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Exploding Kittens is a fun card game (Apk) you can play online against players from different countries. You can either play the game with another player or choose to play against two, three, or four players. All you have to do is to take cards until all players are eliminated, and the final winner is selected. Exploding Kittens Apk comes with many funny cards with silly kittens to keep you entertained throughout the gameplay. It is a simple yet entertaining game that a lot of people across the world enjoy.

exploding kittens apk

Exploding Kittens Apk Download For Android

Exploding Kittens Apk Download

Google Play Download

Start downloading Exploding Kittens Apk by clicking the download button below. Keep calm and patiently wait until the download completes. It’s that simple to download the game on android.

Since you have already downloaded Exploding Kittens Apk on your android, you can follow the following steps to install the game on your android, 

  1. The first step before installing Exploding Kittens Apk is to enable unknown sources. 
  2. To install unknown sources – Go to your Settings > Security > Enable unknown sources. If this method doesn’t work, you can search the steps on google to enable unknown sources on your device. 
  3. After enabling unknown sources, go to your My Files App. 
  4. In your My Files App, tap on the downloads folder. 
  5. Finally, look for the downloaded apk and tap on it, and tap on the install button. 

This is the easiest way to install Exploding Kittens Apk on your android.

What is Exploding Kittens Apk?

As mentioned above, Exploding Kittens Apk is an online card game you can play with friends or other players from different countries. It is easy to understand but a highly tactical game in which you must be smart enough to defeat others and win. 

The game is designed in a way that’s similar to Russian roulette. The game procedure is to eliminate players who get the card with exploding kitten. However, you can avoid getting destroyed if you have a defuse card. A defuse card allows you to stay, continue the game, and add your exploding kitten to the card deck. The game als contain action cards, which will enable you to change the order and turn cards in the card deck. 

Unlike many other games, Exploding Kittens Apk is pretty easy to learn. You can understand the game concept in less than 5 minutes and finish playing a game in about 15 minutes. Furthermore, the game also comes with many cool sound effects and graphics to keep you entertained.

exploding kittens


There are a lot of features of Exploding Kittens Apk. The main features of the game are, 

  1. Exploding Kittens Apk is a beautiful game for cat lovers around the world. Moreover, you will also enjoy the game if you are someone who likes laser beams and blasts. 
  2. You can play with 2 to 5 players all around the world. Not just players around the world, you can also add your friends to play with them. 
  3. The game has unique workmanship. 
  4. There are a lot of types of cards in the game. 
  5. The oatmeal designs all the artwork of the game. 
  6. Exploding Kittens Apk was developed by Matthew  Inman, Shane small, and Elan Lee.

Exploding Kittens For PC

Exploding Kittens Apk doesn’t have a vision for PC. Therefore you cannot directly download the apk on your PC. To do so, you need an emulator. Emulators are software that makes it possible to run android apks on personal computers. Therefore download a good emulator. We recommend you use Bluestaks of LD player. 

After downloading the emulator, install it. Once you have completed these steps, simply follow the guide to download Exploding Kittens Apk on your PC, 

  1. Open your emulator and tap on the browser. 
  2. Then, copy and paste the link to this page on your browse. 
  3. After that, tap on the search button > Now click on download on our website. 

Exploding Kittens Apk will now be installed on your computer. Make sure not to cancel the installation process. Also, you need to have a steady internet connection while downloading the game.

Perfect, now you have successfully downloaded the game on your PC. Here are the steps to download Exploding Kittens Apk on your PC, 

  1. The first step is to find and go to your downloads folder in your emulator. 
  2. Then search for the downloaded apk. 
  3. Next, tap on it and again tap on the install button. 

Wait until the installation completes. You can start playing the game once it’s installed. 

Pros and Cons

Just like all other games, Exploding Kittens Apk also comes with its pros and cons. It’s better to know these things before playing because you can keep them in mind and avoid the cons of the game. Here are the most common pros and cons of the game. 


  1. You can learn the game in less than 5 minutes. It has simple rules and a guided instruction sheet to instruct players. 
  2. Even though it’s simple to understand the concept, it’s deep gameplay. You will have to think well and implement a good strategy to win. 
  3. The game is an excellent choice for a fan of The Oatmeal. 
  4. You will enjoy the game if you are someone who loves humor. 


  1. Even though it’s fun, many players will also find the gameplay a bit disrespectful. Therefore don’t get angry because of the humor of the game. 
  2. Another game con is that it only allows five players to play simultaneously. Therefore you cannot play the game with more than five players. 

How To Play Exploding Kittens Apk?

It’s pretty simple to understand the concept of the game. After downloading and installing the game on a device, launch the game. After opening the game, you will get a guide that will show you all the steps that you need to know. You can start playing the game after having a look at the tutorial. 

The game concepts include

  1. if you explode, you lose, and you will be eliminated. 
  2. If you manage to wait without exploding, you can win the game.

Safety and Legality

Exploding Kittens Apk is suitable and recommended for everyone over the age of 10 years. If you are a parent, you can let your kids play the game if they fulfill the relevant age requirement. 


What’s the age requirement to play Exploding Kittens Apk?

The game is recommended for all layers over the age of 10. Don’t hesitate to play the game if you are older than ten years. 

Can you play Exploding Kittens Apk using Google Playstore?

Yes, you can download the game from the Google play store. However, it will take time for Google PlayStore to update the game to its latest version. Therefore you can download the game from our website to keep updated with the latest updates before everyone else. 


Exploding Kittens Apk is an entertaining card game you can play with friends or players from other countries. It is pretty easy to understand, but you must think well and implement a good strategy to win the game. You can download the game from our website to have the game’s latest update before everyone else. Download Exploding Kittens Apk and start having fun.