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Plague Inc is a game (Apk) that is about destroying humanity by spreading viruses. All you have to do is continue spreading your virus until the whole world is affected and no one is left. 

This is a fantastic game, and there’s no wonder you will get addicted to the game in a matter of minutes. Moreover, not just spread viruses; you also have to mutate the people trying to find a cure to viruses. Finally, you can decide the number of people you will leave as your fellows when the whole world becomes infected.

plague inc apk

Plague Inc Apk Download For Android

Plague Inc Apk Download

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You can download the game by clicking on the download button above.

Before installing any third-party apk on your android, you must enable unknown sources. Therefore, go to your settings and allow unknown sources on your android. 

  1. Now just go to your downloads folder. 
  2. Then, tap on Plague Inc Apk. 
  3. Finally, click on install to install the game on your android.

What is Plague Inc Apk?

Plague Inc Apk is one of the most entertaining games in which you have to strategically plan to win. The game starts by showing you the map, and players must make smart decisions and implement strategies to spread viruses across the globe. Your main objective is to wipe out the entire human race from the earth. However, you also have to complete tasks like evolving, spreading, researching, and a bunch of activities to continue in the game.

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There are a lot of features in Plague Inc Apk. Some are so unique that you will never find them in other games. We cannot discuss all the features in the blog post, but here are some main features of Plague Inc, 

 1. You have to master a lot of things to start infecting the virus. 

Before you start spreading the virus to human beings, you must do a lot of research and master evolution, spring, and various infection methods to spread the virus. It means you need to have an intelligent strategy. You will also develop several viruses to find the best virus that can destroy the entire human race. 

Moreover, you can look at the world map and increase or decrease the spread of viruses worldwide. Another excellent game feature is that you can name the viruses you create. No matter how bizarre or funny, it’s all up to you. 

People on earth will take many measures to prevent the virus from spreading. But your only aim is to spread it to the whole world. 

2. You can start by choosing a country to spread the virus. 

Plague Inc Apk allows gamers to choose the country where they want to start spreading the virus. If you are smart enough, you can select a relevant country to increase the possibility of spreading the virus. Therefore, research and find a country you think will improve the spread. 

During the process, the player can decide how to spread the virus. Moreover, you should also keep alert to the weather conditions and aspartate to spread the virus successfully. 

3. There are two main game modes. 

Plague Inc Apk is all about controlling and spreading the virus worldwide. To make it more interesting, game developers have introduced two main modes. These modes are zombies and demons, and alien invasions.  

4. Research institutes around the world are your main enemies. 

Like in zombie movies, Plague Inc Apk has research institutes with intelligent people who constantly develop new ways to destroy your virus. But, the player can look at these institutes on maps and spread the virus before they start to find a new cure. 

This game has an interface that shows you how close they are to finishing creating the cure. If they successfully complete the cure, it will rapidly spread worldwide, and you will fail your mission. 

5. Plague Inc Apk has an interface to keep you updated with all important news. 

Plague Inc Apk also allows players to keep in touch with the latest news that is released from countries all around the world. 

6. The game comes with an advanced Ai and a realistic world.

Plague Inc Download For PC

Unlike simply downloading the game on your PC, there are some additional steps that you need to download Plague Inc on your PC. 

  1. The first step to downloading the game is to find an android emulator of your choice. Once you select an excellent emulator, you can download it. There are a lot of android emulators out there. But Bluestacks is the best android emulator according to our choice. 
  2. Now install and launch your emulator. 
  3. The next step is to open your emulator’s browser and copy and paste the link to this web page. 
  4. Next, tap on your search button to get to this web page from your emulator. 
  5. Finally, look for the download button and tap on it.

As you have already downloaded Plague Inc Apk on your emulator, here comes the easy part. Go through the following steps to install this game on your PC,

  1. Go to the downloads folder on your PC and tap on Plague Inc Apk.
  2. Finally, click on the install button.

Pros and Cons


  1. Plague Inc Apk is a fascinating game.
  2. The game provides a realistic experience by using high-quality graphics.
  3. Even though it looks simple, it is a challenging game.
  4. This is entirely free to play. You don’t have to worry about paying money to play the game.


  1. You can get addicted to the game.
  2. Even though it’s free to play, you can also purchase items by paying real money. But paying money to play Plague Inc is not worth it.

How To Play Plague Inc Apk?

If you are someone who hasn’t played any zombie games before, keep in mind to be an open-minded person. There are a lot of tips that you should follow to win the game. As a tip, start spreading the diseases in countries that are isolated from others. The reason being spreading the virus in overpopulated countries will notify doctors and researchers about the virus. Keep in mind to spread your virus using air and water to increase the number of people affected. Moreover, upgrade your abilities when people start to find cures. 

Safety and Legality

Plague Inc Apk comes with some occasions and sounds that aren’t suitable for children. Therefore the game is recommended for players who are over 13 years. This can be played in any country. There are no other limits to this.


Can you play Plague Inc Apk on android?

Yes, you can play Plague Inc Apk on your android without errors. 

Does Plague Inc get automatically updated?

No, because this is an Apk, it doesn’t get automatically updated. But you can update it manually and keep updated with the latest game versions. 


In this blog post, we have discussed many topics about Plague Inc Apk. Now you have an overall idea about the game. If you think Plague Inc is a game of your choice, download the apk from our website. And don’t forget to share it with your friends.