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Bubble Pop Origin! is a puzzle game (Apk) and the player has to shoot bubbles and get rid of them.

It is an exciting puzzle and bubble shooter game in which you have to match three or more bubbles to blast matching their colors. BitMango inc. game developer has introduced this game to Android devices initially.

Over 10 Million Android device users have downloaded the game which records a 4.5-star rating for performance and user-friendliness. Recent updates were issued in November 2022.

This game is mostly similar to early bubble games that initially appeared on smartphones. Only 49 MB of space is enough to store the game.

bubble pop origin apk

Bubble Pop Origin! APK Download for Android

Bubble Pop Origin! APK Download

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The game has enhanced its quality for tablets and smartphones.

  • You have to click the Download button in the first step
  • Then you can readily access the Bubble Pop Origin! APK once the download is complete.
  • To install the software, you must click the install button.
  • You must approve the permission from that device’s settings in order to install APK and allow another application from unknown sources on an Android device.

What is the Bubble Pop Origin! APK?

It is a remake of the classic Puzzle Bubble game, with improved quality for touchscreen devices. The primary objective of the Bubble Pop Origin! APK is exactly the same as it seems to be as free the display of colored bubbles with your shoot within a lesser number of shots as possible while correctly observing the board and directions shown on the ball’s route.

You can hit more than four balls in a single hit. The explosion will be produced by each ball closely connected with similar colors. However, there are many balls of various colors on a board. Later stages may be difficult with the number of colors.

bubble pop origin


  • Spin the routine wheel to win tokens or special boosters.
  • A large number of different stages with enjoyable challenges. 
  • When the shooter target, the bubble’s path is highlighted on the screen, enabling you to target the required bubble.
  • If you play the Bubble Pop Origin! APK daily, you will entitle to special rewards.
  • You may watch advertisements if the game is downloaded free of charge.
  • By predicting where it will bounce and catching the highest and toughest areas of the board, you can stretch the length of the shooter a little further.
  • A modest feature is available in the Bubble Pop Origin! APK is combining more than four separate balls and the more balls combined, the stronger the explosion.
  • The difficulty of shooting a ball is making the board clear and balls to finish. However, the game becomes challenging beyond the presence of obstacles like stones and iron balls

Bubble Pop Origin! Download for PC

Install this app on as many Windows 10 devices as you like while signing into your Microsoft account. This is compatible with Xbox One, Windows 10, and version 10240.0, 

  • Get the emulator installer and complete the setup
  • Launch the emulator, then launch Google Play on your computer.
  • Run Bubble Pop Origin! APK after installing it. 
  • After installation is finished, select the icon to launch

How to Play Bubble Pop Origin! APK?

  • Target the bubbles from the bubble shooter. Point your shot as per the directions shown on the board.
  • Make sure that you are directing lines and bubbles.
  • Match three or even more bubbles and shoot to smash them. 
  • Explore the tunnel packed with goldin Bubble Pop Origin! APK.
  • The player must alter the various bubbles that show up in the hunter’s tank.
  • Match three or more bubbles and shoot to start making them burst.
  • Destroy the pots to earn gems. 
  • Make solid boosters and objects to aid you to blow through stages.
  • If you try with a lesser number of attacks in Bubble Pop Origin! APK, you will obtain a higher score and three stars. 
  • If your one attempt doesn’t successful, you can try again, but there will be a time limitation on that attempt.
  • You may see your performances on the leaderboard. In a single table, the player can easily compare everyone’s performance. 
  • When all the bubbles have smashed and cleared the screen at the end, you use special bubbles to score extra marks for the next level of Bubble Pop Origin! APK by smashing extra balls using arrows or bombs.
  • However, there are different effects of using rockets, bombs, missiles, and arrows. For an instance, Arrows can be used to destroy balls vertically or horizontally.          

Pros and Cons


  • Optimized play button options.
  • An Internet connection is not necessary to play the game.
  • The player can use spinners daily to earn coins or unique boosters.
  • Colorful and beautiful visuals encourage engagement. 
  • Lots of different levels with enjoyable challenges, and more.
  • Performance of Bubble Pop Origin! APK has been enhanced in Tabloids and Laptops.
  • It consumes less battery power.
  • Detailed basic instruction for the play is available with the gameplay.
  • Easy and convenient game but difficult to be an expert in playing the game.
  • Ideal game to spend short breaks.
  • The storage requirement for the Bubble Pop Origin! APK is relatively less.
  • Once you shoot balls high into the air, causes huge booms with a pop-out sound which is really interesting.
  • No age limit to play the game.
  • Not only an entertaining game but also, an opportunity for the player to sharpen analytical and cognitive skills in preparation for each level.
  • 40 new levels are introduced with the latest update in November with new episodes.


  • Single gameplay that cannot play as a team. Therefore, you can only play this when there is no one around you.
  • You only have very limited attempts you shoot the ball, and the number on the board is too high, making it a very messy mental game. 
  • When playing Bubble Pop Origin! APK game, the player disturbs by the frequent advertisements. 
  • Game instruction is only available in the English language.
  • Highly addictive gameplay.
  • Frequent updates and immediate changes to the system of the application.
  • This is a free game play but you can also purchase it to enjoy advanced features.


Is Bubble Pop Origin! Is APK available for free?

The source of Bubble Pops! APK Puzzle Game offers completely free of charge, but it is available for in-app purchases as well with advanced features.

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

As you take on a variety of levels, you can grab gems and more by successfully playing the game.

Can we play Bubble Pop Origin! Apk using an Adobe flash player?

This is not available to play using Adobe flash player.


In Bubble Pop Origin! APK carefully targets the match and shoots to bust as many bubbles. The player must complete each stage by clearing the board of colored bubbles while being smart to accomplish this. Collect supercharge your shots and charge up special boosters. Finish off the game with lesser attempts and be an expert in the game.

Access to Bubble Pop Origin! APK and daily play of the game results in more rewards and long-term benefits. It increases the player’s pleasure in the specialized ball shooting competition. You may have a lot of fun playing this casual game during your leisure.