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Rope Hero Vice Town is a game (Apk) in the third person which is created using the characters of superhero movies. This is called an action and adventurous game for you.  The game is supported for your android, iOS, or windows PC. Currently, the rope hero vice town Apk is with more reviews that are all around the world. The reviews are uncountable. But we can approximate around 1 million. However, a lot of people will love this amazing game. You are also welcome to try and enjoy the game.  

The gameplay and the storyline of the rope hero vice town Apk are so unique. In this game, the player is known as the superhero. The power of the superhero is a rope. However, the superhero is capable of saving the world with a rope. That is possible because the superhero is consistent with many more extraordinary powers of the rope. The plot or the storyline of the game is so interesting. The game has amazing 3D graphics too. So join this game and discover the open-world experience.

rope hero vice town apk

Rope Hero Vice Town Apk Download for Android

Rope Hero Vice Town Apk Download

Google Play Download

If you are willing to play this third-person game with your android device, then you have to check whether you have fulfilled the requirements. In order to play this game, you are required to have android version 5.0 and upwards. The latest version of the game is 6.3.3. and currently, over 100,000,000+ users are playing this game. So you can easily get the rope hero vice town Apk game downloaded to your android device by using the google play store. Follow the below steps to download the game to your device.

  • Open the google play store.
  • Search the game on the game search bar.
  • You will get the correct app by searching.
  • After choosing it is the correct app to continue for the download and installation.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the installation.
  • Allow for the necessary permissions requested by the game.
  • Then start gaming with the rope hero vice town Apk.

What is Rope Hero Vice Town Apk?

If you desire superhero gameplay, I say that this rope hero vice town Apk is the best game for you. This would be the best action game for you. The game consisted of a blue superhero. As described above, the superhero has a rope with unlimited superpowers. here the superhero can jump from one building to another just like a spider man. This is an interesting game with amazing 3D effects here too.

So if you are satisfied with what you are having, then this is your opportunity to enjoy gaming.  Become a real superhero with this rope hero vice town Apk game. Actually, this is a third-person shooter game with RPG elements. Have a lot of fun with the available new gaming experience. So while in gaming the players are able to use their power in order to help the police. And you can free the city from crime. The main character, the hero, will fight with the gangsters by playing interesting quests. Apart from that, you could be the bad guy as well as turn into the darker side too. Rate races through the city such as ram cars. Finally, the hero will be famous throughout the city, or else you can be a mafia gangster.

rope hero vice town

More About The App

The superhero has superpowers. So as a hero you are aware of all the incidents that are happening throughout the city. In the rope hero vice town Apk game, you are performing the duty as a superhero.  So you are required with many more things such as guns, pistols, shotguns, and melee weapons too.  The game store also has expanded much more.

So while gaming you are free to choose the most suitable gun for you. Here you are able to customize your character too. Use the available huge amount of sets. That will make your superhero more unique. The game is consistent with many more vehicle types such as cars, bikes, pink tanks, helicopters and planes etc. so the players are available to choose any options for you. The vehicle sets are updated continuously.  So if you want more power than current power just the players can get more iron power. The players are able to use the robot suits, robot tanks, robot cars and robot balls too.


  • Interesting superhero game
  • This is an action game
  • 3D gaming
  • Advanced gaming with amazing features
  • Interesting storyline
  • Maps are included in the game
  • Control buttons are available on the touch screen
  • The player is the superhero game

Rope Hero Vice Town Download For iOS

The rope hero vice town is a game that is available for you. As for the android devices, this game is available for iOS devices too. Very easily you could get it from the apple app store.

  • Open the apple app store via your device.
  • Then search on the app store search bar.
  • Then if you have got the correct app, tap on the get option.
  • Wait till the installation gets finished.
  • Then allow for the necessary permissions requested by the game.
  • Open the game and start the gameplay.

Rope Hero Vice Town Download for PC

Not only for your android devices and ios devices, but the rope hero vice town Apk is also available for your windows Pcs as well. But you can’t download the games directly onto your PC. You are required to have an android emulator. So get an android emulator just like bluestacks, nox player or memu player.

  • Open the android emulator that you have downloaded.
  • Then open the google play store via the android emulator that you have downloaded.
  • Then search for the game name through the google play store search bar.
  • You will get matching results for your search.
  • Then proceed with download and installation.
  • Allow for the necessary permissions requested by the game and continue the gameplay.

How to Play Rope Hero Vice Town Apk?

As stated previously this is an open-world gaming experience for you. The player can roam around the whole city by using the robe. You can just be like spiderman. Your task of yours is to be the main person in the game and explore criminals in the game. Then punish those criminals to save your town.  The gaming controls are very simple and easy for you. Also, the settings of the game are even easily customizable. The rope hero vice town Apk is included with the amazing missions. Those missions will lead to the completion of the stories very quickly.

There is an amazing story behind the gaming plot. So you have to complete each gaming mission in order to reveal the amazing story behind this game. As you progress in the game, you will upgrade the character. That is a completely secure and safe game for you. So just join it and discover more amazing functions of it.

Safety And Legality

Let’s see the safety and legality of the rope hero vice town Apk game. The game content is safe for you. Even this is suitable for the kids as well. Apart from that, you should have to get the game downloaded from a safe source just like the official app stores. If you do that, your device won’t be harmed. Apart from that, legality is another main fact that you should have to consider. But here there is no kind of legal issues associated with this amazing game.


Q: What do you do in the Rope hero vice town Apk?

A: If you want to enjoy this game, certainly you would be a superhero at the game. The players are able to try many more amazing 3D third-person shooters with RPG elements. The players are able to get new game experiences.

Q: Is this game a free one?

A: Yes. This rope hero won a free game for you. You can play this game without paying any charge for the game. So just download it and start playing the game freely.

Final Words

The game is about the rope hero vice town Apk is a superhero game. It is a safe game for anyone. So this is your chance to play and see about gaming. Then let’s play.