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BombSquad is game (Apk) you can play multiplayer to beat other opponents using bombs.

This BombSquad APK is an action game that was developed and published by Eric Froemling Company on September 15, 2014. There are more than 50 million times of downloads on the Google Play Store. This game is rated for teens due to Violence and Blood content. You can download this BombSquad game for free and display ads can annoying while playing the game. And here you have the In-app purchases facility to get the resources you need.

We can mention this BombSquad APK game is a fun game, where you have to fight your opponents using bombs. You have the ability to face battles with your friends as well as with any player from all over the world online because this is a multiplayer game. You can use different controllers as well as the touch screen to play this.

bombsquad apk

BombSquad APK Download for Android

BombSquad Apk Download

Google Play Download

Click the download button on this web page to download this BombSquad game to your android device.

  1. First, download the game apk file to your android device.
  2. Then wait until the download is complete on your device.

Then you need to install the downloaded BombSquad apk file correctly on your android device. For that, first, enable the unknown source file’s first option. To do that, go to device settings and allow unknown sources. After enabling that option, follow the steps below to install the game correctly.

  1. Open my files folder on your Android device and then, go to download. Next, click on the APK file.
  2. Then tap on the BombSquad APK file and wait for the game to install on your android device.

What is BombSquad APK?

Although this is a form of mini-game, it is not possible to win like other mini-games. Although BombSquad APK is a form of mini-game, it is not possible to win like other mini-games. You can use bombs as well as fists and wits in thrilling races and vicious fights to attack your opponents.

There are three BombSquad game modes to play for 8 players. They are cooperative, team, and free-for-all. In cooperative mode, you have to team up with friends and fight against the machine and defeat it. There you can upgrade points to new levels. In team mode, players can be divided into two teams and have to compete in a six-round tournament series.

In the third mode, the 8 contestants have to fight for the selection of the strongest among them. Here you can use bombs and boxing gloves to kill or drive away your opponents. Now you have the facility to download this BombSquad APK game which consists of various competitions from our website.



1. You can gather your friends and play as a multi-player

You can play this BombSquad APK game with friends as well as with other online players all over the world. In this way, 8 players can join together once online to play this game.

2. Having three main game modes

There are three main modes that you can play in this BombSquad APK game. They are cooperative, team, and free-for-all. You can have different experiences and fun through this because of three different modes.

3. Facility to purchase the resources you need

Although this BombSquad APK game is completely free, you get the ability to buy resources such as weapons, bombs, etc., which are needed while playing the game.

4. There are many levels to complete the game

Although BombSquad game is a mini-game you have many levels to complete. You have to pass these levels using different fighting methods in different battlegrounds.

BombSquad Download For PC

If you want, you can play BombSquad on android devices as well as on windows and apple mac computers. But for that first, you need to make your computer suitable for android apps and games. For that, there is a special type of software called an emulator on the internet. By downloading and installing such an emulator on your computer, you can play any Android game on Windows or Apple Mac computers.

BlueStacks, Android Studio, ARChon, Bliss OS, GameLoop, and LDPlayer 9 are examples of such emulators. You can install any emulator software on your computer by following the steps below.

  1. Download & install any of the emulators mentioned above. 
  2. Next click on your installed emulator software > Open the browser of the emulator > Copy and paste this webpage link on your emulator browser.
  3. Click on the search bar on the emulator > Click the download button on this webpage.

Now using the installed emulator you can install this game to the computer.

  1. Now open the downloads folder on your emulator after completing the download BombSquad APK file.
  2. Then, Click on the apk file and start it to install. 
  3. Finally, the BombSquad APK game will be installed on your Windows or Mac Computer.

How to Play BombSquad APK?

Thus, you can now easily play the BombSquad game on your mobile device as well as on your computer. When you open the game, you will be shown the main menu of the game from its home page. If you want to know how to play this BombSquad APK game correctly, you can get a clear understanding by watching the videos on YouTube.

Pros and Cons


  • Being able to download BombSquad Apk for free.
  • 8 players can play together at the same time.
  • Having several fun game modes to choose from BombSquad APK game.
  • Ability to make in-app purchases to get required resources and unlock levels.


  • BombSquad Apk game has been rated teen due to violence and blood.
  • Fast addictive because of a fun game.
  • Having a good internet speed to play BombSquad APK game online.
  • Risk of getting malware on your device with game apk from the internet. So always use only trusted websites like our website while getting game apk.

Safety and Legality

This BombSquad APK game has some age restrictions due to Violence, and blood content. Therefore, it is not suitable to play this game for children under the age limit. Although data like App info and performance and Device or other IDs are collected by this game, they are not shared with third parties.


Is this game available for free to download & install?

Yes. You can get this BombSquad APK game for free from the Google Play Store as well as from our website.

Can this game be played as a multi-player?

Yes. You can connect and play BombSquad with friends online.

How to go to the next levels of this game?

You can face battles with the opponents you meet in the BombSquad APK game and defeat them to unlock the next levels.

What are the minimum system requirements to play BombSquad game on the computer?

Intel or AMD Processor

4 GB of RAM

Microsoft Windows 7 or higer / macOS

5 GB of HDD Space

Final Words

This BombSquad APK can be called a mini-game where you can compete with each other while having fun with your friends. You can play this game online as a multiplayer and includes many different game levels to win. Now you can also download and play this BombSquad APK game from our website.