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My Talking Tom is a game (Apk) and in that, you have to take care of a cat and give him what he needs.

My Talking Tom Apk is a very popular game worldwide. This game is based on a cat. You will have a lot of fun playing this amazing and adventurous game. The major task of the players should have to adopt this virtual pet and have to keep this virtual pet very happy by helping it to discover this world.  My talking tom Apk is a very popular game among all children worldwide.

The cat in this game can talk. There are many items contained in this game. The items like furniture and fashion can be collected through this game. Apart from this main game, there are sub-games known as mini-games contained in this my talking tom Apk.  So the players could have fun along with these mini-games by adding adventure, action, and fun. Plus there are many traveling destinations that you have to explore while talking to them to explore the world.

my talking tom apk

My Talking Tom Apk Download for Android

My Talking Tom Apk Download

Google Play Download

If you are an android device using the latest game version available for you is make sure you are installing this latest version. And if you want to play my talking tom apk game without any issues you should have the android version 5.0 or upwards contained. If not, you can’t play the game effectively and successfully. Currently, many players have joined with my talking tom Apk. Approximately over 1 Million gamers are playing this game. Follow the below-given steps to install successfully.

You can get the APK file from the above Button

Also, you can download the game from the Google Play Store.

What is My Talking Tom Apk?

Not only that the players can fill the photo albums with the collected memories through the game itself. The players can enjoy a lot of functions apart from the mentioned functions here. sometimes you may know the amazing creator of this my talking tom Apk. That is from the outfit7. The outfit7 has offered not only in this game but also in very popular games such as my talking tom 2, my talking angela, and my friends.

My talking tom Apk is the same virtual pet that is in the old cat game and version 2. As mentioned in the previous paragraph the purpose or the objective of the gamer should be to keep this top always happy. Tom gets happy by feeding, taking him to the bathroom, playing games with him, putting him to sleep, and petting him. The expected players can play this by talking tom very easily because now it is available for Windows 11 devices too.

my talking tom

More About The App

My talking tom Apk is also delivering the same features that are offered by the previous cat game. The only difference of this game is, it is allowing much more to do by allowing you to cast the role of a carer than in the previous games. Still, the player is capable of performing the all other acts that have been done on the other outfit7 talking animal game franchise. But with the modifications currently, the talking tom is more feeling like the pou. Pou is a virtual pet game that many people are already aware of.

 The gaming experience is not only limited to those above things. There are mini-games that anyone could play. And you could customize your appearance of Tom by various aspects such as choosing the foods and decorating the house of Tom etc. there is a superb feature called the creation of videos. The gamer can create a video of Tom to share with the whole world. When you want to get new stuff while you are playing the game you can’t do it free of charge. Because you are required to have the game coins. You have to earn coins when you are playing the game or else you could easily purchase the coins.

In this game called my talking tom Apk, there is a leveling-up system included. The ranking up can be done when you spend more and more time with your beloved cat. Not only is spending time sufficient, but you should also have to satisfy the needs and wants of the cat. The player can unlock more new items and objects when you are ranking up.


  • Very simple to play
  • Many items available in the gaming to unlock and buy
  • Many more funny mini-games included
  • More stuff to customize the game
  • Always the players should have to do repetitive tasks
  • The game doesn’t support a recording facility
  • Tom can talk really
  • Fashion and furniture items
  • Many traveling destinations
  • The promotions of outfit7 ‘s ads and products contained in the game
  • Can unlock more and more items when you are ranking up
  • Coins are required to unlock some items
  • Keep Tom happy by spending time with tom

My Talking Tom Download For iOS

This is already available on the official apple app store. The best thing is you can download this for free.

My Talking Tom Download for PC

This game is not officially available for Windows PC. But you can use an Android emulator to play this on a PC.

How To Play My Talking Tom Apk?

However, the gaming procedure and controls are very easy to understand. The primary concern of the player in this game should be the well-being of their beloved pet. And you have to expect the happiness of your pet. To keep the top happy you have to do some things such as keeping the tom entertained always, well-fed, and keep rested. And make sure that Tom is getting a night of good sleep. As the player, you have to be concerned about the reactions as well as the gaming controls. Then you can continue gaming successfully.

Safety And Legality

My talking tom Apk is rated for 13+. So it is recommended as a game not suitable for kids under 13 years old. However, this is a game that contains fewer violating incidents. There are no other types of negative functions associated with this game. Currently, there is no any kind of legal barriers imposed against my talking. No such kind of action has been recorded. But still, you have to be safe at the time of installing my talking tom Apk. It is always better to download from trusted and safe sources. And never submit your passwords or private details via the game.


Q: Is Angela Talking about Tom’s girlfriend?

A: Yes. Angela is a white cat. She is known as Tom’s girlfriend. That character is in this gaming franchise from the final episode of season 1.

Q: Is this game free?

A: Yes. You don’t need to pay any charge over the talking tom game.

Q: Should I have to download this game for playing?

A: That is not necessary actually. If you have the facility of online gameplay you can continue it online. Choose whatever method of gameplay you feel is more manageable.

Q: Is this a safe app?

A: Overall you can call this my talking tom Apk as a safe game. But if your kids have started playing this talking tom game it is better to monitor them during the gameplay.

Final Words

If you are a fan of the whole game franchise of my talking tom Apk certainly this game would be a great addition. The game blends with many more best elements. Give your attention to your cat to keep him happy. Have fun gaming with my talking tom Apk.