and funny game called the scary teacher 3D Apk. if you haven’t played this one earlier this is your chance to try it out.  Get it and play it to discover new features.