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Last Day on Earth is an online game (Apk) that you have to survive a zombie apocalypse. Kefir Games created the game. The game initially launched in 2017 and now has more than 100 million downloads across the globe. It is also one of the more liked games and has a like rating of 4.7. Meaning it is preferred by a majority of gamers around the world. Last Day on Earth Apk is a zombie game in which you must survive raging zombies. It’s completely free to play and has different adventurous and exciting tasks.

last day on earth apk

Last Day on Earth Apk Download For Android

Last Day on Earth Apk Download

Google Play Download

  1. Click on the download button below. Then you will start seeing the downloading notification. Wait until it completes, and the Last Day on Earth Apk will be downloaded on your android.
  2. To install Last Day on Earth Apk, you must enable unknown sources. Therefore go to your settings and activate this option. 
  3. Then click on the downloaded apk and tap on the install. 
  4. The installation notification will appear on your notification bar. Patiently wait until the notification completes. 

You are now ready to open Last Day on Earth Apk once the notification completes.

What is Last Day on Earth Apk?

As mentioned in the introduction, Last Day on Earth Apk is a zombie survival game with realistic graphics. The game comes with many fighting experiences in which you must fight against dangerous zombies. You will encounter a lot of adventurous missions as you go further in the game. Moreover, not just fight against evils, you must make your weapons and use them to defeat the zombies. Additionally, you can earn rewards for attacking zombies, creating a lot of bases, and gathering resources; your mission is to stay alive no matter what.

last day on earth


The zombie survival games come with several exciting features. 

1. You can customize your character in Last Day on Earth Apk. 

Even though the Last Day on Earth Apk has just one character, you can customize it by adding helmets, armor, weapons, and other dresses. Therefore you don’t have to be worried about getting one character. Use our creativity and customize it as you wish. 

2. Last Day on Earth Apk is all about surviving. 

A lot of people are scared that the world end is a disaster. But this game allows, you to have the last chance to survive. Use this chance, choose a character, develop your strategy and make your way out in the wild. There are numerous ways that you can stay alive. But your only goal should be to survive as long as possible. However, the game keeps constantly changing as you go forward. You can create shelters, find supplies and defend yourself against evil. 

3. You can also breed pets in Last Day on Earth Apk. 

Pets are beneficial in a world where all other humans are turned into zombies. They can provide you with love and be your best friend. You can find pets by exploring the map given to you. Moreover, you can also find a pet by raiding and unlocking houses. Each and every pet has a different set of abilities. Therefore you need to choose your pet according to the game strategy you plan to play. An interesting fact is that these pets can also help you to survive against zombies. Not just that, they can also give you hope when the whole world is against you. 

4. Find a water boat, chopper tank, or ATV.

As the world ends, it’s challenging for you to survive the game. However, the available supplies and shelters are decreasing day by day. Therefore time is crucial for you to stay alive. Accordingly, finding a water boat, an ATV, or a chopper tank that will increase your speed and give you more time to take the necessary steps.

Your goal should be to find as much food and water as possible. You can also go and raid houses to find supplies. Not just that, you can go hunting and fishing too. 

Once you have a fast vehicle and enough supplies, it’s time for you to build your shelter. Your shelter doesn’t have to be a fancy one. It’s all for you to depend on yourself from enemies. 

Finally, you must find weapons like guns, bows, arrows, and knives to defend yourself.

Last Day on Earth For PC

  1. Download and install an emulator like Bluestacks.
  2. Then open the emulator and go to your browser. 
  3. Now copy and paste the link to this website on your browser. 
  4. Tap on your search button. 
  5. Find the download button on the directed page and click on it. The Last Day on Earth Apk will be downloaded now. 

Not just Bluestacks, you can also you other emulators like LD player, NOX player, Remix OS player, and Andy OS to download Last Day on Earth Apk on PC.

After downloading, follow these steps to install the game, 

  1. Find the downloaded apk and tap on it. 
  2. Now tap on the install button. 
  3. Wait until the game completely downloads, and you can launch the game. 

Pros and Cons


  1. You can play Last Day on Earth Apk on many devices, including iOS, computers, and Android. 
  2. It is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit architectures on computers. 
  3. It’s straightforward to download the game. 


  1. Because Last Day on Earth Apk is a third-party application, your device can get affected by viruses. Therefore make sure to download the game from a secure website. 
  2. Last Day on Earth Apk is an addicting game. A lot of players have gone mad about this game. Therefore make sure to limit the amount of time you spend on the game if you get addicted. 

How To Play Last Day on Earth Apk?

Last Day on Earth Apk is a survival game in that your main goal is to survive as long as possible. To survive, you need to keep your characters health in good condition. You can maintain your personality’s health by keeping a good amount of water and food. 

The game comes with a lot of zombies and other survivors. Therefore keep an eye out for zombie attacks and survivors trying to steal your resources.  Download the game and follow the instructions; you will understand the gameplay. Find a vehicle like a water boat for speed transportation, gather resources, build a shelter, collect as many as guns, and defend yourself to survive as long as possible. 

Safety and Legality

Last Day on Earth Apk is suitable for players over the age of 17. Anyone below the get of 17 should avoid playing the game. 


How old should I be to play Last Day on Earth Apk?

Last Day on Earth Apk is not a game that’s recommended for kids. Therefore you need to be at least 17 years old to play the game. 

Do I need to pay money to play Last Day on Earth Apk?

No, you don’t have to pay any money. It’s an entirely free game that’s available for a lot of devices. 


Last Day on Earth Apk is a game that you should at least try for once. It is a completely free game that comes with a lot of challenges, and your goal is to survive as much as you can. The game also has realistic graphics and sound to provide a good gaming experience. Why wait for more? Go ahead and download the game now.