PUBG Mobile KR Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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PUBG Mobile KR is a game (Apk) that has a battle royale game mode made for Korean players. The game was developed by Tencent Games in the year 2018. Many gamers worldwide have gone mad about this game, causing it even be banned from some countries. The PUBG MOBILE KR Apk is the Korean version of Player Unknown’s Battleground for mobile devices.

pubg mobile kr apk

PUBG Mobile KR Apk Download for Android

PUBG Mobile KR Apk Download

Downloading the PUBG MOBILE KR Apk is pretty simple. Follow these steps to download apk file.

  1. Click the download button above.
  2. Then the Apk will start downloading once you click it.

It’s that simple to download this Apk on your phone.

After you download the PUBG MOBILE KR Apk, you need to install it on your android to start playing. These are the steps to install this game Apk on your android,

The first step is to enable unknown sources – You need to allow this to install third-party software on android devices.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on Apps.
  3. Tap on the menu bar in the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Click on special access.
  5. Tap on install unknown apps.
  6. Now enable on the unknown sources. 
  7. Go to my files.
  8. Click on downloads and tap on the PUBG MOBILE KR Apk.
  9. Now you will see a menu with an install button. Click on install.

Please wait until it installs on your android. This is how you install PUBG MOBILE KR Apk on your android device. 


As mentioned above, this is a PUBG version that’s designed for Korean PUBG players. The apk is available for both android and ios devices. The PUBG MOBILE KR Apk is a battle royal game with 100 players on an island who fight until the death. Battle royal games are games where you play against all the other players. 

PUBG MOBILE KR Apk is a game quite similar to hunger games. You start by jumping down from a plane with 100 players. Then you walk your way by collecting necessary guns, ammo, shields, and medicine. The goal is to survive until the end, no matter what. The last player who stays until the end is the winner of the game, and he is gifted with a ‘Chicken Dinner.’ 

Chicken Dinner is the term when used when you become first in a PUBG game. 

Unlike the international version of PUBG, in which you find it very difficult to get legendary outfits and cool gun skins, the PUBG MOBILE KR Apk has made it easy for players to gain many legendary outfits quickly.

pubg mobile kr


  • The app has free access to PUBG mobile skins.
  • It contains a lot of cars and vehicles. 
  • The apk comes with the latest weapon with easy access.
  •  It is straightforward to download. 
  • Comes along with a variety of new maps. 
  • There are a lot of tournaments and events in the Korean version.
  • The apk comes with a lot of additional features than the international

PUBG Mobile KR Download And for PC

Downloading the Korean version of PUBG on PC is also simple. Follow these steps to download it on your computer,

  1. Download and install an android emulator like LD player, Bluestacks, or NOX player. 
  2. Launch your android emulator and open the web browser.
  3. Copy and paste the link to this page on your browser.
  4. Search it – You will be directed to this page.
  5. Click on the download button. 

This is how you download the PUBG MOBILE KR on your computer.

Once you download the PUBG MOBILE KR Apk, here’s how to install it on your computer,

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Apps.
  3. Tap on the menu in the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Click on special access.
  5. Tap on install unknown apps.
  6. Enable unknown sources.
  7. Now go to your file manager > Downloads.
  8. Tap on the PUBG MOBILE KR and wait until it gets installed.

That’s how you install the Korean version of PUBG on your computer. 

Pros and Cons

Like any other game, PUBG MOBILE KR Apk also has it’s both its pros and cons. Here are some pros and cons of it,

  1. You can use it to escape from daily life challenges and problems

Playing PUBG can help you to get rid of daily life problems. You will have a team that will constantly support you in every game. Accordingly, you are capable of getting rid of everyday life problems even for a smaller period. 

  1. Playing PUBG increases your problem-solving ability

It’s not easy for you to win every game. There are 100 other players who also want to get the chicken dinner. Therefore you have to have a proper plan and solve problems fast. Sometimes you may even encounter a situation with a whole squad. You will develop your problem-solving skills when playing in tough situations like this. 

  1. It enhances your memory

If you can remember places and identify the directions of places and which enemies are, you are one step ahead of other players. You will always have to keep an eye on your surrounding, which will help you enhance your memory. 

  1. You will develop your brain to think faster

One mistake or a one-second delay in taking the right action can risk your whole squad to death. Therefore when playing PUBG MOBILE KR Apk, you must be able to think faster than other players. It should have better reflexes to knock out enemies. Thus developing your brain speed is also another pro of playing PUBG. 

  1. Getting addicted and causing health problems

The main con of playing PUBG MOBILE KR Apk is getting addicted. When you get addicted, you play more and more, which can cause health problems in the eyes, back, and hands. Therefore players should be smart enough and control their desires to limit their time on the game. 


The game starts with you and 99 other players in an airplane. You can look at the map and select a place to land. Once the aircraft gets to the place you want to land, press jump, and you will jump out of the plane by opening your parachute. Land on the spot you prefer. Start collecting weapons, grenades, medicine, and other necessary equipment to fight other players. 

Once you have all the resources, it’s time for you to battle. Wait for firing sounds or footsteps and go towards enemies. Think carefully, plan well and attack them. Watch out for the safe zone because you will reduce your health outside the safe zone, eventually causing you death. The main goal is to stay alive until the end. It’s pretty simple, the one who stays active until the would be the winner. You will be awarded a “chicken dinner.”

There are other game modes where you can play with a squad or a duo. You can choose it according to your preferences. 

Safety and Legality 

PUBG MOBILE KR is entirely safe to play. If you are not in a country where PUBG is banned, stop worrying about safety. You can play the game without any restrictions. 


What is PUBG?

PUBG is one of the most played battle royal games, with more than 1 billion users worldwide. 

How much does it cost to play PUBG MOBILE KR Apk?

It’s free to play PUBG. However, you have to pay to purchase legendary items and gun skins. 


PUBG MOBILE KR Apk is the Korean version of the famous game Player Unknown’s Battleground. Unlike the international version, the Korean version comes with many free legendary items. You also have a higher chance of getting legendary items more frequently. It’s safe and legal to play PUBG in countries where it’s not banned. There are both pros and cons to playing PUBG. If you can play it without getting addicted, PUBG is an excellent way to spend your leisure time.