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My Singing Monsters is a game (Apk) that players have to create a habitat for monsters who sing.

There is a wide variety of games available for players with different preferences. Some examples of them include shooting games, action games, and simulation games. A lot of these games are free to play. But if you are tired of playing regular games and want to try something new, My singing Monsters Apk would be a perfect choice. It is a music game that’s designed in a way you can collect monsters as you play the game.

my singing monsters apk

My Singing Monsters Apk Download For Android

My Singing Monsters Apk Download

Google Play Download

If you are interested and want to download My Singing Monsters Apk on your android, press the download button below.

After downloading My Singing Monsters Apk, follow the easy-to-follow steps to install the game on your android, 

  1. First and foremost, enable unknown sources on your device. It’s because you cannot install third-party applications without allowing unknown sources. Therefore go to your settings, and find and help unknown sources. 
  2. Then, go to your My files app > Downloads and tap on the My Singing Monsters Apk. 
  3. Finally, press the install button.

What is My singing Monsters Apk?

My singing Monsters Apk is one of the best simulation games available for all devices, including android, iOS, and computers. It is a game where you have to build a gang of monsters who are interested in singing. 

The game comes with monsters who will sing and participate in several competitions. As a player, you will have to breed many monsters everywhere on your island. Once they grow up, these monsters will start to sing. If you have previous experience playing it, you have an idea about the game. 

You can build many facilities in the town and get access to food and gold. Can use them to unlock new monsters. 

You can also listen to the songs of these monsters with various tunes. For example, one monster will play drums; another one will sing bass; another one will play words, etc. You can create new melodies by combining monsters in different ways. 

Ultimately, you will have to create an island full of monsters. You can create and design your unique creations and share them with your friend. You will probably enjoy exploring and completing tasks of the game.

my singing monsters


There are a lot of monsters with different abilities in My Singing Monsters Apk. The game also comes with a lot of exciting features. Following are some significant features of this game, 

1. You can upgrade your existing monsters

As soon as you start playing the game, you must upgrade your monsters as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they will end up dying while they sing. The simplest way to boost your monster is by feeding it with treats. You can start feeding them with shards when they reach levels 5 – 6. Shards will take a bit longer than treats to produce the same results as treats. However, you will gain a lot of experience points when you are using shards. 

2. You can also unlock new singing monsters. 

There are a lot of singing monsters that you can unlock. All you have to do is to complete quests to open them. You will have to use gold medals and crystals to get them. Moreover, if you are interested in creating a collection of monsters, you can use the collection items where you can see all the monsters you have collected. 

3. The game has a relaxing music background. 

My Singing Monsters Apk comes with an exciting and relaxing music background that makes your stress go away. Many players have specially provided positive feedback about the music of this game. Whether you are sad, happy, or claiming mood, you can choose a song according to your current mood. Therefore the apk provides you the ability to customize the music according to your choice. Moreover, it doesn’t come with ads, making it much more enjoyable. 

4. You can test your luck and skills. 

My Singing Monsters Apk has many challenges and quests, allowing you to test your luck and the skills you have achieved. Moreover, you will also receive a bonus when you complete these challenges. Diamonds, moonstones, and gems are some examples of items you receive by completing epic quests.

My Singing Monsters Apk on PC

The easiest way to download My Singing Monsters on a PC is using an emulator. Bluestacks is the best emulator according to our choice. Let’s go through the download process now, 

  1. Download Bluestacks on your PC. 
  2. Install and launch Bluestacks. 
  3. Open the browser and copy and paste the link to this web page on your browser. 
  4. After you are directed to this web page, find and tap the download button. The game will start downloading.

As you now have installed My Singing Monsters Apk on your emulator, these are the following steps to complete installing the game on your PC, 

  1. Go to the downloads folder on Bluestacks. 
  2. Tap on the downloaded apk and click on install. Wait until it completes, and you can start playing the My Singing Monsters Apk. 

Pros and Cons


  1. My Singing Monsters Apk is user-friendly and suitable for many users worldwide. 
  2. The game comes with a lot of exciting graphics. 
  3. There are a lot of varieties of monsters in the game. 
  4. You can explore a lot of worlds and unlock a large number of monsters. 
  5. The more levels you complete, the more rewards you will get. 
  6. You can also decorate your monsters according to your preferences. 
  7. My Singing Monsters also allows you to purchase items with real money. 


  1. My Singing Monsters Apk takes up a lot of space on your device. 
  2. Even though a lot of players like to play games, some players find it boring.
  3. Collecting all the monsters in the game will take a lot of time and hard work. 
  4. Some items can only be purchased with real money. 
  5. This game can also be annoying and frustrating on some occasions. 

How To Play My Singing Monsters Apk?

First of all, download My Singing Monsters Apk according to the type of device you have. Then install it on your device and open the apk. Carefully follow the game instructions to understand the concept of the game. Once you get the idea, you can start playing the game. 

Safety and Legality

Anyone from any age category can start playing My Singing Monsters Apk. It’s suitable for kids and teenagers. The game isn’t banned in any country or region. Therefore you don’t have to worry about any legal issues related to the game. Therefore use the above safe link to get the Apk for your Android or PC for free.


How to download and install My Singing Monsters on PC?

First of all, you need to have an android emulator to download the apk. We recommend you use the latest version of Bluestacks. After downloading and installing bluestacks, launch it. Then open the browser and copy and paste the link to this web page. Tap on download to download My Singing Monsters Apk.

After downloading, go to your downloads folder, tap on the app, and install to install it. 

Is it safe to download the apk?

Yes, don’t worry about downloading the My Singing Monsters Apk from our website. We always provide 100% secure apps without any malicious software in them.


My Singing Monsters Apk is an awesome game you can play in your free time. It does not matter if you are a kid or a teen, you can start playing the game without any issues. The game also comes with an easy-to-understand interface, making it easy for any beginner to learn the game’s concept. Another interesting fact about the game is that you can even play the game if you have a low-end smartphone. Download and test it for yourself. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends if you like it.