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Hopeless Land Fight For Survival is a game (Apk) that is a battle game same as the PUBG. This is a familiar game for you. Here the rules for survival are presented in the game. While in the game each and everyone could challenge up to 120 players. Plus the players can use parachutes and can land over on the island. The island is full of many more weapons. If you would be the last man standing on the land, the player can claim him as the winner.

If you are playing the solo mode you would be the winner if you are the one who is standing until the game ends. Or else be the last team standing on the island, if you are playing the game by teams. Here the players are able to play the game in teams having 4 players each.

hopeless land fight for survival apk

Hopeless Land Fight For Survival Apk Download for Android

Hopeless Land Fight For Survival Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version available for any android device is 1.0.10. also if you are required to use this amazing game, you should be with the android version 4.4 or any upwards version. If not, you are unable to play this game on your device. Also currently there are over 1,000,000+ users who have joined this amazing game. If you are also required to play this game, Note the below procedure and get the game onto your device.

  • Use the download link above and get the Apk file or go to Google Play Store.
  • Find the hopeless land fight for survival Apk it.
  • You will have the results as per your search.
  • Then tap on the download tab to start the downloading procedure.
  • Wait until the installation completes
  • The game may need permissions. Allow them
  • Start gaming.

What is Hopeless Land Fight For Survival Apk?

The main function included in this hopeless land fight for survival Apk is, that there are some more customizations available. The players can customize any of the gaming controls as they desire. Basically, there are three main basic frameworks available. Apart from that, the game offers customizations for each button respectively. So the players can apply customizations for each and every button individually. Those features are letting the players have a customized control gaming experience.

The game begins with jumping off the plane by using a parachute. If you have played PUBG, the same scene is appearing at the beginning of the game. As soon as you have landed on the island, you could look for weapons, shields, and other objects. Only by finding them by yourself, you could survive on the island. If you have got a good arsenal once, be aware of the other remaining players and the energy field. Because the energy field is starting to close off little by little. However, the hopeless land fight for survival Apk is an excellent battle royale game as previously mentioned. It is giving different game modes for you. Another feature is, that it consists of amazing and great visuals.

hopeless land fight for survival

More About The game

If you haven’t joined this amazing and latest battle royale game, Hopeless Land Fight For Survival Apk is the best game for you. While playing the game, some of your enemies can also land in this game. So the players are having a chance to watch over, that those enemies landing by helicopters as well as aircraft. Aim towards the enemies and shoot the enemies until they are dead.  What you should have done is, don’t let the enemies land on your border. Kill them by shooting. Shoot the enemies right away with your gun or rocket launcher in order to defend.

So then as a player, you could take part in special operations of defending the border. Look over the terrorist enemies being landed on your island.  Most of the players are not caring about the unknown rules used in the hopeless land fight for survival Apk. Actually, this game is featuring many more functions that you have never experienced previously. This is your chance to experience gaming.


  • Extreme battle royale game
  • First-person shooting game
  • The battle consisted of enemies as well as aircraft
  • Amazing visuals
  • Aim and shoot the enemies that land on your island
  • Availability of different shooting modes
  • An uncountable number of enemies
  • Fight for your island
  • Availability of different customization modes

Hopeless Land Fight For Survival Download For iOS

The hopeless land fight for survival is a game that is available for your ios devices also. The ios device users are able to download the game via their official apple app store. The downloading procedure is as follows.

  • Appstore has this game go to it.
  • Then search for the game name on the search bar.
  • After you have found the correct app tap on Get button to start downloading
  • Then wait to finish the download process
  • Finally, continue the gameplay iOS does not require allowing permissions.

Hopeless Land Fight For Survival Download for PC

Other than downloading into your smartphones, you could download the game for your PCs also. But directly you couldn’t get the PC version. So you use an android emulator to play the game. You may not have one in the first place therefore you need to download one. The following steps will show how to get one and play the game.

  • Download and Install the Android Player on PC.
  • Then Open the default google play store.
  • Complete the google sign-in to start with the game installation.
  • Go to search bar find hopeless land Fight for survival Apk.
  • You will get the matching results as per your search.
  • Tap on download, to begin with, the installation, and wait.
  • After that, open the game and start gameplay.

How To Play Hopeless Land Fight For Survival Apk?

Along with this game, the players will learn the shooting game.  It is a free game for you. So along with this game, you could concentrate your mind. Also, this is a kind of simple survival game. Start the gameplay by shooting a rocket or an aircraft. This is rich with the best sniper experience too.  So join this amazing game and have an unexpected gaming experience.

Safety And Legality

Then let us consider the legality and safety of the Hopeless Land Fight For Survival Apk. First of all, always download the game from a trusted source. The google play store and the appstore are trusted sources. Therefore don’t download the games from third-party applications. Don’t put your device at a risk. Other than that the game content is also safe for you. Though it is a shooter game, the content is safe for you. Then we consider the legality. It is a legally allowed game for players. So the game does not have restrictions. This hopeless land fight for survival Apk game.


Q: What is the game size?

A: It is about 360 MB sized game

Q: What is the best game from the hopeless land fight for survival Apk and free fire?

A: if you have a low-end device, the most appropriate option is the hopeless land.

Q: Is this an online or offline game?

A: This is an online game. Therefore the players could play the solo mode or else the team mode of the gameplay.

Final Words

So the given above facts are regarding the amazing battle royale game called the hopeless land fight for survival Apk. Now you are aware of the necessary details of the game. So try it yourselves.