How To Use A Stream Deck Correctly?

how to use a stream deck correctly

A Stream Deck is an input device used by gamers who play a lot of computer games. They use this when streaming online games. This will help you to program as needed and prepare the necessary functions using macros. Not only those who stream computer games, but those who do graphic design, those who do … Read more

How To Install Apps and Games With Apk and Obb Files in Android?

how to install obb files

For those who use Android phones, it is not strange to know what Apk files are. Like Apk, one of the types of files commonly used in Android devices is called Obb Files. If you are someone who often downloads games for free on their Android phones from the Internet, it is important for you … Read more

How To Live Stream Games On Twitch Using A Mobile Phone?

how to live stream games on twitch using a mobile phone

Twitch is an app where gamers stream live videos of themselves playing their favorite games and running commentary on them. People can watch the players stream games and learn new tactics or how to play the game. Gamers use the Twitch app to live stream their games on PC and consoles. And you may wonder … Read more

How To Enable Game Mode In The Android 12?

how to enable game mode in the android 12

The gaming field is evolving rather fast and many options are available in the market. It is rather a new level of experience in the video gaming field in the modern era. Vast changes in playing devices surprise gamers with every invention and design. From the time video games were played using consoles and controllers … Read more

How To Play Xbox Game Pass Games On Your Android Phone

how to play xbox game pass games on your android phone

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for video games, designed and developed by Microsoft. Gamers can access hundreds of games from various publishers, for a monthly subscription fee. Xbox Game Pass is available for both the TV and PC. Recently, Microsoft introduced mobile versions for Android and iOS. For players who wish to play … Read more

How To Live Stream Games On Youtube Using A Mobile Phone

how to live stream games on youtube using a mobile phone

If you are a person who plays mobile games, there is a good chance to earn a high income through the games you play. YouTube is the right platform for that. We all know YouTube as a platform where we can watch videos. In fact, YouTube is the social network website with the second largest … Read more

How To Live Stream Games On Facebook Using A Mobile Phone

how to live stream games on facebook using a mobile phone

It is not wrong to say that Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site that you all know. Facebook is a good platform for you to become a celebrity in any way. Or Facebook is a good place to develop your online business. If you are a person in the gaming industry, if … Read more

How To Set Up PS5 Remote Play On The Steam Deck

The gaming world is very competitive these days. With the advancement of computer technology, computer games have been updated to suit mobile devices, PlayStation as well as smart TVs. PlayStation is a gaming set that many people use to get the reality of games and to get the real feeling of a game. Currently, PlayStation … Read more

How To Stream Android Games To Your TV?

how to stream android games to your tv

Mobile phones are handy and easy to access for any need in our daily life. We can access anything in the world by just clicking on the right keys. They can aid you in the dire time and be a life savior at times. With mobile phones, you can even play video games without the … Read more